Bill Murphy is Fired Up: Gold Will Become Explosive Within A Month, New Highs Coming!


eplosive gold rallyGATA’s Bill Murphy joins The Doc & Eric Dubin this week to discuss:

  • Friday’s massive cartel raid on the metals as gold pummeled by $25, and silver by nearly $1 on the NFP release
  • Ukraine crisis rapidly escalating as Russia has halted ammo exports to the US, both sides threaten economic war & retaliation, and Russia invades Ukranian Air Force Base in Crimea late Friday
  • SD Exclusive Report: After hundreds of BBB complaints over 6 month delays shipping bullion to customers, Tulving Company goes out of business
  • Bill discusses the latest on BaFin’s PM investigation, and whether GATA might be involved in assisting the German regulators
  • Murphy provides his outlook for the metals, and makes the case why gold and silver will become explosive within a month!

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & GATA’s Bill Murphy is below:



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“Russia:  Exposed To The World’s Contempt.”

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Another non-farm payrolls report, another precious metals smack-down…  The correlation of these events is probably at least 0.85 over the last seven years.  The geopolitical rumblings over the Ukraine make this week all the more interesting.  Last Tuesday witnessed a large gold and silver smack-down just past the 1am EST hour, within the most thinly traded time window during the 24 hour day.  The mainstream media and most industry analysts were quick to chalk up that flash crash to Russian signals of easing their position on the Crimea.  But as best as I could tell, there was no news about tensions easing until at least an hour after precious metals performed their swan dive.  Over 9,500 April contracts were sold by 1:21am EST, representing about 30 metric tons of “paper gold.”  Just to help put the absurdity of how big this “paper gold” game is, the US Mint sold a total of 856,500 troy ounces worth of American Gold Eagle coins in 2013, which translates into 26.6 metric tons of physical gold — and that’s counting the fractional American Eagle coin sales.  In about 15 minutes, the futures traders liquidated more paper gold than the entire 2013 American Eagle sales.  Lunacy.


That smash had all the hallmarks of a cartel-induced smack down other than the fact that oil also took a beating at the same time.  Odds are, Tuesday’s event was probably a combination of cartel action and momentum traders ringing the cash register.  But there can be no mistaking what happened Friday.  With the release of yet another fishy non-farm payrolls report where 124,000 of so-called 175,000 net job additions originated from the unicorn statistics division of the BLS and their “birth-death model,” who in their right mind could conclude the jobs report was bullish for the US economy, suggestive of continued tapering, and thus negative for precious metals?  Regardless, the 175,000 “headline” figure beat expectations of a mere 149,000 net addition per Bloomberg’s analyst survey.  It’s worth pointing out that expectations were ratcheted downward, leading Matthew Boesler at Business Insider to note this morning, “Perhaps the most notable development in the run-up to Friday’s jobs report is just how low the bar has been set.“  Bottom-line:  It’s the birth-death model that justifies skepticism.

Gold was pummeled, with nearly 8,000 contracts dumped on the employment report release while all other market factors were neutral for precious metals, at worst.  Silver took a beating as well.  Friday’s tape painting was manipulation-driven.  Period, full stop.



Looking past all this fireworks, perhaps the real story is how strongly gold and silver rebounded Thursday as if Tuesday’s smash was a non-event.  That sort of rapid rebound hardly ever followed waterfall declines during 2012 through 2013.  That’s just one of many anecdotal price-based market behavior signals that are likely the product of a tight physical market constraining the maneuverability of those on the short side of the paper-driven precious metals exchanges (both momentum traders and the cartel short interest agents).

Fund manager Dave Kranzler published a missive Friday morning covering this action, along with the general fact that we live in a world of pervasive propaganda.  “The U.S. Government Is One Big Lie,” he notes.  Sadly, this isn’t an exaggeration.  When it comes to economic policy, we’ve witnessed “management of perspective economics” applied to the business press narrative, bastardization of government statistics and outright rigging of almost all markets as the ludicrous replacement of sound public policy.  If there’s a problem or if something smells, break out the potpourri and paint the tape.  US Government policy makers (and their banker bosses) are channeling Groucho Marx from the afterlife:  “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

As Kranzler notes, Ukraine remains a flashpoint and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has been among the most lucid commentators analyzing events as they unfold.  Dr. Roberts’ worldwide following has grown rapidly, to the point where his website nearly crashes anytime he posts a new article.  If you really want to understand how Ukraine has become a flashpoint and why Putin is not 100% to blame, I highly recommend you read the following two articles by Dr. Roberts:  “Washington’s Arrogance, Hubris, And Evil Have Set The Stage For War” and “Propaganda Rules The News.”  Another current article well worth your time was published by Richard Sale:  “Regime Change Blueprint:  The NED At Work.”  You’ll never look at “colored revolutions” the same way again.

