We’d like to think this is Friday humor…


    • It has always….”taken a village to raise a child” properly, just not the village called the District of Criminals! It is only a good thing when the village is all HELPING the child!

    • Amplifying on the point @Silver Alert makes:  people are already having their children taken away. Perhaps child protective custody in some cases is valid.  If a single parent is on the couch shooting-up heroin 24/7 and sleeping in their own vomit from over the course of the last 2 weeks while their child hasn’t eaten for 5 days, not too many people would make the argument that some form of intervention is not called for.  But I paint that stark picture to ask a question:  where does one draw the line?  I’ve read some astounding stories over the years about children being stripped of their parents for trivial issues (and sometimes, outright lies) and that zealotry was driven by the social/political orientation of uber-liberal ideology Silver Alert is rightfully pointing out.

      Friends, you bet your arse this is dark humor.  But unfortunately, it’s also valid satire that stings the mind because it incorporates truth!  Be glad it makes you uncomfortable.  That just proves you’re not a zombie.  Abuses are already taking place and this is just issue number 1,003,481 (/sarc) among the over-reaches of government that we need to concern ourselves with.

      Eric Dubin
      Managing Editor, TheNewsDoctors.com

    • And her last name is Fluke?  :-)   I’d love to see actual video documentation because if that statement was really made, it deserves to be seen as an actual statement without skepticism as to it’s authenticity. 

    • Isn’t it interesting that the libs were the people who bitched and moaned the loudest about “getting the government out of our bedrooms”.  Now, however, they seem to have reversed course and want the government in there.  Maybe that is the trouble with idiots… they just can’t settle on what constitutes a good idea and stick with it.

  1. Eric – “people are already having their children taken away” Very correct! ‘Common Core’ insistence in the education system in further manifestation of this progression. The children drugged and dumbed down thru the school system is passe and accepted now. Parents quietly and passively going along with this new nonsense upon their children?  It is all puzzling….. 

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