French People Choose QE: Socialist Francois Hollande Wins French Presidency

The French people have chosen QE to Infinity.   Socialist Francois Hollande has won the country’s presidential election.  Hollande has promised to reverse ‘austerity’ measures with massive fiscal stimulus.

French socialist Francois Hollande has won a clear victory in the country’s presidential election.

Mr Hollande – who got an estimated 52% of votes in Sunday’s run-off – said the French had chosen “change”.

Admitting defeat, centre-right incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy wished “good luck” to Mr Hollande.

Analysts say the vote has wide implications for the whole eurozone. Mr Hollande has vowed to rework a deal on government debt in member countries.

He said he would push ahead with his pledge to refocus EU fiscal efforts from austerity to “growth”.

“Europe is watching us, austerity can no longer be the only option,” he said.

The socialist candidate has promised to raise taxes on big corporations and people earning more than 1m euros a year.

He wants to raise the minimum wage, hire 60,000 more teachers and lower the retirement age from 62 to 60 for some workers.

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  1. Okay….well here we go.

    Best to you  France. 

    You were there for us at Yorktown for us.

    We were there for you at Normandy.

    You loved Frankln; We weren’t too cracked up about X Y Z, but I’d sure love to snuggle up with a sexy French Lady sometime and work on our communication skills….. 



  2. The Dictator: Congratulations to Francoise Hollandaise on your victory over a midget. The only French President I will recognize is Dominique Strauss-Kahn.  lol

  3. WHOA! EURO 1.2958 NOW

  4. All joking aside this could really change the world as we know it. I’m really not concerned now if silver goes up or down and I’ll still be stacking but I believe it’s going to cost us big time in the long run and lots of hardships down the road.

    If Hollande is allowed to do the things he said he would during his campaign then things are going to be different in Europe and god help us because I see US bailing the Europeans out of the mess it’s going to be in.

    Europe will be a Welfare State   Stack! Stack! Stack!


  5. While I’m not suprised Mr hollande won the election, it brings up the question of cans being kicked down the road and a tougher situation for the French people a few years from now. The ‘system” in France has been one of the more socialist societies in western europe.  On the other side of the coin, the french people have never been ones to submit to what they perceive as oppression. Increased socialism+ growth don’t typically go hand in hand very well. This will be very interesting to watch. Not only for france but Europe and by extension, the rest of the world.

  6. The slo-mo train wreck just got a bit more interesting with this and Greece’s results today. 

  7. It’s so hard to stop sucking on the nipple. Maybe they want to do what the U.S. is doing. If everything is going to collaps, spend to the end. 


  9. He says he’s gonna rework a deal with the Euro countries… Meaning plain and simply he gonna delay the entire process and the inevitable collapse… And apparently set the country up for an even bigger let down and harder collapse… Just what the country needs… I wonder if the people have any clue what they are truly in for…

  10. I’m sure the bankers are gonna have a “nice” meeting with Mr. Hollande real soon. What he is proposing is stupid, but he’ll either have to follow austerity or France will have to leave the Euro. The banks aren’t gonna let France leave the Euro.

  11. Long Silver – Long Gold – Short everything else.

  12. I wonder if the people have any clue what they are truly in for…”

    Nah, you don’t REALLY wonder that do you, Danno?  ;-)

    It’s pretty clear that they are heading over the cliff… but they WILL have government-supplied bread, wine, and cheese for the trip.  Like American socialists, they do not care if the bus hurtles into the abyss as long as they get to drive for a while before that happens.

  13. Isn’t that the truth Ed B….

  14. This is good for us silver bugs, because while they dine and wine on the illusion of fiat based wealth like the whore of Babylon, we will continue to stack phyzz. It is sad, but they only have themselves to blame for what’s coming. 

  15. Hmmm. I wonder. Is France just like the US? Does it really make any difference who’s the el presidente? Aren’t all politicians in the US and Europe owned by the banks? 

    We shall see.
  16. Reply to “Not Sure”: Well, yes, but in this case, France has voted themselves more govt dependency, not less. If this happened to the US, it would be like electing Ed Shultz or Rachael Madcow after 4 years of Obama.

    Going even farther left will accelerate their problems.


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