It’s important to underscore that there are organic elements within Western Ukraine seeking independence from Russia, elements that have a leaning towards the European Union.  But the Maiden separatist forces in Western Ukraine that have been behind the most active and violet protests that caused this crisis received at least $5 billion from the West in support of their destabilization efforts.  It’s also important to underscore that Russia already had a large contingency of military forces in the Crimea per long standing agreement with the Ukraine.  The US media and Obama administration is downright hyperbolic in their attempt to paint this situation as a pure democratic uprising and, in turn, an attempt by Putin to crack down on the situation.  The truth is far more nuanced.

This weekend, we’ll have ongoing coverage of geopolitical events on The News Doctors.  This drama is far from over and it will have a direct impact on the precious metals market.

On a final note, I plugged Bill Murphy’s newsletter during the show.  It’s an honest plug.  Bill isn’t paying us!  Take the two week free trial to see if you like it — can’t hurt to try it.  Click here to check it out, and click here to read GATA’s free “dispatches” penned by Chris Powell.

Thanks for listening to this week’s show — Eric Dubin


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  1. Ironic that after @bamas last attempt at the second ammendment, and buying up all the US ammo, that Russia came through and sold us us citizens .223 and all the NATO rounds we wanted, now we”ve found a reason to cut off ammo imports just as Conneticut gets into swing. Two months ago the market was flooded with NATO class VEPR rifles, today, IF you can find one, there’s only the .22 and MAYBE a .308 available. 
    WARNING!!! There is a RUN on AMMO happening right now! I found only one website with 9mm available under .40 / round.It’s going quick!!s

  2. Just a quick correction on the number I mentioned in the radio show about Friday’s bombing.  I have the right numbers in the write-up above, but on the show I had in the back of my mind the troy ounce equivalent.  I tripped over my tongue and tossed out a metric ton number that was incorrect.  8000 contracts is about 25 metric tons.  It’s an amazing number when you think about it almost matching total US American gold Eagle sales during 2013.
    I need to do my math before going on air, and not in my head <grin>

  3. I’m sure there are at least one or two delusional individuals on this board that would call what happened on Friday simple “supply and demand at work.” The level of arrogance in their continued denial of what is clearly blatant manipulation simply amazes me. The cartel is not even hiding their work anymore, they are doing it right out in the open for anyone with half an eyeball to see.    

    • Actually i don’t think anyone would call what happens around a 2 minute windown in any trading session ‘supply and demand’ as that generally takes place over a broader period of time with more people playing in the pricing.  However, we are in some incredibly strange times with everything going on politically, and not just in Ukraine.  If you expect the price of anything to be stable here I would rethink that assumption.  Big money is watching and when they see something that motivates them they are going to move and in a big way.  They will trigger stops as other people trading on small time horizons have stops in every day, buy and sell. I think simply just realize that for a while, indicators that might have moved the market a little bit are going to move the market more.
      To say this is blatant is as narrow minded as assuming there is some great supply or demand hiccup.  the trading in the near future is going to result in big swings, up and down.  
      For the purposes of most everyone here let me allow one saying to that…. Who cares?  Most are not selling anyway, get ready to buy on a big dip if you want, otherwise watch the big picture.  Don’t be bummed out on a day like friday, and don’t get too excited if the opposite happens.  Long term downtrends have reversed, be comfortable in that and until that changes i think one holds the course,

    • The only point I am arguing is that the manipulation exists and is there for anyone to see. Triggering stops by flooding the market with naked short sell orders is certainly manipulation in any market not just PM’s. The price instability your refer to is very much the result of the continued manipulation displayed again on Friday.  

