Glenn Beck Takes Gold Rehypothecation Story Mainstream- German Gold is GONE!

Bernanke-Dimon-Fed-TunnelIn the eyes of TPTB, it is one thing when a fringe financial blog such as SilverDoctors reports on and discusses the fact that the gold reserves supposedly held 5 stories below the NY Fed are likely rehypothecated and vaporized long ago.  It is another thing entirely when the former top personality on Fox News, and whose news website The Blaze is the 140th most visited website in the entire US, devotes 20 minutes of TV time discussing the German’s attempts to repatriate their gold reserves, and discusses the implications of what the Fed only returning 37 tons of re-cast gold bullion to the Bundesbank in year 1 likely means.
In Glenn Beck’s own wordsThe situation is worse than even I thought it was….There’s not alot of that gold (at the Fed) really left.  The answer is rehypothecation.
How hard is it to return the Bundesbank’s gold? It has their stamp on it!  The reason the German gold is being returned over 7 years is that a phone call came in to the Germans and said  ‘Hey, Rehypothecation, Dude! There’s not enough gold here!  We were playing a game!’
Once people demand their hard asset back, the entire thing collapses!

It appears the gold manipulation and rehypothecation story has just gone mainstream.

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  1. If the American public can’t understand a simple little word like “debt”, how in the world are they going to understand a really big, complicated word like “rehypothecation”?

    • funny dan I was writing an expanded post on this very notion lmao.. like I said, just the leasing end has been enough to break the market, and is far easier to understand.

  2. rehypothecation is a complicated notion for the gum chewing masses to grasp. I would say LEASING is more of an apt issue of what we have going on.
    It is easy for someone to understand that these central banks have been paying gold holders a small return to sell their gold to fabricators, so much of the cold stored on shelves was sold in to the market and a piece of paper exists as a promise to replace it. We’re at a point now that there is so much paper, that if everyone asked for their gold at the same time, the shit would hit the fan. This being the case, the central banks etc have probably leased out gold without clients knowing.
    Should people think the above to be a probationary tinfoil hat issue theory, they only need to look up portugal losing some 17 tons of leased gold to drexel burnham lambert.

  3. Whether you call it rehypothecation, leasing or whatever fancy word someone will make up for it, Germany is learning the very hard way that if you don’t hold it you don’t own it.  As will many, many others who keep ‘gold’ IRA’s and ETF’s; come the day when you NEED that gold good luck getting it.
    Funny how there are no ammo ETF’s or ammo IRA’s.  22LR would the thing to invest in right now.  But of course NO ONE wants to have their ammo held by the banks or anyone else – so why would you do that with gold?  Probably a poor analogy and I understand why Germany lent us their gold but the point stands.

    Oh – one other thing. Wonder how much of that German Au is sitting in Chinese vaults right now…..
    Phyzz, phis, phys, fizz….yous gots to holds it!!!

    • @PoorMansGold
      “Oh – one other thing. Wonder how much of that German Au is sitting in Chinese vaults right now…..”
      None.  It is ALL Chinese gold now.  It’s been melted, refined, and cast into 1 kg bricks, complete with Chinese stamps to ensure authenticity and purity.  No tungsten or former owners need apply.

    • Brass and lead, some of my favorite metals…. and no I wouldn’t trust someone to hold them for me.

  4. Beck is correct. The German gold was leased, swapped or sold off years (or decades ago). It’s that simple. The proof is that the gold they are getting now is not from their own gold stock. Rehypothecation, ponzi scheme, whatever you want to call it, there is no mistaking what has happened…IT’S GONE
    GATA has been right all along.

    • @Bay of Pigs
      “GATA has been right all along.”
      They sure have been and a lot of people have known that for some time now.  In fact, TPTB knew it all along and did all they could to marginalize GATA and any other so-called “conspiracy theorists” out there.  Like a bubble in the market, though, conspiracy theories have a nasty habit of going POP! and becoming conspiracy FACTS.  We won’t have to worry about how the MSM will admit that they were wrong and that the fringe conspiracy buffs were right all along, though.  They will sweep it under the rug so fast that we will not even see it disappear.

  5. This fully demonstrates the power of the Fed.
    Why did the Germans go public with thier desire to get thier gold back?
    Why do they not go public with thier alarm over recast gold and repatriation time table?
    Have they been made aware of the panic sure to insue if they publicly protest?
    Damn it must be good to be on top.

    • @Silver Dollar
      The Germans knew absolutely that THEIR gold was GONE and their claim was encumbered when they asked for it back in the first place.  This started back in late 2009 iirc, when they asked for 400 tons back.  The story was stuffed quickly, but the reality was they were told then, privately, the gold was gone. Further, they were reminded of WHY the situation was what it was then.  The recent demand for the return of their gold was forced by rather public domestic pressure by a group borne out of that failed 2009 attempt to bring 400 tons home
      However, unlike Hugo Chavez, who promised to bitch loud, long and hard to the whole world if Venezuela’s gold wasn’t returned pronto, the Germans knew of the issues that would result if they went too public about it.  After all, they had been receiving the proceeds of the rehypothecation of their gold ever since the scheme to lease was hatched back in the late 80′s as a way to suppress the price.

    • I didn`t know they had asked for thier gold in 2009. Thanks for posting that.

    • @Sovereign Economist
      “However, unlike Hugo Chavez, who promised to bitch loud, long and hard to the whole world if Venezuela’s gold wasn’t returned pronto, the Germans knew of the issues that would result if they went too public about it.”
      That worked for Chavez because the amount of gold involved was small enough that it could be produced on demand.  The amount that the Germans demanded could not.  Therein lies THE difference.  Brother AG likes to say that “Those who get in first get the best deal”, as regards gold repatriation.  While there is a lot of truth in that, it is also possible that “Those who get in first, get the ONLY deal”.

  6. Germany will get their gold back when they return the historic art treasures they looted from Russia during WWII.
    In other words – NEVER!

    • And art and riches stolen from Jews.
      At least Israel got Dolphin submarines out of it: Russia got nothing.
      But. Russia pillaged Eastern Europe for a few decades, and rich Hungarian Jews I knew who lost their riches and family to the Nazis said they preferred dealing with Nazis any day of their lives than with Russians.
      Oh, right, the Russians are our new heros.

    • the russians are heroes because they overthrew the elite jews and their communist brethren who are responsible for as much death and anyone.

    • Lol Laughable mumbo jumbo. At best.
      The Russians collapsed, they didn’t overthrow the communists. And Jews were persecuted by the Communists, I know. You are brainwashed sir. I will specifically pray for you to have your eyes open to your need of a Saviour and for you to cleanse your heart of Satanic Jew-hatred.

  7. i wish Beck had mentioned that Venezuela was able to get its gold back and contrast that to the position of Germany. First mover  vs. last, and non-ally or whatever Vz. is versus allies like Germany.
    Also, no mention of China?

