France Goes to the Polls: Sarkozy or Hollande?

We should know in the next few hours whether France has re-elected Nicolas Sarkozy, or newcomer Francois Hollande.
Hollande, the front-runner, has promised to reverse France’s austerity measures, and RAMP UP THE STIMULUS SPENDING….which should please Germany immensely.

The Euro-zone debt crisis is about to get even more interesting.


  1. Hay Doc, The first post that that picks the winner gets the panther I won

  2. Hollande for the WIIIIINNNN!!!  :)

  3. Sarkozy

  4. I have a feeling Hollande is going to win but I had no other choice LMAO

  5. Might be a great week to STACK—if you can find anyone to buy from.
    Still expecting the “Mother Of All Pullbacks”
    These elections along with CME Margin weirdness—-have that sinking
    feeling, like I’m gonna be in the principals office and receive a HARD
    Well they were actually called Hacks, back then….
  6. Good times, deer and fears.

  7. Marchas45,

    We will see, I know I made it a fast draw contest. You still have a 50/50 chance right. However isn’t there more candidates?
  8. The little Sarkozy interlude does not bode well for France if Hollande is elected (pretty much a given)  More socialism and tax rates as high as 75% will further damage the French economy, hurt banks already leveraged to 100 to 1 capital ratios and the French get the purple nurple from the Germans when Merkel and her crew take Germany into  the  new Northern Euro bloc, leaving France to fail as a member of the southern Euro block. 

    France means something as an economic bloc in Euro and as a large world GDP member.   Hollande will not be helpful to the European problem but the European problem is beyond solving by any one Socialist French president.  All that electioneering is just noise.  Europe will either fail by bond default or continental hyperinflation. Germany is wise to take the bond loss hits and get out of the way when the the PIIGS fail.  Germany will have a heck of a recession, losing their largest export markets but China could pick up some of the slack as could India and other Asian countries. Germany might even be wise to join the BRICS since Putin is getting pretty cosy with German, with a velvet glove and lots of withheld natural resources if Merkel does not play nice.   He plays for keeps and Germany is a choice prize.  Russia would be a great market for German goods too boot. 

  9. If Hollande wins and reverses the austerity, I think a lot of the other PIIG countries may just follow suit after a brief delay and a few cabinet meetings. Germany will likely become somewhat isolated as the other countries begin to turn on them for fostering such hard measures while Germany basks in a much better economy. AGX could be right. If Germany begins to feel the pressure they may not have any recourse other than to join the BRICS countries. Going to be an intriguing few weeks.

  10. Marchas45,

    We will see, I know I made it a fast draw contest. You still have a 50/50 chance right. However isn’t there more candidates?
    I Don’t Believe So…..  If you want to put it towards another contest that would include more paticipants then I’m all for it.  By the way, great gesture on your part.
    P.S. If I win it I will put it back up.
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  12. Right On! Marchas45 That what we will all need to do and learn with the coming times. To always try to help others.

  13. I like the idea JMAC5150- the mint cost of producing a unique round design/ pattern is ~ $3,000- $5,000, so we would have to sell quite a few just to break even however. 
    We have thought about it in the past, but cost just seemed to prohibitive. 
    Something to keep in mind for sure.  Anyone else interested in SD rounds?

  14. Hay Doc, How about some 1oz Hand pour Hand stamped. That would be way cool. Available to contest winners only. Get a Engelhard or JM 100 oz bar, APMEX shot would be a good choice.

  15. Hey 427. That’s mighty kind of you to give up the Panther. SilverOne jumped right on that and I think you’ll have your winner in another hour or two. I can’t agree with Marchas45 but coined him ’cause he was definitely a quick draw McGraw.

  16. 427 I don’t like either of them, but will go with Sarkozy for a chance to adopt your Panther.

  17. Wall Street Journal just announced that Sorkozy just conceded the election to Hollande  Silver One just bagged a panther. 

  18. Socialist Francois Hollande has been elected as France’s new president. READ MORE

    He got about 52% of votes in Sunday’s run-off, according to
    early projections, against 48% for centre-right incumbent Nicolas

    Mr Sarkozy has admitted defeat, saying: “Francois Hollande is the president of France and he must be respected.”

    Analysts say the vote has wide implications for the whole
    eurozone. Mr Hollande has vowed to rework a deal on government debt in
    member countries. He wants to raise the minimum wage, hire 60,000 more teachers and lower the retirement age from 62 to 60 for some workers.


  20. Hollande’s win is the Beginning of the END for Europe.

    Creeping socialism has taken it’s toll on what’s left of the private sector strangling it’s growth potential. There is no way out for citizen’s who can’t find decent jobs. “Solutions” of stimulating the private sector are too late when the average citizen can vote themselves increased govt assistance.

    Instead of a trend toward reversing the destruction of socialism, Europe will now go further left as short-term “solutions of govt handouts” triumph over the notion of “saving nations from chaos”.

    As a result, guys like Hollande win. The common man needs to put food on the table. He must think survival—and vote for short term fixes.