      I am not bummed out at all as I am very used to this routine by now. In fact I used it as an opportunity to pick up a bit more silver for the stack. I know where the price is headed longer term so I view every price smash as simply another chance to add wealth at a discount. 

    • Or it is someone realizing their position is wrong and are getting out, and given all the volatility everywhere, these runs are going to be deeper than they should be.
      When it happens in the middle of the night with no volume it is fascinating… but where is GATa then on actually getting information?  Go to globex, tell them you saw suspicious behavior in the prices and they can see who is making every trade.  we’ve never seen anyone come back with this information so I conclude it is a non event.  If they were refused by globex, that would be telling to, but i’ve never seen evidence that has happened either.

  4. @gogetter1132
    There is no need to waste your breath anymore. The gold manipulation story has already went mainstream. While these “revelations” didn’t include silver, it does not matter. The relationship between gold and silver is intimate and they trade with a high correlation, which would allow anyone with half a brain to be able to deduce – “if one is manipulated than the other must be as well.”

    • Manipulating a pricing mechanism 2x per day, a mechanism which likely has more bearing on pricing physical contracts based on that fixing price, is a far cry from someone just pumping tons of sell orders through. (Note those are not words that condone, I have mentioned almost since i started here that a mechanism like libor is very prone to manipulation).
      I am sure most read all about the libor scandal and who that really impacted, it was the big banks who wanted the LIBOR to be slightly in their favor as there are so many financial products that are tied to a libor plus a spread.  They had a voice, albeit illegal, in the process and the little guy loses who has financial products tied to the rate. Note that is different than ‘crashing’ or ‘pumping’ libor which could have been done if the banks were actually willing to lend and higher or lower rates. We are going to read similar stories about the fix, but understanding the scope is important.

  5. The controllers pummel gold, silver, guns, ammo, anything that empowers the people. Powerful citizens can not be tollerated. They are losing in the long run though, and most of that long term has passed already. The desperation level is obscenely evident.
    “Power to the people.”
    I was a child of the sixties……sorry.

  6. From Trader Dan, “(copper) down nearly 4% today alone. Keep this in mind particularly when you read the silver perma bulls talking about price manipulation.  Silver is both a precious metal and an industrial metal and I have rarely seen it moving higher when copper is sinking lower.”
    “start watching other commodities trade besides precious metals. You would find the same, IF NOT WORSE, wild price swings occur all the time. It has nothing to do with manipulation and everything to do with the nature of today’s idiotic computerized trading”

    • @zman: Copper would be more of a leading indicator of housing and related manufacturing versus silver.  Copper is a commodity plus it does not collapse from $50 to $28 in a couple weeks like what happened to silver on absolutely “no news!” 
      Sure some of this volatility is hot money being traded in nano-seconds and flipping from the stock market to safe assets like oil or gold on any given day but those moves will swing the asset a little bit.  It doesn’t swing the price from $30 to $18 in a few weeks.  While I can buy into your argument that a $0.50 swing could be hot money moving around I don’t buy into the argument that continual watershed moments every week or two as this case.  Also, “any smart trader” would never dump massive amounts of silver contracts all within a few seconds or minutes.  It’s been noted on many occasions these types of sells cause watershed movements in the metals and “any smart trader” doesn’t want to cause this because they “lose money”.  Instead you want to sell a large amount of silver contracts over several days or even weeks but instead we see this level of selling happening in seconds and minutes.  So these must be the stupidest traders of all time or it is outright manipulation to smash the prices lower. 

    • Powerball, I am curious your trading background to allow this judgement?  Not saying it is not unfounded but curious your experience to justify.

    • Zman, The copper dive has more to do with news out of China that coincidentally came at the same time the PMs were manipulated down.  The point you’re making isn’t correct.  

      Short-term intermarket correlations need to be examined on a case-by-case basis.   

    • @mikeyj80: What part?  I’m definitely no expert in copper so this more of an opinion and rebuttal to zman.  However items like the never ending watershed movements in the price of silver and algo’s trading off key words is well documented.
      Obviously a house uses a lot of copper wire and one of the main drivers of the market along with electronics manufacturing. I work with a lot of electronic manufacturers so know this marketplace.