  8. Ummm, is Glenn Beck mainstream??

    On the other hand,

  9. The Gold is in China ! So try getting it Back, Good work Glenn Beck

  10. Glen Beck is a Schill! There is no PM shortage- if there was the prices would be higher! Anyone can get as much gold as they want, if they could not the price would be higher!!!  (There, now there’s no need to hear Zman’s post, I said it for him.) :)

    • @Shamus001 , on a related note, the earth is like a giant bon-bon filled to the brim with light, sweet crude.
      We will never run out of oil.

    • On a semi serious note, didn’t Glenn Beck get kicked off of Fox News after going crazy and starting some kind of compound for the Mormon polygamist? Or a colony of some sort? I take it his zealot followers are hoarding a lot of gold? Lol. Too bad really, a little REAL MSM coverage would’ve done the sheeple some good. Figures he would lose his sanity before figuring it out…… WAIT!!! (What’s that say about us?) LMAO! (Cue Zman hack-a-thon)

    • @Mammoth I hope you e been buying! 40 down, 160 to go before PMs skyrocket lol :D

    • Shamus he has a planned community but I don’t believe it is a polygamist compound. He got removed from fox news for treading where he shouldn’t have with the news I think.
      He actually had some report on the federal reserve or something which may have done it. It is interesting to see them report on this, but Glenn Beck is not true mainstream, and he is not a true truther either.

    • @Shamus001 You’re right people can buy as much gold and silver as they like……paper that is. Paper PM’s are driving the prices right now. Once people lose faith in paper they will, as a whole, switch to physical PM’s. Then true supply and demand will take over and not a second before people as a whole lose confidence. Stackers are in the minority right now and that’s why you have not seen the Physical take over paper. When that day comes PM will skyrocket. I hope we never see that day but I fear that it will come in our life times and that’s why I stack and play the Paper markets still. When Silver and Gold hit their real prices the old world fiat economy will be dead and buried.
      The projected low of PAPER silver is $17.76. should not be too much longer.

    • As usual, zman attacks the messenger instead of the message (I’m no Beck fan either, but this clip was spot on). Classic Trolling 101. Anyone that can’t spot that is blind, ignorant or dumb, or maybe all three. And quoting Barry Ritholtz on gold (after he was literally torn to shreds here just the other day), is a little over the top, don’t you think? 

    • @Shamus001 , while becoming a Mormon polygamist may seem appealing to many men, they also should consider the implications of having multiple mother-in-laws.
      With the in-laws now halfway through their 3-month winter visit and contributing $0 towards expenses – no I have not been able to buy much, lately.

    • @Canadian Dirtlump
      “He got removed from fox news for treading where he shouldn’t have with the news I think.”
      The ONLY thing that will get a guy fired from a “news” organization is when he tells people the absolute un-spun truth.  That and only that is cause for dismissal… or an unusual car wreck on the way home from work one day.

    • @Shamus
      “…Glen Beck is a Schill!”
      He’s been accused of being a “Steam Pressure Blow-off valve” — (I called him that back in 2009 and then others chimed in) when he was installed by Rupert Murdoch’s propagandist handlers at Fox with his “Glen Beck Show” — the purpose of which, was to give the Tea Party / Patriot types the sense that their ‘voice’ was actually being heard in the land so they would be less dangerous politically.  Beck was carefully scripted and controlled.  He’d storm right up to a cabal hot button and then dismount and cease the exposure.  This went on for a couple years until, eventually, he got scared when HE finally figured out what the real agenda for the country was, according to the puppetmasters.
      But he gained a following, so he took it to the Blaze.   And, every now and then, he’d actually stumble into something really important.
      I am actually VERY CURIOUS as to how this particularly episode came to appear on his show.  I would love to know what the real backstory is.

    • Soo….Goldline has melted down Germany’s gold and sold them for twice the price based on Beck’s endorsement?

  11. Glenn says he will talk about the Missing GOLD several times ,can’t wait

  12. Message to the American public on where their gold is….(hint: not in Ft Knox).

  13. Nobody out there understands ‘rehypothecation’ because the financial parasites deliberately use convoluted terminology to throw the rank and file off the scent.  Let me clear it up- rehypothecation means the gold has been sold or leased to several customers, to the point there is no way to determine who owns it anymore, and nobody’s sure who to prosecute.  It is FRAUD, it is Embezzlement, but done by the ruling class so don’t worry your little heads about it, and get back to work.
    If I sold my ’56 Chevy to three different people, with three fake titles, which one gets the car?  That’s how it works.
    And I would be a thief.

    • You left out the part where you “borrow” the car back from buyer A only to give it to Buyer B or C

    • Yes, you would.  Anyone selling more than 100% of an item is guilty of fraud.  If you are not a member of the ruling class or their lackeys at the Dept. of Just US, you go to jail for a long time to rethink your misdeeds.  If you are a card-carrying member, then no problem… in fact, here is a huge wad of freshly printed cash as a bonus for your creativity!

  14. Greed kills lol!

  15. Beck has a great story that the Federal Reserve is deep into a ponzi scheme between leasing and altering the gold content of gold bars. Since all this information has been reported a long time ago, why no panic or even any major additional request from other nations for repatriation of their gold reserves? Something seems to to be wrong with his position since he certainly does not have inside information.     
    My feeling is that if you listening to Beck who is a novice on PM or an assumed expert like Eric Sprott, nobody really has a clear grip on accurate inventories or what is leased to multiple owners. The market for gold is like a glob of jelly, it is hard to get a good grip on it until we have unexpected accident on availability. Finally, Beck has no knowledge if an amicable agreement between the F.R. and the German central bank exist.

  16. Oh Lordy ! Mr.Beck done let the Cat and the Black Swan out of the Bag at the same time  lol!

  17. Agree that the presentation should have been simpler to make sure Becks audience’s eyes wouldn’t glaze over.
    This has to be the one of biggest stories in this space of 2013, with huge fallout into the finance and investing worlds.  I don’t watch Bloomberg or CNBC but if either of those two outlets had covered this adequately, I doubt if Beck would’ve have seen the need to go here.
    It’s amazing (sort of) that it takes someone who’s been kicked off of the MSM to make a factual presentation on this topic. Wonder what kind of fallout there would have been if Beck had been able to present this story through prime time Fox exposure. 

  18. TPTB controlled Fed probably has the German Bundesbank mysteriously defaulting long before ’20.  Why be held accountable when you can just remove the bank that would make such a request.  Lesson learned to all you other nations that mess with the great powers that be.  Maybe Germany can ask China to see their gold stash to see if any of it has the German i.d.

