Bill Murphy Vanessa ColletteGATA’s Bill Murphy sat down with Lauren Lyster 2.0 (Vanessa Collette) at last week’s Silver Summit in Spokane, Washington to discuss the metals and market manipulation.
When pressed by Collette for hard evidence of market manipulation, Murphy lays out 15 years of credible evidence demonstrating that gold and silver manipulation is hardly a conspiracy theory.

GATA’s Bill Murphy at the Silver Summit with Vanessa Collette is below:

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  1. Have I missed anything in the last week or so???
    Back from the real world. ;)
    Ok, first up, this lady is no Lauren Lyster. She obviously doesn’t know what she’s asking, I’m 3 mins in. But she’s pretty good eye candy!
    Lauren was very knowledgeable. Where has she gone?
    Having been away for a while. I am of the feeling even more than ever that here at SD we are a minute band of renegades. This is going to last a lot longer that I have generally thought and I can see more of this manipulation down – especially when Mr Yellen increases the FEDs monthly purchases!!!*
    * I am often very good at predicting the opposite of what happens ;)
    Keep stacking guys and girls. Every ounce counts.
    PS. I like Bill – ‘It’s was like pulling teeth, now it’s like pulling less teeth!’ Ain’t that right.

    • @undeRGRound
      Lol RGR – Cold shower time ;)
      How you doing bro?
      Sounds like I’ve missed a lot of action. Gold just above $1300, Silver back under $22. Finland admitting leasing 50% of their gold and the other 50% being ‘housed’ at the BoE. SAE production about to shut down for 5 weeks!  I’m hoping this continues as I’d like to take a boat ride in a few weeks, if possible! And poor old Jeffrey Christian looks like a complete cock again!!! LMAO. I’ve only been away for a week and a bit!!!

  2. Vanessa Collette is a honey. Lauren is @ yahoo now which I believe is a huge mistake except for own pocket I guess. You need to go to RT, they have way more dumb chicks there. x:p

    Bill’s comments are always great, but Vanessa is trying.

  3. @digi
    Yes you are right, I’ve been a little too hard on her (I wish ;) ). She’s very stilted though, just reading her questions. Lauren Lyster is a fox, but really knows her stuff too.
    Plenty of dumb on RT male and female, save Max and Stacey, though CNBC takes the biscuit. That’s a comedy channel right there.

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