    • Chinese demand on copper is worth noting but are we extending manipulation theories across all commodities and assets? T. Dan makes a good point that copper would be leading the parade on hyperinflation worries but rather this volatility extends throughout all sectors. Mikey also makes a great point regarding pricing physical contracts based a mechanism versus blatant massive shorts are worlds apart.  
      This sector is not for people with heart problems as the volatility is in its nature (which seems to be a hurdle for big money that wants wealth preservation). Who cares about the smash of 30 to 18? Certainly who ever left PM toward the inflation within the market made the correct call (and certainly did not have any emotional attachments to dumping their silver). Of course silver loyalists will be bitter with a bruised ego!! Wild theories to campaign and generate investors is more likely to alienate PM 
      Is GATA still building their case or what? 

    • @ z-disinformation-man
      Copper is used in China for collateral to obtain cash/loans to finance trade.

      Your disinformation agenda, to cast any and all doubt into the spectacular future of holding physical silver and gold, is seen by most who frequent this board.  Good luck and keep applying your gloom and doom approach to dissuade precious metals holders.

      Copper tumbles after China bond default
      By Neil Hume in London

      Copper dropped to a seven-month low in heavy volume after a bond default in China added to growing concerns about slowing economic growth and demand from the world’s biggest consumer of the metal.
      China accounts for about 40 per cent of global consumption. On Friday, the country experienced its first domestic default in recent history after a small Shanghai-based solar power company failed to pay out interest on a security it sold two years ago.
      Some analysts have said the default, by Shanghai Chaori Solar, could be China’s “Bear Stearns moment” – an event that prompts investors to reassess the risk of investing in Chinese corporate debt and possibly leads to Lehman Brothers-style banking meltdown. This, is turn, would damp demand for raw materials.
      Copper for delivery in three months on the London Metal Exchange fell by as much as 3.7 per cent to $6,785 a tonne. Other base metals were also under pressure. Three-month nickel, which hit a nine-month high earlier in the week, dropped 1.5 per cent to $15,242 a tonne, while zinc lost 2.5 per cent to $2,056 a tonne and aluminium fell 1.7 per cent to $1,765.


    • @AC_Doctor, can you point to a time when zman has suggested not to buy PMs?  How about a time when he suggested they would be a poor performer in a hyper inflation scenario?
      Now who is the disinformation man?

    • Gold made a small compounded positive return of approximately +4% during 2013 if bought and sold between the hours of 10:30am and 3pm London time i.e. the London fix.
      That’s against a negative return of approximately -34% if traded outside of these hours.
      IMHO, that puts the odds of manipulation vs. non-manipulation firmly on the side of manipulation. If anyone can explain why these figures are representative of a free and healthy market, then please do.
      Data to backup above statement available here:

    • I’m by no means a day trading expert but it seems obvious the opening times between 9:30-10:30 are highly volatile on the open and then we get an indication of the morning trend till noon. 12-2 should be a slow time (lunch). 2 pm till close should pick up again. If an algorithm is price fixing physical contracts at specific times of day, that is free game and happening in all commodity markets. This seems pretty simple as contracts are being sold on the open or before the close. I wouldn’t be surprised if gold successful years were based on the same times of day. If your are implying big money is already hedging and this is pure price suppression, who wants any part of an asset that can be manipulated so easily?  

    • Keep your eyes closely focussed on China  Copper is that metal with a Phd and its value drops, a collateral shedding event due to the smattering of defaults and asset routs, it”s telling us that China is very likely to have a Lehman moment, and soon.  
      1 week?  Not likely   2-3 months or less?
      that 25 trillion in paper pump and dump is ready to tumble hard.
      Everything is attached to China including much global geopolitical activity.  
      Russia needs China to back it up against the west.
       A weak China with its house in disorder could come apart at the seams.  Bad for everyone

  7. Great show, fellas.  It’s good to hear the un-varnished truth from the stacker angle. Bill Murphy is a great choice for a guest, he’s on the front lines and has a handle on all this. 
    Good job. ;)

  8. Which products does the Sunshine Mint produce that could keep them so busy?
    Ik know of these:
    - blanks for Eagles
    - own brand security rounds
    - own brand 1oz and larger bars
    - some gold?
    Any private label products we might now?

    Are people stacking Sunshine rounds by the box? Can we see their throughput somewhere?

  9. Could this be another false positive that we have heard of for so long?

  10. .