  19. I kept waiting for Beck to define “rehypothecation” as the selling of a title to the goods but not the actual goods, which are retained by the seller, but he never did.  Since the goods are retained, it is only their conscience that prevents them from selling another title for those same goods, and another, and another, etc.  Eventually, the goods are “owned” by a hundred or more different people / organizations / groups / countries.  With the title more than sufficiently spoiled, the original seller just keeps the goods AND all the money that was paid to them for those paper titles.  Now, is that a business or what? :-O

    • @Ed_B
      “…With the title more than sufficiently spoiled, the original seller just keeps the goods AND all the money that was paid to them for those paper titles.  Now, is that a business or what? :-O…”
      Can you say MERS??? Thanks Linda Green!!!

    • @Sovereign Economist
      “Can you say MERS??? Thanks Linda Green!!!”
      I can… but what would I mean if I did?  Something about robo-signing and mortgages?

  20. Aside from all the hype and Glenn Beck who is sometimes accurate but mostly full of himself with erroneous Bullshit, have you really paid any attention to the true fixed prices on Gold and Silver? No? Well that’s where the problem is and the hyper bullshit that I have been hearing on this site for over two years now really hasn’t changed much! When the prices get off their asses, well then you can select the Guru of your choice and call him a freaking Hero. If you want to believe the Wank that is stated here to keep your interest in the metals up then please be my guest. The Future prices are all you need to know and they ain’t doin’ much. Keep stacking at your own risk. The fact is, nothing is going to happen anytime soon and if you believe otherwise, Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny are most likely you best friends! So I recommend that you take what the dramatic articles for what they are…DRAMA!

    • And I recommend you quit reading and posting here before you have a heart attack or stroke. Take up another hobby like wood carving or pottery. You need to get completely away from PM’s. They are toxic to you. Sell them, and move on.

    • Or don’t sell them, but definitely move on.

    • @Ranger
      Just remember that every transaction has a buyer and a seller and, generally, BOTH think they are on the right side of the trade.

    • Here is a guy who read a few news stories, saw a price spike in 2011, and dove in. A man who is easily swayed. Now, we have to listen to his buyers remorse. He`s waiting for the price to get near $25, and he`s going to dump. Then when it crosses $35 again, he will be back. But none of us will know.

    • Two years ago Ranger was one of the biggest cheerleaders on this site. Now he has completely reversed position. He’s a an old man who and got into silver to make a quick buck.
      It just makes too much sense to stack. True savings! Keep stacking!

    • I got nuthin’ Ranger. It’s just too hard to hold them all back, they got U PEGGED!
      {grumpy old sonofagun anyway}  ;)
      But I hope the old sumb!tch is right, it’s a couple of years off… Hopin’ & (money) Changin’!!!
      We oughta start a new crypto-currency, KLUMMAC-Koin @AGXIIK
      Symbol OKC (O’s KLUMMAC Coin) or OKK
      any idears there SD?

  21. Dam good video but wouldn’t it be declared a default on the bank if they cant give them there gold back. Or even the next best thing cash equivalent so they could actually buy the gold on the market? And this story would make all other countries want there gold back also or even out of the usa.

  22. As I’ve said before, I’ve been watching carefully the level of media coverage and the level of ‘truth’ that is starting to leak through the Mainstream Media Editing filters regarding the financial shenanigans,  Unquestionably, there is a sea-change beginning. As I see it, this began in the later part of November, 2013.  As I’ve said before, Bloomberg, WSJ, and even CNBC, to a lesser extent, as starting to let little bits of truth out…
    Beck’s story is significant.  Unfortunately, he got a few things wrong, like Germany’s total gold holdings are 3400 tons, not 6700, and they were only asking to repatriate 670 tons from the US and France.  But the explanation of rehypothecation may actually make a bit of sense to people.  His closing remarks about the potential for the People to have lost their gold may prove ‘disruptive.’  Time will tell.
    Most importantly, the Blaze is a new, and significant outlet for this genre of information.  And, significantly, it’s an outlet that has a lot of politically active viewers.
    It will be interesting to see what intensity of blowback and damage control is attached to the effort to shove this genie back in the bottle.   If there is little marginalization or demonization raised against this story, that may be very indicative that we ARE near a tipping point event.

  23. @BOP,
    White man speak truth. If you don’t like….Fugg Off!

  24. What I believe. I believe that no one here really understands what the Hell is really going on. Tell me one positive thing that has been predicted that was supposed to happen in 2013 that really happened? Just one will do. Think hard and drop a line. The only reason that you are here is to glean and lean. Gleaning for any positive real news and leaning on the crowd here to gain some support that you  have done the right thing and right financial decisions. As for me, I don’t glean or lean, I just watch the Futures pricing, it states all I need to know. That goes for Bay of Pigs as well.

    • @Ranger,
      “…What I believe. I believe that no one here really understands what the Hell is really going on….”
      The truth is, the MARKET doesn’t really understand or care what the HELL ANY of us think!!!
      The man who can tell me what the market did yesterday can be replaced by a newspaper.
      The man who can tell me what the market is doing right now can be replaced by a TV or radio.
      The man who can tell me what the market is going to do TOMORROW… is PRICELESS!!!!


    • One positive thing?
      China buying hundreds or thousands tons of gold? You are one stupid white ass son of a bitch.

    • “The man who can tell me what the market is going to do TOMORROW… is PRICELESS!!!!”
      Yes, he is and he will be WELL aware of that.  In fact, he won’t have anything to do with anyone else because he will be FAR too busy OWNING the market.  :-D

