Gold Manipulation Explained in 1 Simple Chart

gold-overnight-vsdaily-price_0.jpgMany readers who have not watched gold and silver’s trading action over the past decade, cry foul when The Doc claims that the regular co-ordinated gold and silver take-downs on the LBMA open, COMEX open, and LBMA fix are acts of manipulation rather than free-market corrections/ sell-offs.
Perhaps the following chart will silence the naysayers, as it proves gold capping and manipulation by the cartel to an almost unbelievable degree.
Outside of silver, long gold has been the trade of the decade, right?  Well, almost.
Those who went long gold on Jan 1, 2001 would be up over 500% today.

However, those who daily went long just prior to the COMEX close (long for the overnight Asian/ London sessions), then switched to short on the COMEX open, and repeated this action daily for the past 12 years, would be up an astonishing 5200%

That’s right, being long gold only while the COMEX was closed over the past 12 years would have netted you a 10 FOLD greater gain than a simply long gold position (paper gain of course, which would only be better than your long gold position assuming you were able to convert to phyzz without being MFG’d).

Check it out for yourself below:



  1. It makes me wonder just what those two downward spikes on the blue line in 2011 were about. The dates are too fuzzy for any attempt at correlation. Also, is it possible to obtain a more current chart? This one appears to end on Dec. 31.

  2. Rumor on, Rumor Off

  3. Excellent find Doc.  Just imagine what the silver chart would look like.  Wow!

  4. Oh ya one more thing, fuck those dirt bag manipulating punks they’re going to have to learn the hard way they’ve been manipulating Gods metal.

  5. I have GOT to ask a very devil’s advocate question here!

    If the red line reflects going long in the year 2001, should not the red line reflect the current price of gold??

  6. truth,

    Yes, something is off.  The red line obviously isn’t a pure buy-and-hold with no switching.  SK Options probably picked a poor name for the red line on the chart.  I haven’t bothered to spend the time reading their original reports to see what the issue is.  But it appears to be located here.

  7. The red and blue lines measure gains as percentages, 500% for long and 5000% for short on COMEX open, respectively.

  8. Ag-nostic, thanks…  that was pretty obvious.  I’ll just sit in the corner here with a dunce cap.  Serves my right for not reading the source material.:-)

  9. Even after so many manipulations, I’m surpised that there aren’t a lot of physical gold and silver shortages.


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