  11. They “crash” gold down $600 while the dow rockets higher…  that doesn’t sound like manipulation to me, that sounds like peopple wantng exposure to riskier assets, right or wrong. GLD loses a ton of volume and that can only be due to reduced open interest, likely caused by the average joe not wanting the gold exposure.

    • Sounds about right to me…looks like the risk paid off too.  Or we could say this was the product of Obama’s gold smear campaign led by zman. Its also a great excuse to never bother looking at another chart again and explain you were never ‘wrong’ on your investment choice (at least for 2013). 

    • @mikeyj80
      “They “crash” gold down $600 while the dow rockets higher…  that doesn’t sound like manipulation to me, that sounds like peopple wantng exposure to riskier assets, right or wrong.”
      Yes, it could be that, OR, it could be that the HUGE amount of money the Fed pulls out of thin air and uses to buy the drek on the banksters balance sheets is also, in part, finding its way into the stock market.  If so, then what we are seeing is much more akin to inflation than to a surging economy.  The fact that the market has recently been at ALL TIME HIGHS while the US economy is mediocre at best indicates that it is neither growth nor earnings that is fueling this market.  Additionally, there is still a LOT of money sitting on the investing sidelines in money market funds, CDs, short-term bond funds, and bank accounts.  If the Fed / Gov funny numbers ever approach reality, a lot of this money could come into the market, further inflating share prices.


  13. Here is an off the wall explanation for gold manipulation going mainstream. My divorce lawyer who had a relation who worked for the FBI told me the FBI would leak to the people the FBI was investigating them to freak em out to get em to try and hide important information which the FBI would have systems in place to find the info as it was being hidden. Could be the manipulators are going main stream to get big metal owners and marketers talking so the manipulators can PRISM to find out the good guys plans to stop the parasites’ price fixing. One would think one day the manipulators’ grip to keep gold prices down would break. Although as the parasites push us closer to a world at war metal prices fall. I thought the Fed overthrowing the Ukraine govt. would increase the dollar as the US rattles its swords but the DXY is still slipping. Would expect military action nukes or whatever it takes to increase the DXY. The Fed will never ever be able to live under restraints an honest gold or silver money would put on the Fed’s Ponzi dollar and will fight to the death to keep gold and silver price fixed down. Cutting premiums could be co ordinated with a manipulation down. Read six months or so ago, which was news to me, Kitco has been under investigation for like five years for some sort of scam to beat taxing authorities out of tax revenue. If Kitco tripped that should put upward pressure on prices. Texas building a storage vault could help bring honesty and up metal prices. Surely some people in Ft. Worth are still angry bout the Hunt screw job.  

    • @Anon123
      “Would expect military action nukes or whatever it takes to increase the DXY.”
      If one nuke goes off anywhere on this planet as an act of war, every market and currency out there will crash HARD.  Nukes tend to be like peanuts or potato chips… no one ever uses just one.



    how about that rant from the kukoo-kukoo “whistleblower”/nut case Karen Hudes?


    (on Greg Hunter she said there was 170.000 tonnes in Hawaii, now, in this latest

    &list=PLftiX10LpVelSE_tXIgkCPzdqViV8lPrZ} peace, she’s talking about 600.000 (as in ALL) vaulted in the Vatican, then dispersed to Switzerland etc.)


    Question: ‘should I stop drinking, or should she stop taking mushrooms’…

    • Stick to your drink.  Who knows what she’s taking in :-)
      I’ve resisted being critical about Hudes in public because I don’t like picking on other people, and because for a long time she was actually doing some good by shining light on real problems.  But over the last 4 months, her claims have become more extreme, and I’m really surprised Greg Hunter hasn’t rolled-up his sleeves and done more research about what Hudes speaks about.  Greg is a great journalist, but he doesn’t have a deep economics background.  That’s probably why he doesn’t really call-out some of the wild-a$$ things Hudes claims.
      If memory serves correctly, Greg interviewed her on Feb 12th (could be the youtube above but I’m not clicking on it as I might lose this text).  In that interview she talked about the 170,000+ metric tons of gold in Hawaii as being certificates.  Many months ago she spoke about it as physical gold.  It’s one thing to toss out a larger number of gold in one spot that exceeds the size of all other known gold, but to then speak of it as physical, and then, posit some theory that it’s going to be used to save humanity…  very odd.  And then months later, boom… it’s certificates, representing gold stored elsewhere?   Her story is changing.
      In that interview she also claimed that all States’ attorney generals and all US county commissioners have her information.  Well, folks, I’m on a first name basis with county commissioners in 3 Oregon counties and a supervisor in one California county.  I know for a fact they know nothing about Karen Hudes. 
      There’s truth in some of the stuff she focuses on, but one needs a healthy salt lick handy when taking in her info.