  25. I like Glenn Beck because he comes off as an ‘everyday person’   That said, I wouldn’t have cared if Gilda Radner, Tommy Smothers or the Animated Bears gave the same speech.  The fact is Germany, or Spain, France and Italy will not get their gold back.  Germany has some really terrible banks and Merkel has no nukes.  France has nukes but some really bad banks and an economy that is in the toilet  Italy has a terrible economy and 2,400 tons of gold that might have been sent to the Fed but no one is going to admit it and their banking system is teetering.   Spain—basket case and not much gold with a banking system that stinks on ice
    The common theme? 
    Bad banks getting worse.
    The Fed is largely owned by old Euro Banks. This is kind of like the the good old boys pissing in a circle to see who has the best stream. Some dumbass decided to make some political hay over repatriation of Germany’s gold–to be returned in 7 years. By then, every banker who was part of this will be moved up, on or out of their jobs. Ditto for the Fed Chairsatan.
    The Fed could, if pressed, make it clear they have the nuclear option.  They’d stop sending trillions of dollars to Euro zone banks to bail them out.  $1.3 trillion in bail out FRNs was shipped to the German, French and Italian banks last year.  They got maybe $15-20 trillion right after the 2008 subprime mortgage crash. The crap hits the fan and these banks take a tumble, they’ll be so busy doing their bail-ins, stealing the people’s money, that the gold story will be long forgotten.
    1,000 tons is $40 billion.  Sorry to tell you, Draghi, Merkel, Hollande and Monti but we, the Fed, printed $85 billion last month and will print $75 billion this month.  We crap bigger than you. $40 billion?  STFU.  The Fed will never send your gold back. It’s gone and even if we still had it, we spent trillions defending you against the USSR and won WWII war for you.  So quit yer bitching.
    Just call it war  damages. You owe us.
    And by the way, if you get all randy and stuff, we will pull some derivatives off the shelf with your name on it; IR swaps; whatever, and light the fuse. We’ll stuff it right up your Diesselboom?  Do you think a $5 trillion explosion in DBank, or $20 billion in Banca De Monti Paschi will get your attention
    These people are quibbling over gold a few thousands tons of gold. Get over it!
    Maybe it’s just me but China is the only country that has their poop in a group, most likely holds much of this gold, or gained at least half of it over the last few years.  China is the one they have to worry about. 
    Not that the Eurozone doesn’t know that.
    The Swiss, Germans, French and the ECB are signing currency swaps and bond exchanges in Renmimbi. They know where the gold is and the only way they stand a chance of getting it back is cozying up to the Chinese
    Beck is right for the wrong reasons. Or maybe wrong for the right reasons. Hell, it confuses me.
    I seriously doubt if this will be much more than a tempest in a tea pot.  The Europeans will pipe down. The Fed will not allow any more embarrassing events.  Even the Dutch, who have hundreds of tons in NY, are not getting too upset. Why don’t they complain?
    Those dikes?   Ahhh,  remember what happened at Fukushima?  Those huge waves off the coast of Wales and Ireland? 60 footers. Hmmmm. Nice weather effect if you can control it.
    I wish Beck would start into the scandals and coverups of Fukushima.  But I think he likes life more than shouting that one from the mountain top.  He lives and runs his business in Texas.  Kind of far from the west coast not not far enough from those pasky drones along the Texas Mexico border.
    Don’t drone me, bro’.

  26. @AGXIIK
    I think the globalist banker cabal has the gold business well under control.  Who cares whether the individual countries will get their portions of gold back when, in the end, the goal is a global government.   Germany isn’t bitching about their gold being gone (or slow to be returned) — they are simply appeasing a few pesky reporters and German activist groupies who raised the stink.  The Fed is but a tool of the globalist masters who are well entrenched in all the countries you mentioned and, amongst the insiders, they’ve all got things pretty much handled and where they want them.  So no one is going to really raise any complaints beyond what optics may be necessary to appease the uppity serfs.  It’s important to remember that all the acrimony is for appearances… like Congressional differences, it’s all theater and gruel for the masses.  After all, the global cabal has infected every western country’s politics today so they are all in close alignment.  As an example, take Germany.  They were literally decapitated financially bearing the bulk of all the bailouts in southern Europe over the past few years.  And yet, they didn’t kiss off the EU or the Euro.  Why?  Because Merkel and her gang are globalists before they are nationalists.  European Union uber alles!!!  NWO first… in the end, to coin a Star Trek meme, Germany will be assimilated!  Sarkozy was right there too, along with the Queen”s bitch Cameron… now the EU is a bunch of puppet states with appointed bobbleheads in complete charge… while Draghi tamps down the awful incursion of financial reality with the Central banking systems over there…
    You observe that “Bad banks are getting worse”  I am beginning to wargame the notion that the plan might be to set the whole coming systemic change around a failure of the Fed and the banking systems as they are ‘understood’ to exist today.  Face it.  If the plan is to take down the whole US economic system, they are going to need some bigtime villains.  And, when the banks fail, BAIL-IN is the feature attraction which will get the people’s attention but, more importantly, their money.  Something or someone will have to be blamed for the fall of the country and it’s economic vitality.  If the dollar is whacked with the GCR, what does that do to bank reserves… in the three previous currency resets, they had in increase reserves proportionately.  This time???  Maybe they can’t do that?  So, what then, does the IMF have in mind?  Even now, we’ve got Legarde warning that the banking systems are still woefully undercapitalized in the event of a major systemic tremor…  In Rickards book, Currency Wars, he talked a bit out how such a scenario might play out… it was quite eye-opening.

    Again, back to the news stream of today… more and more ‘stuff’ is leaking out that paints SOMEONE in a very bad light… we here call these leaks the truth surfacing… which it is… but more importantly, they are fleshing out the villains and beginning to lift the veil a bit, as I see it.

  27. Copy that Sovereign economist.  Just in–HSBC was reported to have something on the order of $80 billion in capital shortfall by 2020.Why wait that long?  Their asset base is mostly narco laundering and used Citroen DCVs (3 total).  One of the banker drones said they would have to get about $60 to $110 billion in fresh capital. I wonder where that will come from?
    2,000 tons of gold is $80 billion.  But $80 billion in the overarching scheme of things is not much more than Uncle Fed stealing some silverware at the Oligarchs Vulture Ball.  It’ll be long forgotten before this whole shebang takes a nosedive and for reasons more sound than some gold between friends. 

  28. “I think the globalist banker cabal has the gold business well under control.”
    I don’t think so. That’s what they thought in the 1960′s with the London Gold Pool. That didn’t work out so well when France jumped ship in 1967 and started buying up gold bullion like it was going out of fashion. The same thing is happening this time except it’s the Chinese who are the ones buying up all the gold. To really CONTROL the gold price long term you actually need to have a large stockpile of PHYSICAL gold bullion like the US (20000 tons) did after WW2. The 550 ton drawdown in GLD and 3miilion ounce drawdown at the Comex, negative GOFO etc in 2013 indicate that physical gold stockpiles in the west could well be nearly exhausted. Driving the gold price down by western banks isn’t particularly clever as it just accelerates the flow of gold to the east as well as reducing future gold mining production.
    “The Fed is but a tool of the globalist masters”.
    Oh yes, those masterminds who own the Fed. They’ve done a great job haven’t they. The west is completely bankrupt and is effectively surrendering it’s power to the east as indicated by the massive gold flow. The US recovery hoax is hilarious. The US/UK has also ingeniously managed to piss off pretty much the entire world with neverending wars, including western backed terrorist attacks in Syria, Libya, Mali, C.A.R., South Sudan, Sochi etc., and of course  NSA/GCHQ spying on the entire world. Way to go USA/UK.
    Here’s GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletins take on the future financial landscape from a European perspective.–risk-that-the-financial-planet-explodes-But_a15405.html
    Regarding the future, I think you will find a new system dominated by the BRICS and the European Union. The US and possibly the UK will be on the outside looking in. I seriously doubt US and UK banksters will be allowed to control this new financial system which is inevitable and coming soon.