    This is the reason why socialism accelerates toward the end before an inevitable country’s collapse. There will soon be no one left to pay the bills.

    Excerpt From Recent Article:
    Despite Nicolas Sarkozy’s much needed bump in the polls, it was François
    Hollande who was making the headlines in response to his shock proposal
    to introduce a 75% income tax bracket on annual earnings of more than

    These figures will certainly do nothing to attract back some of France’s
    300,000 expatriated citizens, many of whom are young and influential
    entrepreneurs already inhabited in London, chary of French red tape and
    overbearing bureaucracy.

    Unsurprisingly, high-earners from successful artists and glitzy
    footballers, to wealthy entrepreneurs have all shuddered at the tax,
    warning of a mass exodus of the rich from French shores.”

  21. Miranda Likes to Indulge on Fatty French Fries

  22. It is surely going to be interesting with Hollande at the steer.

  23. Yep, they are all smiles in France…. today….

  24. lol Me too.

  25. Euro Falls to Three-Week Low After Hollande Wins French Election

    “May 7
    (Bloomberg) — The euro fell to a three-week low as French Socialist
    Francois Hollande was elected President and Greek voters flocked to
    anti-bailout parties, stoking concern austerity efforts in Europe may be

    Europe’s shared currency extended last week’s drop, the biggest in a month.

    he euro
    declined to $1.3047 at 5:18 a.m. Sydney time. It fell 1.3 percent last
    week, the most since the five days ended April 6. The common currency
    was at 104.18 yen, from 104.49 yen, dropping 1.8 percent last week. The
    dollar was little changed against the yen at 79.84.

    Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi forecasts the euro will
    depreciate to $1.25 over the next three to six months and then to $1.20
    over the next year, Hardman said.” The dollar was little changed
    against the yen at 79.84. READ MORE

  26. Chart of the Initial Drop in Euro:

  27. The Dollar Index is Trading at 79.76—Looks Like Gold and Silver Should Open Down at 3pm (6pm EST)

  28.  Jake the coin meister.   You hit the nail on the head  The French will never give up their cushy life even as the ship sinks.  Hollande somehow thinks that going back to the way things were, with short work hours, huge taxes, more public servants and an earlier retirement age will fix things.  This is what is and was destroying Greece.  The muslim multitudes are restive.   With a dramatic decrease in their lifestyles as the recession grinds against their poverty, this  will cause some serious civil unrest this year and next.  The French may have elected a politician who will give them a brief economic honeymoon but the realities of the Spanish collapse and French recession will thrown a bucket of cold vichysoise on that warm feeling.  I fear for the French and what they are about to receive.  Hollande is nothing more than another techo-drone member of the management class much like Monti, Draghi and Legarde

  29. Hey 427. That’s mighty kind of you to give up the Panther. SilverOne jumped right on that and I think you’ll have your winner in another hour or two. I can’t agree with Marchas45 but coined him ’cause he was definitely a quick draw McGraw.


    Thanks a lot 2oz I’m not always right but when I am, Please give me credit. LMAO

  30. Merkel has no relationship with this guy Hollande and never will. When German citizens start to really feel the pain of inflation, they’ll drop Merkel like a hot potato. Like I say, this seems to be the REAL beginning of the end. It doesn’t take very long to spend someone else’s money when there are no consequences.

    Hollande wants no accountability—He’s figured out how to get elected—that’s all. His short honeymoon of giveaways will soon run out–then what?

    Well, The Inevitable—Inflated Prices—Bail Outs—Business Failures —And Riots in Cell Block No. 9

    Dr Feel Goode’s Version:

  31. Merkel’s Less than Super SundayFor Chancellor, Torturous Months Lie Ahead

    A Commentary By Roland Nelles

    “German Chancellor Angela Merkel can’t be pleased about François Hollande’s election victory,…”

    “The outcome of the French presidential election has the potential to
    determine the future of the entire continent. And the Greek vote could
    well decide what will happen to the euro.”

    “He wants economic stimulus programs, she wants budget discipline.”

    “…there will be some embarrassing moments when she meets Hollande the first few times.”

    “The coming months will be torturous for Merkel’s coalition.”

    “…if the economy slows down, many will start to ask whether the government
    really has everything under control. That will be the opposition’s
    hour. It always has been — in Germany, in France, in Europe. François
    Hollande has proven that once again.”


  32. EURO 1.29 Here We Come!

  33. This is going to be interesting no matter WHO wins, what with Greece all but assured to have a non-austerity / non-bailout group in charge.

  34. Ok so silverone won the panther!! I have been out al day I’ll let the Doc know. Silverone you will need to send The Doc your address and such

  35. Fire up the Euro printer and break out the bankruptcy papers!!! Hell the FED should join them since our printer doesn’t shut off anyway… Maybe we could get a 2 for 1 deal on the bankruptcy… Break out the sleds… Shit gonna run down real quick…

  36. Thanks 2oz just saw your post. No bigie just spreading the action. 

    Danno maybe the Fed could just print the euro then we do not have to send our fake a$$ dollars there.
  37. Looks like QR will win this round. Not looking good for the Euro.

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