redesigned $100 gold noteThe Fed announced today that the long awaited and much anticipated redesigned $100 Federal Reserve note, which contains strong overtures to gold including a golden ink well, will be released on October 8th, 2013.   The golden hued C-notes, which have been delayed since 2010 due to “production issues” have been speculated by many in the precious metals community to signify a move by the Fed back towards a gold backing for the US dollar.

Is the dollar end game and a gold revaluation less than 6 months away?

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From the Federal Reserve:

The Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday announced that the redesigned $100 note will begin circulating on October 8, 2013.  This note, which incorporates new security features such as a blue, 3-D security ribbon, will be easier for the public to authenticate but more difficult for counterfeiters to replicate. 

The new design for the $100 note was unveiled in 2010, but its introduction was postponed following an unexpected production delay.  To ensure a smooth transition to the redesigned note when it begins circulating in October, the U.S. Currency Education Program is reaching out to businesses and consumers around the world to raise awareness about the new design and inform them about how to use its security features.  More information about the new design $100 note, as well as training and educational materials, can be found at

For media inquiries, call 202-452-2955


While we doubt that the new golden notes will be actually backed by gold, the Western Central planners may be ready to tip the public off to whats coming in their monetary future.

  1. I swear this site has become a for entertainment purposes only site for me. With articles like this one along with  Comex Will default in a week, and Whistle blower documentary tonight oh Nevermind it was edited out. Blah, Blah, Blah Nothing on here ever happens. 

  2. If all the ‘technical’ issues with production of this note have been resolved, and I assume they are all tooled up and ready to go with supplies, why wait until Oct 8 to release it? That’s over 5 months away. Something’s brewing mark my words. I’m not at all excited by a blue stripe and a splash of faux gold ink – couldn’t care less as I’m not American and don’t live there. I just see this is the writing on the wall for something to happen in the lead up, like – DUH! – maybe the next GFC.

    Oh and don’t forget – when they f**k with your currency there’s always a sinister agenda behind it.

    • @Speros : While conspiracies and agendas are everywhere, not everything is conspiratorial.   We’ve had quite a few updates to Federal Reserve Notes in the last few years and plenty of baseless speculation about those updates too.  Now, don’t misread what I just wrote.  I didn’t say anything to suggest the powers that be are not up to no good with a total currency reset in the years ahead, both domestically and internationally.  But the note you’re looking at is not part of that big reset other than to just keep people ready for changes to the currency.  This isn’t the big change.  The big change will come later, with a whole set of changes to the valuation of the dollar domestically and internationally, and it will most likely happen at the same time.  More on this in my message below.

    • My guess is all the electronic bill recognition systems like those used at casinos need new software and they are having trouble producing it. Been there done that with the new $20 back around 2005

    • “Oh and don’t forget – when they f**k with your currency there’s always a sinister agenda behind it.”
      Agreed.  I have tried to explain this to sheeple family members and friends but they just cannot get their heads around the idea that the SAME people who tell us that fiat currency has real value are also the ones in charge of saying HOW MUCH value they have.  When they are ready, they will do that.  The US dollar will be devalued directly and not merely indirectly via over-printing inflation.  Perhaps that fancy new $100 bill will be the new $20 in terms of what it can buy?

  3. I’m skeptical about gold backing of any sort for the time being.  I think that’s still a couple of years in the future, and it will not be 100% gold backing.  Meanwhile, switching focus away from the domestic currency to the question of the reserve status of the dollar as an instrument and basis for international trade settlement, it’s very clear that the powers that be are gearing-up to create a basket concept, with gold and other currencies in the basket.  The basket will replace the IMF SDR system.  I mention the latter because if we are to see the introduction of a gold backed or partially-backed domestic US currency, it would ideally take place at the same time the international trading reserve settlement system was “reformed.”  Doing one without the other presents considerable problems in the eyes of policy makers, as well as lost “opportunities.”  So, keep this in mind, folks.  It’s going to most likely be a two-step, two-front change.

    Now, let’s address what we do know about this design.
    Notice the design still says Federal Reserve Note (“Note” = a fiat debt instrument).  There’s no mention of anything about gold redeemability, gold held on deposit at the Treasury, gold certificate or any other typical text associated with a currency that is backed in part or in full by gold.  This is NOT about a gold backed currency.  End of story.  The image is right there for everyone to see.  It’s the actual design.

    • I don’t believe that anyone really thinks that US currency will ever be backed by gold again unless it is after a complete failure of the current paper experiment.  Either a Chinese trade currency OR a new International currency backed by a basket of commodities, including gold and perhaps even silver, seems MUCH more likely.  As to TPTB… well, NEW powers are rising in the world.  Something stirs in the East and it looks a lot like a golden dragon.

    • The US probably still has about half of its gold, and we might end up stealing foriegn nation gold on deposit at the Fed.  Who knows.  I could see that happen in the context of a broad war.

      There have been studies comparing domestic gold mine supply and the import and export of gold in the US over the long-term.  Thoes studies give some rough idea of how much gold has been leased out of the Fed/Treasury and sold into the open market, never to be retrievable again.  Also, Frank Veneroso has done a lot of careful research on this subject.  He’s kind of like a cross between a monetary historian and hedge fund executive.  Most of the estimates kicked around are that the US has probablay leased-out about half of its gold.  But no one knows for sure what’s going on.