    • @59LesPaul
      “…I think the globalist banker cabal has the gold business well under control…. I don’t think so.”
      Well, you have indeed hit on the nub of the issue, haven’t you? On another post here, I spoke of the NWO globalist agenda moving from a period of order and into and through a period of CHAOS on their way to One-World Government. I spoke of the chaotic period being one in which many unforeseen and unpredictable events would likely occur. Indeed, I cited specifically the BRICs rising and I think I alluded to the Chinese insertion of their own squid funnel into the physical gold transfer process… indeed, human responses to the stimulus of those who would attempt to enslave the world.
      I DID say that I thought the globalist banker cabal has the gold business well under control. First, that was a reference to @AGXIIK‘s reference to the issues that might arise between the Fed and the european nations that might raise opposition to the Fed’s theft of their gold. I said simply that, given the whole gang is headed toward an attempt at global governance, I think any optics created in the name of gold sovereignty is merely for public consumption.
      But the truth is that the globalists HAVE controlled gold to date, nearly perfectly, at least, consistent with the objective of preserving their power through the continued strength of the US Dollar hegemony. By suppressing the gold price and hence, the perceived message that a parabolic price rise would convey, they have managed to preserve the credibility of their power-structure and control which is conferred upon them by the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. As to the logistics related to the metal itself, this is another story I’ll get to below.
      You are absolutely correct that they are losing that gold to the east (China et al) but this is not their concern at the moment. You are correct that, just as with the London Gold Pool back in the ’60′s, the suppression of the gold price and demand was a process that, necessarily, would dwindle physical stocks to the point where control would be lost. Just as with the London Gold Pool back 45 years ago, the LBMA of today may be very close to a similar fate. But, this is not their problem in the long run… at least, in their minds.
      “…Oh yes, those masterminds who own the Fed. They’ve done a great job haven’t they…”
      Actually, from their perspective, they HAVE done a great job. They are systemically taking down the United States one QE billion, one FED repurchased Treasury Bill at a time. Well, given their goal was to destroy the US and subsume it into one-world governance, they’re doing a pretty masterful job so far, with bagmen like Greenspan and Bernanke, facilitators like Obama and Reid and Boehner… and let’s not forget John Roberts… what could possibly go wrong??? They HAVE bankrupted us, stolen our gold and treasure, built a police state control grid around us, but, more importantly, they are attempting to destroy the national spirit and break the will of the nation that made this country so great and, only by succeeding at this, could they ever hope to realize their plans for world government.
      As for the US succeeding in ‘pissing off’ the rest of the world with our imperialist plundering ways… ah, but all in the name of the NWO… of course the effort is to discredit the US and make it look the way it does in the world’s eyes…. so the end will be cheered instead of resisted. After all, they have decades of good-will to destroy before they can destroy the country itself. Why do you think the Snowden leaks happened? Does anyone think the kid was a rogue whistleblower who acted all alone? I doubt it. I think that was a deliberate effort to further discredit the US and open people’s eyes to see just how megalomaniacal the country has become. Look at the blowback. Other countries now distrust us… Merkel had her CELL phone tapped? HORRORS!!! But, it is the cancellation of contracts with companies like Boeing, Cisco, Microsoft, and IBM that are the real spoils of the Snowden caper… a further weakening of the US manufacturing and technological strengths that began even before NAFTA…
      Now, I said I’d get to this… I wonder about this supposed ‘transfer of gold’ to China. I remember when Kissinger went to the middle east in the ’70′s and worked a deal with the camel jockeys to develop their oil and pay them in US Treasury bonds, while promising not to develop our own domestic oil reserves… Well we developed them alright, then capped them and hired an environmental lobby to provide the cover for keeping them capped for 40+ years while we milked the Middle East and OPEC for all the black gold and the wealth that came from it, to allow the US to become the superpower in all ways that we did. But Kissinger knew that we planned that, one day, we’d betray the Saudi’s et al, default on all those treasuries, and turn to our domestic supplies… Can you say Arab Spring??? Saudi Arabia is the endgame there. Hell, we’re even starting to see stories leaking about the Saudi’s complicity in 9/11?? Hmmm.
      But I digress. Back to my point here….
      In the tradition of the British in the Opium wars of the mid 1800′s, I find myself wondering just exactly what deals were struck that led to Most Favored Nation status for China. Not too long ago, the CBS show 60 Minutes had an episode on all the Ghost Cities in China… that show got me to thinking… I wonder who paid for all those buildings? I wonder if western bankers don’t own them under the table? In the way John Perkins detailed the economic takeovers of third world countries in “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” is it possible that we are doing the same thing with China? Perhaps we are letting them hoard the gold from the world supply to give to their people so that, when the time comes, they will have the collateral to pay the bankers back for all the loans gone bad from the collapse in world trade to China that will happen when the US implodes? Sure they will! The Chinese government is encouraging their citizens to buy and hold… GOLD!!! The story is that the Chinese people themselves are investing in all those ghost housing units…. For what it’s worth, Most Favored Nation was negotiated by Kissinger too… and lets’ not forget that, shortly after Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, what happened soon after????
      He went to China….
      I call it the KISS of death or… in the vernacular of the trading floor, perhaps it’s the Kissinger PUT….
      I like GEAB. They seem to have a pretty good handle on the state of geopolitics in the world… thanks for the link, I hadn’t actually seen this one yet…
      In the end, I agree that the BRICS will be significant in the trading sphere… I’m a little less sanguine regarding the role of the European Union in the calculus of world economic domination. In my opinion, and I know I am not alone, Europe is too culturally diverse to coalesce a single Union. I think this is one of the reasons they are having so much difficulty over there, even as Draghi and others are doing their best to suppress the truth for their obvious political advantage…

  29. I would expect that very shortly  Glenn Beck will  a: contract and incurable mysterious terminal desease
                                                                                          b: be involved in a tragic hit and run auto accident
                                                                                          c: be charged with sexual assualt a la Strauss style
                                                                                          D: implicated in some sort of tax fraud controversy.
                                                                                           e: find himself unemployable in the bankster controlled mainstream media whore outlets.
    Maybe Ive become a little too cynical about the current paradigm ..then again maybe it is just the awakening process
    Maybe the past few years have made me a little too cynical..then again..

    • That may be closer to the truth inlikeflynn.
      Beck has aged, His Gray hair and beard tells a lot  He had a vision issue that threatened to make him go blind.  I dont think he looks all that healthy.  maybe the studio lighting was off a bit but he cold use more sun and maybe some Tumeric.
      Crticize the Matrix will get you rendered to “Condition Dead” really fast.  We  zap whole countries like annoying bugs.  No one single person is safe from the long reach of the Great Satan.   See Iraq, Fukushima, Libya, Egypt, Syria.  The USSA is one scary country.  It even gives me the willies.

