At the conclusion of this week’s G-20 meeting hosted by Russia, President Valdimir Putin held a press conference.  It’s not unusual for minor discrepancies to exist when different translators prepare documents and broadcast audio translations.  However, there are significant discrepancies between the official transcript (reproduced below) and a portion of the conference that was broadcast and translated by Euronews.
These obvious discrepancies are not small.  We feel it is important to make this discovery more broadly available to the media so that a full review by investigators fluent in both languages might take place.
Click here for more from TND on the significant differences between Putin’s speech and the official transcript:

War Bird


    This is completely off topic. However, I would like to point out Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant that has been critical for sometime. Yet the   powers that be would like to spread the radiation all over the world to reduce the population. Huh no brainer. Boycott those Olympics! Madrid would have been the choice.. This is what happens when you have a central bank. BOJ print print and print.

    All you water born athletes. Need to wake up. How many mili-rims and rims are the people, being exposed too? Just think about this. 

    • There is nothing stopping athletes from boycotting the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.  I understand the years they have dedicated to their sports but there are times when one must choose between that which is right and that which is easy.  This could well be one of those times.
      Agree on Madrid.  Tokyo is hideously expensive to visit.  A lot of people who could afford to travel to Madrid to watch the games there might not be able to afford the MUCH higher prices in Tokyo.  Dumb move, IMO.

  2. So our president sez
    They’re killing innocent people over there
    The American people ask ‘what should we do/”
    Prez sez  We’ll go and kill a bunch of innocent people over there
    We have a new WMD. 
    The Ambiguity Bomb. 
    When its dropped, you assume the same condition at Schroedinger’s Cat.  Maybe alive; maybe dead. 
     I bet the Syrian people can’t wait for that one.
    Assad said he will respond with the Hummus Bomb  Death by mashed chickpeas.

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