    • @UglyDog : Yes, I think you’re right about Veneroso and probably right about the US having leased more than half.  If I rember correctly, Veneroso came up with a range, and “half” was his upper boundary back when he did his intial work over a decade ago.  Heck, all of it could be gone – a TurboTax Timmy, Uncle Ben firesale!

    • “The US probably still has about half of its gold, and we might end up stealing foriegn nation gold on deposit at the Fed.”
      Stealing?  Naw, we’re just “recovering” some of those unpaid WWII debts.  ;-)

  4. Whenever you hear reports of “X” or “Y” currency to be issued with gold or silver “backing,” it’s important to verify at what rate the issuing authority guarantees that a certain number of tickets can be exchanged for the actual metal. There is no backing, without convertibility. Anything else is a confidence game, or has the potential to become one very quickly.

  5. It’s just another way of tendering your gold to Uncle Fed and his cohorts and leave you with a piece of paper. Just another GLD in effect.
    When Eric Holder the US Attorney general tells the Senate- They are to big to prosecute. It only confirms that the crooks are at the helm of the US controls.
    Now it is very clear after Holder’s statement ( on record) that the US is by the crooks, for the crooks and NOT by the people

  6. Presidents with records of failure seem to like to issue some new piece of currency.  With Carter it was Susan B Anthony.  Clinton offered Sacajewea.   Go Big or Go Home Obama brings this out this POS.  No wonder Franklin looks bilious.

    • “bilious”…you nailed Ag12K.  Great word.  A bilious Ben Franklin, perhaps that reflects what he would think about what has happened to the Republic that he gave us.

    • At least US coins are debt-free money issued by the Treasury and not debt notes issued by the bankers.  Our coinage is not Constitutional money, but it’s better than fiat debt notes.

  7. Bix Wier talks about this, but these notes does not have federal reserve note insignia?    BRICS  has made a date to where to place there bank on September 5th, 2013.  Where, no one know’s?  but no usury & no contingencies on loans.  Central banks hate this.  Just checking out with Popeye that there is a Chinese school in Florida now. So stay calm and move along.

  8. It’s Just another Scam, but they have dumbed down the sheep and they believe after a bank holiday where everyone receives a financial hair cut, to steal from them, of course that everything will be alright, just trust Of course, there will be millions of house bank foreclosures, and Millions on the Streets! Now we can either reach out to our brothers, or shoot them. It’s just to pit one class against another, and keep the focus off them!  If they turn off the water, Drive a hand pump well in your front yard. Heck you will be the most protected person in your area. Then you become a leader, with solutions! Then you can focus their energies to form plans. Everyone has talents! Form a close community that reaches out. I haven’t horded Silver to be stingy. I just knew it was the right thing to do, to rebuild the Republic!

    • Not even.  Fiat crap is fiat crap and no fancy new artwork on it will make it anything more than this.  But this new $100 bill design is NOT the next Ponzi scheme.  This is more of a dry run where new currency is shown that is basically no different from the old one.  That will come AFTER the current dollar has collapsed and sheeple will run to it for their final wealth extraction.  THEN and only then will gold and / or silver have a chance to officially become money again.

  9. You can paint a turd gold all day long but at the end of the day it’s still a turd. Unless this new bill is backed by gold all their doing is replacing one POS with another POS. If they do back it with Gold, I want to see the gold. There in lies the problem. THEY DON’T HAVE ANY!

  10. Wow look how pretty the new funny money is. I wonder if its any softer then current issue because it will come in handy for bathroom tissue when the time comes. May 1 ill be exchanging good ole Bens for a bunch of honest, non computer reproducible Precious Ag metal!
    Carry on

  11. realpolitic Now you know why I stack.  My plan is to be the silver repository of my group and make sure everyone in the group has lots of the shiny stuff. 
    To paraphrase Cheech and Chong (guests on Varney and Co)

    • Those are definitely words to live by, AG.  :-)
      Something like that is right up there with, “It is better to have an not need, than to need and not have”.  :-)

  12. Isn’t it ironic that they are redesigning the US $100 bill to thwart counterfeiters, when the biggest counterfeiter in the history of the world is the very same entity that makes these $100 bills?

    They can perform remakes of Benjamin Franklin all they want, but I still prefer those old 90% Silver Franklin Half Dollars over pretty paper every day of the week.

    • So this is what we are reduced to doing about counterfeiters?  Time was, if an individual or group of people did this, the Gov tracked them down, prosecuted them, and sent them to jail for a long time to consider their sins.  If a nation did it, you blasted the bastards so that they would understand that you disapprove of their actions.  What do we do now?  Issue harsh looks?  Remake our currency while still honoring the previous design even though it might be counterfeit?  Sheesh, already.

  13. These new bills will be used for gold and silver redemption.  By that time the vaults will be empty, and the only ones who get these new bills will be people who bring their gold and silver to a redemption bank for exchange of the new 100′s.  You will want to do this, because gold and silver will have hit their peak.  The bills will have the most value at this time.  Then you’ll take these bills and go on a buying spree for hard assets that are at rock bottom prices.

    • Myself, I think I’ll be trading directly with the other party and cutting out the middleman…if there is an intermediary, it’ll likely be BTC for me.

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