    • @inlikeflynn
      I think Beck is more like Alex Jones… If anyone was going to be eliminated, you’d think it would be him… but with guys like Beck and Jones et al, I think the blowback would be too dangerously unpredictable…  What we want to do now is to wait an see what reaction, if any, comes from the MSM and it’s mouthpieces…  the story is big… taking it public as Beck did is even bigger… but would making a big deal of it become the tipping point?  Hard to tell…

    • @ErolFlynn
      I think you hit it with “A”
      They have this secret ray that can do this. Like they did to Hugo Chavez

  30. Ohh shamus 011  have you ever heard the expression ’3 above a tree”  in the quantification of   personal intellect.
    You really need to start reading non fantasy literature.

  31. Very brave of this guy!
    It starts to come into the mainstream.

  32. It’s not a secret that Germany has never been a sovereign country since May 8th 1945. In fact, it is not a country at all, at least not what we call “Federal Reublic of Germany” today. Instead it’s a non-government organization, an administration unit still under command of the victorious allied forces of WWII.
    Hitler didn’t kill himself, nor was he assassinated. He was taken out of Berlin – by the British secret service (MI6 I think). He was a Rothschild puppet, sponsered by Wall Street banks. That’s not a secret anymore, either. Truth is leaking, and fast. Recommendation: read the Dutch author Robin de Ruiter who investigated the case thoroughly. This is his website:
    So the Germans have no government and no country today, they are stateless. The “German Reich” – not to confuse with Nazi Germany – never really ceased to exist, but has been stripped off it’s institutions, and here’s why: On May 8 1945 the Wehrmacht (German army) surrendered to allied forces, signing a declaration of total capitulation. Then the remains of the Nazi government was arrested. They, however, didn’t sign anything. There is no peace treaty up until this day, the war never really ended. This is why there are still numerous US forces stationed in “Germany”.
    The eastern parts of the German Reich were torn off and given to Poland and a minor part to the Soviet Union which was in fact a violation of international law. So the former two countries “German Democratic Republic / Middle Germany” and “Federal Republic of Germany / West Germany” were put under allied command. Middle (“East”) Germany under the Soviets, “West” under the British, French and US command.
    Due to the fact of aforementioned violation of international laws, both “Germanies” never were legitimate countries. The government of the “Reich” wasn’t able to sign of peace treaty because they were arrested. So there is still no peace treaty between the Germans and the allies until today which means WWII never really came to an end and is still going on today. The “government” of “reunified” Germany (East / West) are neither allowed nor able to sign a legit peace treaty because they are a mere byproduct of that violation of international law when the allies tore off the eastern parts of the German Reich. This is not only a problem of the Germans who are in fact stateless (but are bleeded to death financially by their illegite “government”), it’s also a problem of the entire world. We need to sign a peace treaty with Germany.
    Because they don’t have a peace treaty and are not a sovereign country until today, mostly all of their gold is held at the central banks of their allied “friends”. No wonder it’s gone. They have been betrayed just like the whole world has been betrayed by the forces running all governments on earth today – the owners of the “central bank paper ponzi game”.
    So we better stop demanding “Free Tibet!”, and start demanding “Free Germany!” first. By signing a peace treaty and putting an end to WWII the whole world had a chance to make peace, not war. The globalists don’t want that, however, so they keep hiding the truth and keep spreading hatred and propaganda, until truth breaks free and overwhelm them.

    To make a long story short, or My two cent: They’ll probably aim at make some kind of “deal” some day, like: Oh sorry, your gold is gone (it’s not really gone, just in a Rothschild vault now), but hey, we give you a peace treaty in exchange for it!

    • @nozrim
      Are you a Christian from Israel (based on your name)?

    • nozrim   This is intriguing   It explains how Prescott Bush’s son, George, was able to move so well and deeply into power, Head of CIA, likely instrumental in Kennedy assassination, probably worked with Nelson Rockefeller (Ford’s VP) in the attempted assassination of Jerry Ford (2 tries by women) and the attempted assassination of Reagan   Since then there has been not one single credible attempt. These oligarchs play for keeps   Wanna be president?   Just play along and STFU.  Obama sometimes runs off the rez and has a know jerked in his tail but he’s a good little NWO soldier, right down to say “Hey i got a pen and a phone”  Take this Executive Order and shove it up your ass.
      Clinton was a complete Manchurian Candidate. Baby Bush—well gee kiddies, the story couldn’t play out better than the continuation of Precotts Nazi legacy.  I reflect back on this stuttering lying illiterate douchebag and what he’s rotated this country into and now we get the black version of Clinton and Bush.   Where do they clone these skinny asses bastards?  Ooops. Cat’s out the bag.  Bring in the clones.  And Romney.  I don’t know if Obama is a brown version of Romney or vice versa.  Just a bunch of low rent pimpstick bastards in $5,000 suits
      Damn, now you’ve got me started Nozrim.  ;-)    Careful all, the NSA reviews this site closely.
      We are winning. They know it.  Just keep posting.
      PS Anyone in a position of power who has a label attached like President, Prime minister or Premier, they are nothing more than a middle manager with a mediocre salary, lots of perks, women (or men) and a guaranty of money, lots of money when they retire or complete their time in the elected leader cube farm. If not, they are ‘retired’ the hard way.

    • @nozrim
      Great historical information.  Thank you for reminding me of many of the details….
      Indeed, Prescott Bush and the bankers from Dillon Reed and Averell Harriman’s group pretty much dictated the terms of the resolution of the WWII european theater.  Now we can begin to better understand what was happening behind the scenes.
      They didn’t trust that Romney could turn on the American people when the time came to put them down.  Hence Obama was reinstalled for safety.

  33. goldensax 
    here is a weird thought
    What if the whole world is one giant Ponzi scheme?
    What if the earliest generation, the Millenials, are the last of the investor losers into the Ponzi scheme?
    What if they find this out?
    What happens then?