    • @Flying Wombat
      “In that interview she talked about the 170,000+ metric tons of gold in Hawaii as being certificates.”
      Certificates representing 170,000 tons of gold might as well be 170 billion tons.  No matter the quantity, it ain’t GOLD, it’s PAPER… and therefore has the value of PAPER, not gold.  Anyone who still thinks that paper PMs have value should probably reconsider that thought in light of the US Fed Failure To Deliver to Germany.

  15. Karen is becoming more and more painful to listen. She does not have her facts correct on the Golden Lily gold. She’s wrong bout who killed Kennedy. Japan stole the Golden Lily gold over fifty years and the US found out about it after W2 and stole it. Golden Lily gold is not owned by humanity. If its owned by anyone its the countries and people of Asia. Yeah. The IMF and World Bank are corrupt because they were initially funded by the Rothschilds and the Rothschilds basically own the the IMF and the World Bank. Thus they will always be corrupt. My thoughts are the Rothschilds and NWO are behind and using Karen to try and get Karen to sell a one currency world as if this new currency would be some sort of good for humanity currency. Of course we know if there is a one currency world the Rothschilds will be behind it and it will be horrible for humanity and all countries will forfeit their solvency to the Rothschild Banksters. Karen is a little accurate on a few positions. Snowden. The NWO was worried some of their people did not know they were being listened to and Snowden warned them as much as he warned you and me. I’ve read the Golden Lily gold is used to fund dirty deeds for the Banksters to take over the world. So far the Banksters fund and control most all sides fighting wars so the verdict is not in on whether on not Putin is in on the Ukraine mess. Hope he’s not. Hope the BRICS hate the Israeli run Fed half as much as I do. Believe in letting gold and silver reach their correct level without being price fixed down. 

  16. Hudes reminds me of Marx, Groucho Marx.  
    “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. If you don’t like it, I’ll get another story”

    • Gotta love Groucho.  My favorite quote from him was something like, “I wouldn’t have anything to do with an organization that would have me as a member”.  lol   Good stuff.

    • ”Alright, THAT’S IT!”

      ”Ed and AG?  I want BOTH of youse guys in my office (Principal) right now!”

      ”Don’t forget to get a Hall Pass first…if you boys continue these shenanigans you’ll be in detention and forced to watch an entire hour of Jim Cramer…WITHOUT COMMERCIALS!”

  17. Please balance the audio levels.  I can barely hear Bill and have to quickly jam down the volume for when the Doc talks (way too loud).

  18. Who can remember last year when Jim Sinclair was predicting BIG things would happen around late March 2013!, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd NOTHING happened, this will be NO different. Sooooooooooo over it.

  19. OK class, let’s begin with….The Truth:

    Any questions?

  20. Hey hey hey TheRedPill,
     the dog ate my homework, Edb did it, my limo didn’t arrive on time, my car ran out gas, I forgot it was Sunday, a friend came  to town, it wasn’t meeeeeeeeeeeee.  
    It’s not over TheRedPill.
     It wasn’t over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.   
    It wasn’t over when the Rothschilds formed the Fed
    It wasn’t over when Chilton said there was not silver manipulation

    It’s not over until I say it’s over.
    Uh, I just watched your video

    Maybe it is over.
    Nope, KLUMMAC can kiss my a**
    Watch ‘The 300′. That’ll grow some stones on ya.
    Molon Labe

  21. One more thing.
    As this video notes:  If the Chinese people and central banks are buying gold and silver BUTTBHOF and the Russians are doing the same, and there has to be a large contingent of these people who know the jig-jog is up, and are buying precious metals as life boats.  That is the canary in the minefield IMO

  22. what’s the deal with only playing the interviews in the left ear? commercials in the right, interview in the left.
    sort of drives me nuts. I know, its a free podcast, but still.

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