nuclear-bomb-KoreaTrends researcher Gerald Celente predicts war in the Middle East leading to WW3. He says, “It is out of control. What are people waiting for–an Archduke Ferdinand moment?
Celente thinks Israel bombing Syria means World War 3 is on its way. The cycle leading to war started with the crash of 2008. Celente says, “Crash, depression, currency wars . . . trade wars and then real wars. That’s what we’re seeing again.” Celente charges, “This is a proxy war against Iran because when Syria is choked off, then Iran is left alone surrounded by enemies. So, that’s what we’re really looking at. The end game is Iran.” What would happen if Iran and Israel went to war? Would the Strait of Hormuz close, gasoline explode to $10 a gallon, markets implode? Celente says, “All of the above.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente.

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  1. Gerald Celente states it as it is. The only thing he does not sanction in his reports is that the Central Planners are the ones behind all wars. The Rothchild’s financed both sides and The Fed is a duplicate as all central planners. After all in the Middle East, it’s all about the oil! No security in life as we have been schooled to know it really exists. The Banks control all politics.

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