  34. The state of Israel, no. According to your name you know the Bible, I guess. You have to consider that ca 30 per cent of the Israeli population are only original “Jews” genetically (namely, the Sephardim) meaning they are from the tribe of Judah / Benjamin, or the Southern kingdom; the descendants of those people who returned after the Babylonian exile around 517 B.C.
    So the state of Israel should be named Judah or Judea to be correct.
    I am a Christian, yes, but of the so called “ten lost tribes”, or the Northern kingdom, or the Kingdom of Israel, that went into Assyrian captivity and never returned, but spread into the Caspian / Black Sea area after escaping the Assyrians around 612 B.C. and became known to the world today as “the Celts” which means “those who are different”. You may know that Israel was called “Ghimri” or “Khumri” by the Assyrians and “Gimmirai” by the Babylonians, and “Cimmerians” or “Cimbri” by the Greeks. Yes, words have a meaning actually! The “Celts” called themselves “Iberi” which means “Hebrew”.
    These “Cimmerians”, or “Celts”, or “Iberi” split into many groups and went to Europe, by sea, by land, thereby building the backbone of basically all European nations, especially of the middle / northern regions, and became known as “the Gauls”, the Irish”, “the British”, “the Saxons”, “the Danish”, etc. The word “Cimmerian” is still alive today in Wales. Wales in called “Cymru” in their tongue, and their language “Cymraeg”. Did you know that “British” is derived from the Hebrew word “B’rit” which means “covenant”, and “ish” means “man or people of”, so British means “man or people of the covenant”?
    Saxon means (I)saacs-sons. The Danish called themselve “tuatha de danaan” which means “tribe of Dan”. Wow! The Israelites inhabited the Iberian peninsula. Iberia or Hibernia (now Spain / Portugal) means “land of the Hebrews”. The went on to Ireland, whose first name was “Hibernia”, meaning “new land of the Hebrews.
    Interesting, isn’t it? You might want to dig deeper into this fascinating world by reading Yair Davidiy from his website:
    Sorry for being off topic, but we all should be much more aware of our origins, where we come from. our ancestors. When your ancestors in the US came from Europe, you are a Israelite and Hebrew as well!! So by being aware of our roots, we are going the change to ways of this world for the better. We were stuck in darkness much too long. It’s time to wake up!

    • Here is a good read or two on the subject of the scattered tribes of Yisrael and their future return to the land and also concerning the rabbinical ban on the true name of G-D YHWH. I always heard the name was unpronounceable and now I understand why. It was a manmade rule. There are kooks scattered throughout every movement but you can read between the lines and learn much.  another  just type in the ban of the name of God, YHWH, Yahweh  in your search and a multitude of articles will come up on the subject. Baruch Haba Beshem Ha Adon YHWH

    • @nozrim
      You can go off-topic like this anytime… don’t worry, it will always  come back around to relevancy as the layers of the onion continue to be pulled back.

    • Ahhhh,
      this British Israelism thing is more widespread than I thought. *Sigh*.
      I’ve already debated this issue, so I won’t get into this again. As long as you’ve trusted Christ as your Saviour.
      Two of many reasons I could never see the Brits being part of the lost Tribes: They’re too bland (Middle Easterners are colourful), and their teeth are too long and crooked (not a Middle Eastern phenomenon).

  35. Yeah, we stole your gold. What ya gonna do about it? We can nuke you out of existence with our huge arsenal so shut your mouths and go home. We are also building big electric fences with guard towers around our own citizens and the same thing goes for them, shut your mouths and mind your own business and do what you are told, or else. Signed Obama and the new United States Govt along with the NSA. Ha Ha ha Ha ha hahahahahahahahaha

  36. This is from the authorized signatory on the Global Collateral Account:
    Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2014 03:40:42 -0800
    From: Authorized Signatory on the Global Collateral Account
    Subject: Re: Glenn Beck Radio Show and the German gold 
    To: Karen Hudes
    CC: Central Bank of Philippines
    Dear Karen,
    Thank you for all your wonderful world. Today I bring you into a new realm of decades of fabricated lies and some sort of reality. We have to disregard everything we have learned and what we read today in books or so-called news, We have to understand that “they” did not want us to see and understand what they were scrambling to hide from us during and after the war, WWII that is.
    I fully understand that the German people do get angry when they read in news reports that the FED in New York does not want them to see their gold. We have to understand, though, that the FED in New York has to check the identity of the owner(s) of the gold. Do you bring a warehouse receipt or a delivery receipt? Are you the depositor? If not, how are you related to the depositor or the owner of the gold in question? Ah, you are coming on your own, quasi representing the German Bundesbank which is on record in the World Gold Council as owning 3,480MT of gold but cannot show the records. Sorry, but you understand, we have to close the doors now.
    That is how it could go and maybe it is time for these angered Germans to go to their Bundesbank and ask them how they could be so stupid and deposit their gold in the Federal Reserve System which is owned by the Jews and the Jews have a reputation to defend. Well, before that happens we really have to ask ourselves how we , as Germans, have come into a situation like this.
    A few years ago there was no such anger. Actually, a few years ago nobody knew that the Bundesbank had gold and nobody did ask where that gold is. If ever there was a record like in the World Gold Council, it was understood that the gold was in or under the Bundesbank but certainly under control of the Bundesbank. Nobody at the time had wondered how the Bundesbank could have acquired so much gold, nobody cared to know. It was not a hot topic. The internet makes it possible.
    Rumors have it that the gold was what (?) acquired/bought/exchanged (?) during the 1950′ies. That is not really possible as, at that time, there was no Bundesbank. We had a “Bank Deutscher Laender” which was more or less under control of the Allied Forces that kept Germany or the Western (capitalist) part of it, The Federal Republic of Germany, occupied. No record of gold as we know.
    Since the creation of a Bundesbank as a central bank of a semi-independent state still not a member of any United Nations, World Bank, or IMF, nothing really is seen in the books of the German Bundesbank that would indicate bigger purchases of gold. We would have to ask the former Boss of the Bundesbank who is now the Chairman of UBS, Mr. Axel Weber.
    We may believe that, one day, the German Bundesbank will be willing and able to lay down their cards and tell us where the gold of the Bundesbank came from. Maybe that will not happen. Then we are free to vent our ideas or speculate. 

    In general terms right after the war, the Nazis were out and the Jews came in. Well, maybe that is too general. It should be understood that the Nazis were out, cleansed (“entnazifiziert” as the term was), and white-washed. Glaring example: The man on top of the department in charge, from 1935 to 1945, of classifying who was a Jew or was not a Jew, was the life-time private secretary Hans Globke of German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. He must have been a very good private secretary. Some say he was running the republic when the old man was in his hospital in Northern Italy to get another shot of life-prolonging baby sheep cells. 

    I am sorry that I have to go so low. It goes lower. Let me take a modern day case. There is a lady claiming to be, and she is widely recognized by friendly innocent Germans, the owner of BMW. Her father was making the batteries for Hitlers army, was somehow saved from the Nuernberg trials, and became what we called “a Kriegsgewinnler” when we were young. Now other people are young. They play computer games or watch porno. These people have no idea about people who profited from the war and became the bankers to work with the money that came from the other side, the Bank for Reconstruction and Development distributing the Marshall Plan (the $200B came from Jose Antonio Diaz and young Marcos, Sumitomo Tokyo to Chase Manhattan NY). The Bank for Reconstruction and Development did not have that kind of money then in 1946.

