ChiltonBart Chilton provided Friday humor a little early yesterday on Bloomberg: “If you don’t want consumers protected, fine, fire us all, shut us down.
If you want the markets safe, secure, efficient, and effective, that helps markets and consumers, you’ve got to keep us on the job.”

Chilton’s full Bloomberg interview on why strong regulators (an oxy-moron if we’ve ever heard one) are needed is below:

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  1. Consumers protected?  BY WHOM?  The government?  OR…  FROM WHOM?  The government!
    I vote we fire them all… and then disband the agency.  PERIOD!  This would, in my mind, be the SINGLE BIGGEST consumer protection step we could take!

  2. Oh come on! These pricks couldn’t regulate an oven.
    That includes the waste of space Chilton, 5 years investigating
    silver, all the while ignoring proven evidence from many
    intelligent people in the business.
    In earlier times the tumbrels would already be on the streets.

  3. Wow. In light of the CFTC having no enforcement on regulations, he has some nerve making these kinds of comments.
    He has no credibility whatsoever, and is lying through his teeth. A total embarrassment as a “regulator”.

    • This is similar to the FED’s statements about tapering. John Williams called this Jaw Boning since all they could really do at this point is talk tough and have their bought-and-paid lame stream media establishments continue to repeat this statement for months like a mockingbird.  Bart reminds me of the same ploy.  There’s nothing there except tough talk.  He’s just Jaw Boning. 

  4. Britain’s black marketeers could do with Chilton’s services: he can help the police investigate the cash sale of copper ripped out from the railway lines. Give him five years and we’ll see what he can find.

    • WHOLLY CHIT Bart, should you not be on the Simpsons.  That Bart could probably do a lot better for a lot less. WTF do we pay this idiot?  He dresses nice?  He needs to be pushing a shopping cart with all his worldly possession it in, in search of a refridge box to spend the night in………wow, what chutzpah……..
      Statements like that make me want to write Congress and tell then NOT to take their foot off the OXYGEN HOSE………

  5. all these mainstream sources be they news, finance or politics are unvarnished lies peddled to a mass of decreasing acolytes incapable of critical thinking.
    the carousel is slowing down but I’ll be damned if I ever thought it would take this long.

  6. Protecting us from those rouge traders making a few 100K on inside info, while the rest of the country gets ripped off by the chosen ones.  Yup, like the town cop who only writes tickets for J-Walking, and nothing else all day long, while the residents deal with nightly robberies.

  7. Bart Shillton. What a joke this guy is. He thinks he can help regulate trillions on an exchange when this sorry excuse of a human being can’t even regulate his own personal appearance. Look at that haircut! If someone showed up at my door wanting to work for me for FREE with a haircut like that I’d send them the other way. This guy probably can’t even remember the last time he did something productive. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he has mirrors all over his office and spends 9 out of every 10 seconds looking at and combing his effeminate hair. The first question that each person answers who steps foot into his office, is “How does my hair look?”. He looks (and probably acts) like something out of a Will Ferrell movie. You just can’t make this $hit up.

    • Who has the power? They haven’t done anything of substance since the 2008 meltdown. The Dodd Frank provisions passed in 2009, or whenever it was, have never been enacted and enforced, especially the position limits.
      As usual when it comes to this topic, you are sadly mistaken. The Banksters are running the show. Gov’t agencies like the SEC and CFTC are doing nothing, and Congress is asleep at the wheel.

    • cftc reauthorization is about to change the way the commodity exchange act has been interpreted for decades due to a sudden change of opinion of the act, all in the name of customer protections.  That will likely end up doubling margin requirements on everyone, and ironically, will likely mean those buyers of US debt who hedge their risk in futures mparkets will have an increased cost of doing biz, and therefore will pay less for the debt.
      Most of dodd frank has been fully enacted. We are in compliance with dodd frank at our company,  All others we transact with are as well, including some big time players in agriculture (not financial) mkts.  If you have any friends working for a company impacted by dodd frank ask them if they are just ‘ignoring’ it.I don’t think you’ll find that is the case. But please, report back!

      They have the power. If you think otherwise you are living in fairy world,

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