Doc’s Deal of the Day:
Free s/h on 1/10th oz Gold Maples at SDBullion!

Use Coupon Code MaplesFreeShipping at checkout!

  1. @underground , that is a nice coin, but who is that ghastly-looking old hag on the obverse?
    All kidding aside – those who believe Gold will do the moonshot some day may find it prudent to stack 1/10 fractionals such as this.  Because when it comes time to sell, more people will be able to afford $1,000 for a 1/10-oz coin than $10,000 for a 1-oz coin.

    • That is a great plan! I almost pulled the trigger on a fractional AU Piece in December, but I got my Valcambi Combi-Bar ;)
      Doc’s premiums on this are about as low as I have seen… Props, Doc! 

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