Gold and Silver Manipulation Will End With A BANG!

economic collapseChris Duane’s latest production examines the coming collapse of the manipulation of gold & silver.
Duane believes the manipulation will end soon and when it does, it will go out with a bang!

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  1. We shall see?

  2. I see it coming, the fall of the dollar and the rise of Silver. Keep Stacking

    • @Marchas45
      G&S are falling like lead balloons.  Should I keep on stacking?

    • The USD has been falling for 100 years.  This is why a gallon of gas now costs $4 in some areas instead of a quarter.  But wait… a 90% silver quarter is STILL worth $4 or a gallon of gas.  If silver never “goes hyperbolic”, it is still a much better store of value than fiat paper money.  Any appreciation on top of inflation will just be gravy.

  3. Although I am video-impaired and have no idea what the video is about, I will say that the manipulation of PM’s will continue, until it suddenly no longer can.
    That childhood game of musical chairs comes to mind.

  4. Sig difference in avail gold could signal shortage to masses.  
    Prices on all metal go up.  Matter of time.  
    Plan, Prepare, and Enjoy   

  5. Bang it already!

  6. Good report.  Before the year is up…

  7. Great video. Chris is a good spud.

  8. What do people think will happen tomorrow with the Fed .. taper or no taper???
    Greg Mannarino says taper ..

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    Egon Von Greyerz says no taper ..
    Goldman Sachs says taper …
    ZH says (by implication) taper .. due to all the articles predicting a stock crash
    My money is on NO TAPER, with Au and Ag taking off tomorrow.

    • Makes more sense, with the current prices actions of our Bellweather PMs!
      If they were going to taper, they likely would let it run up a bit, and then slam it 
      in concert with a tapering announcement. But a no-taper policy, will cause a \
      metals surge, so they are preparing the markets for a minimal run up, in other words, 
      it is already priced IN. So they can let it go up where it would have been (should have been?) 
      just my 2 oz…  :D

    • If they taper, the 10 year will fly over 3%
      It will be like VISA raising the interest on your account and sending monthly payments up 25%
      G&S will just have to launch.  I can’t see nothing but a launch.
      I think they’ll keep things the same.  Let Janet take the Wall Street plunge.
      Let’s face it.  Taper or no taper, it’s not gonna effect the economy one bit.  They quit lending capital for capitalism years ago, so really, how much worse can it get?  The one’s who’ll feel it the most are the banks.  I would short BAC right now if I was still gambling.

    • “…so really, how much worse can it get?”
      That is a question that I studiously avoid at all costs because if I do not, some idiot or group of them WILL find a way to totally screw the pooch and make things even worse than we think possible.  This is part of the philosophy of never asking a question to which you do not want an answer.  ;-)
      Personally, I think that the traders are in charge of the current market and that when a taper is announced, they will throw a screaming kicking hissy fit.  The market will tumble but in a few weeks they will discover that they really aren’t dead after all and the market will slowly rise back to about where it was.  This has little to do with facts and MUCH to do with hysteria.

  9. The fed is to late with taper, damage is done bond markets are a bubble waiting to burst

  10. Taper or No Taper, I’m Still Stacking.

  11. I disagree. The manipulation will not end with a bang. It will end with SILENCE and DARKNESS. The exchange boards will go dark and no one will tell you why. Only later on, after people are Cashed Out, will there be speculations. This is how the manipulation ends !!!! You would only hope that your bank accounts does not suffer a hiccup, or glitch, or “anonymous anomalies” !

  12. I think we see a modest taper. In fact, I hope we see taper, so the bond market can have a fit, and prove all these skeptics wrong. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, regardless of the outcome–I am sick and tired of the speculation, and the MSM claiming that every rally or decline was due to an increase/decrease in the chances of taper.

    I am very interested to see how high/fast T-yields move. I think yields will force the feds hand, and cause them to reverse the taper, in the coming months. QE doesn’t matter anymore to gold and silver. We need the bond market to show what a terrible predicament the U.S. economy is in. When they lose control of yields that is when we see a very big leg up in the metals. Yields have always been key to the precious metals thesis–it is why we believe the fed is so screwed. Rapidly rising yields will prove us right, and get more non-believers to rethink their “everything is okay” attitude, and ultimately purchase some physical.

    Either way, tomorrow, I think right at the announcement we see a bottom in the metals, and it’s up from there as attention refocuses on yields and the debt ceiling. I am looking to place a sizable physical order on a spike down tomorrow.

  13. Please let Chris reduce his video output and increase his silver designs output.
    When are new designs coming? Last ones were quite lame.
    After Freedom Ghis irl, Slave Queen, someone should design a Drama Queen medallion. 
    It would feature a raging caricature of Chris Duane, with a reverse packed with populist slogans, alternative media logos, the words educator- leader-psychopath on the reed, etc.

  14. i waited to buy expecting a smack.. ill be watching tonight.
    as per the title. without being hyperbolic i think he is right.

  15. Good vid but much more questions could be said. Answers to the finial pm crash or let free to run to the moon. Silver hasn’t seen any physical shortages yet. An yet to there is millions of ounces out there in just peoples ever day change in there pockets. If silver was getting hit hard to find wouldn’t the government replace the coinage with cheaper metal to get the silver they need. But who knows to get the plating of the coins might not be price feasible to do so. At such a joke of a price they are offering. Another one the whole world of gov must be bought off an deep into the price manipulation too. How do they keep the price down all over the world? This is one big game of owgip. One World Gov In progress. An one more to all listening. Just plan physical silver is the best yes but there is a better one yet know one yet has been talking about. It automatically makes your physical silver worth at least 28% more. This call it deep storage gold or silver. So deep the gov doesn’t know you have it so they cant tax you on it if you sell to another person. You get it when you buy it  an the seller doesn’t know your name. That’s one reason the gov wont let silver and gold run free. They lose a lot of tax dollars an would snowball into the true gods metal. 

  16. Good Lord.  I grow so tired of the day-to-day drama when in reality silver is floundering at well under 200% of where it should be by now. I mean…c’mon.  We have broken $21 again..after what..we broke $24.  WTF happened to make 1 oz. of my shiny metal worth what…a cheap steak dinner?  Oh yeah, that’s right. JPM and Goldman Sucks manipulation, and the CFTC looking the other way like a WWE referee.  What eye gouge?  What low blow? I see nothing.  The upside for me is two-fold. One, I am not desperate (yet) to need to cash out. Second.  I can continue to stack while the price remains insanely low.  A win-win for me. I just wish the pundits would STFU and let this thing run it’s course. We are among the 2% who will come out of the din intact.  

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