    “They” had rightly foreseen that America would need Germany and Europe as a market for their products. Market and politics combined made a Jewish controlled Germany under the spell of the Jewish Council of Germany (Zentralrat der Juden) in cooperation with the Roman Catholic Church from the Vatican. Germany until today does not have a constitution, does not have a peace contract, does not have borders other than by politics and convenience. In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Chancellor Helmut Kohl whisked away claims of Germans to their holdings in what is now occupied by Poland. German people are held back not to wave the German flag, especially when Germany won games during the big World Cup in Football 2006. German people discuss that in earnest in theoretical terms while Muslims slowly but surely take over culture and space, with the full consent of the Church and the Zentralrat der Juden. Good night Germany. Sleep well.
    Going back to the gold, it could have been gold that was forgotten in the old Reichsbank, the forerunner of the “Bank Deutscher Laender”, and left there because nobody wanted his name involved in this. Actually, nobody wants his name involved in this, because if we speculate that that could have been gold from Adolf Hitler, then that would bring us to jail for 10 years (maybe not really, if you are not also a Holocaust denier). Anyhow, Hitler would have brought the gold with him to Argentina, would he not? What? Well: The history books have not been dusted off for a long time, God is still God, 160,000MT is still the max limit of gold produced in the world, and Hitler is still in the bunker where he suicided, or did he not?
    The secret services of the world know that Hitler was in Argentina until at least 1950, when one version goes that he was poisoned in his favorite restaurant and buried just outside Buenos Aires. My version goes further. He jumped the gun again and lived the rest of his life in Baguio, Philippines, where he died and was buried by his father in 1975 (114 years old!). What? Who? Jose Antonio Diaz, nice to meet you! Right out of Believe it or not.
    3,480MT of gold is just 20MT off 3,500MT. The similarity is glaring to what I am holing. 20 tons more or less is 20,000 kilogram, still a lot of money to be missing in the books of the honorable or not so honorable Bundesbank. I attach a document for 3,500MT issued by the Central Bank of the Philippines with date of March 25, 1975 and signed by Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos as Legal Counsel for TVM-LSM-666 and as TIBURCIO V. MARCOS OWNER AND SOLE SIGNATORY CODED NAME 010-22-74-0A (which happens to be the umbrella account number of the Global Collateral Accounts in the books of the World Bank and the FED/BIS).
    The document states that the 3,500MT were deposited in the vaults of DRESDNER BANK IN FRANKFURT under Gold Bullion Certificate No. 521-79985 deposited that day March 25, 1975 for 20 years plus 2 maturing in the year 2007 when Marcos was already dead, if one wants to rely, as one is used to, on statements made by the Philippine government or by media in that country of miracles, East of East Asia.
    Nonetheless, we could ask where the vaults are. Dresdner Bank is no more. It was stolen at about that time 2009. There were several bidders, among them Deutsche Bank, China Bank of Construction (offered $19B and was rejected by Allianz). They were not heard. Official statements have it that Allianz Versicherung AG sold Dresdner Bank for an apple and an egg ($9B) to Commerzbank. Don’t believe that B-S. We should ask some of the people in Dresdner Bank what happened to them. With the exception of Juergen Ponto who was murdered by the CIA, they are all alive and kicking, somewhat. They might have something to say, especially Atty. Helmut Merkel who was Legal Counsel of Dresdner Bank to become joint Legal Counsel of Commerzbank only to be fired for good. He is private lawyer today in Baden Baden, Germany.
    We are going deep now into very intriguing speculative thinking but still thinking, not hallucinating. The assayer in the hidden secret history of the German Reich was DEGUSSA AG of Hanau-Wolfgang near Frankfurt. 3,500MT of gold is quite a lot to carry and to store. DEGUSSA was still working for Marcos out of Singapore. The name of DEGUSSA is on some of the deeds of assignment. The Degussa Bank in Hanau is quoted in as
    Degussa Bank GmbH Rodenbacher Chaussee 4 Industriepark Wolfgang 63457 Hanau


    If I am correct in my assumption that Dresdner Bank used Degussa at the time when Dresdner Bank was still one of the leading banks of Marcos next to UBS, until Hanjo Schreiber bubbled it all up when he got too greedy, then I would think nobody did anything and the gold is still there in the basement of the Industriepark Wolfgang which could be quite wide, even under the trees. Whether the gold there is the gold of the Bundesbank, the Bundesbank would have to tell us. Anyhow, ask my lawyer, I am the authorized signatory for trust depositor and sole signatory. I could give it to the Bundesbank jointly with the Bund Deutscher Steuerzahler acting on my behalf (my choice).
    We would have to look at another 17,000MT of gold which coincide with 17,000MT in Barclays Bank Singapore/London. They appear on a deed of assignment which I attach as “78-9-11”. There is also a deed of assignment of February 28, 1974 as proof of transfer of ownership to “Rev. Dr. Floro E. Garcia” plus a March 8, 1973 INSTRUCTION MEMORANDA signed by the original depositor/owner Antonio Diaz advising the bank to acknowledge the new owner (bona fide owner) “Rev. Dr. Floro E. Garcia” and to follow his orders.
    As there also is a cash deposit of $20B, the whole thing of Dresdner Bank’s dismissal and “sale” to Commerzbank for only $9B goes up to the rank of Top White Collar Crime. The German people have all reason to question such things that seem to be the rule under Chancellor Merkel (rumor has it that she is the illigit daughter of Helmut Kohl adopted by a communist couple professors in Hamburg, career lanced by the Jews)  and question anything and everything in connection to that dubious action of Allianz Versicherung (who are they?), Dresdner Bank (what are they afraid of could have been revealed?), and Commerzbank people hiding the biggest accounts from the eyes of the German people (see the $1T with account number).
    Commerzbank CEO Martin Blessing is son of Karl Blessing, former Governor/ Chairman of the Bundesbank before. He, father, took over from Carl Otto Poehl who steered many of the shady things with his friend Berthold Beitz who was given award after award for his work by the Jews (He was the darling of the Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland) and the crooked Atty. Carl Hermann Letemeyer who deprived Arndt Baron von Krupp und Bohlen Halbach of his inheritance. The Jews hated Krupp to death.
    Hugh, I have spoken. The ball is in your court. Glenn Beck might get a few pieces between his teeth.
    Wolfgang Struck
    P.S. I will try to get my attachments right this time. I attach also one document prepared by Atty. Letemeyer with the signature of Carl-Otto Poehl in a way that they could always deny it and point the finger at VERTAULICH (confidential) which should have been spelled VERTRAULICH.

  37. 1) Glenn Beck knows what nobody else knows about the best guarded secrets of the US ? I don’t think so.
    2) Glenn Beck was sponsored by Goldline last time I checked. I’m too lazy to check if he is now but it would not be crazy to assume.
    3) Glenn Beck says whatever will get him views with no regards to honesty.
    4) How many Mondays has there been since “Glenn Beck Gives Obama Till Monday to Admit Boston Bombing was an Inside Job”? Well… it was back in April 2013 – you do the math.

  38. widget   I’m beginning to think of  Glen Beck as the Moire Diagram of the MSM MOPESTERS

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