silver crashFormer World Bank Senior Counsel and whistleblower Karen Hudes has an amazing revelation about secret U.S. gold.
Hudes says, “We’ve been offered, the United States, 170,500 metric tons of gold on deposit in the bank of Hawaii to underpin our currency which is about to crash. The Federal Reserve Notes are unconstitutional, and we don’t have to pay interest on our debt, and we don’t have to have debt for that matter.
What does Hudes say to her skeptics that doubt her story of 170,500 tons of gold in Hawaii? Hudes says, “I say you are totally kept in the dark and that the mainstream media is controlled by this network of control that is totally documented by the Federal Institute of Technology. You really ought to chide yourself that you are deliberately kept in the dark. So, you shouldn’t be surprised that the world’s wealth is hidden from you when so much else is hidden from you.”

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  1. Don’t know about them 170k tons of gold in Hawaii, but all I can see is that our good friend Max Keiser just fucked a bunch of good people yet again with his Bitcoin call.  I am sure, everyone who has invested in bitcoin is feeling quite liberated now.  I mean liberated from extra cash.  Kind of same way when Max was crashing JP Morgan.
    I am so glad I did not buy into this bitcoin scam and it ‘a bout time this P.O.S. did the famous “S.T.F.U. MAX KEISER”.  
    Or better yet, Max can do his famous “hey, I am a worm, buy some bitcoin” and crawl back in the pooper.  

    • Bitcoin has been a tremendous investment for those who got in early and rode it all the way up.  But it was doomed once the MSM picked up on it.
      Does anybody remember when Time Magazine had that 2005 cover photo showing the man hugging his house, with the accompanying story on just how great of an investment real estate was?
      That was the ‘Sell-Signal’ for housing, just as Bitcoin’s ‘Sell-Signal’ was when it landed front and center on the news stage.
      So keep your eyes peeled for a Time Magazine cover showing someone hugging a bar of Silver (or Gold).
      That will be when you want to sell.

    • @volkssturm
      I am just curious, when the banksters crash all paper currencies and the PM will not be available (not to say that I trust the content of what we call today gold and silver bullions or coins) what do you think the majority of suddenly woken up people are supposed to do? I would definitely want to own Bitcoin at that moment over any coloured toilet paper, called fiat currency. And there is close to dozen reasons for doing so.  

    • @LexLuthor
      I am not sure where you are getting your statistics from. If we look at the facts, not emotions, we are going to se that since Bitcoin was released in 2009 it’s valuation in dollars and gold went up. On the other hand ever since the Federal Reserve Note was release it’s value went down 97%. So I am not quite sure which crash you were talking about.

    • Dude, don’t play stupid. Most of the people entered Bitcoin well above $500 when it was pumped by scumbags like Max Keiser. And the road is all downwards from here on because the World seems to run out of brainless idiots. Or maybe there is still one left…

    • @PrometeyBezkrilov 
      I agree with your remarks but if you can’t buy blackmarket items conveniently or have it backed by heroin, what is the appeal to bitcoin now? 
      It may have finite quantity but what would stop multiple cryptocurrency makers in the future? Could the Silk Road just find alternative makers?
      From a PM standpoint, no one mentions the positive that people want alternatives to major currencies. Too bad their first alternative of choice isn’t PM though!

    • From a letter I wrote to a friend who asked about my take on Hudes after seeing the interview with Greg Hunter:
      Oh Lordy!!!

      Where in the world do I start with Karen Hudes???  I could do a 2 hour radio rant on that interview she did with Greg Hunter alone, and probably barely hit second gear!!!  Geez!!!

      Karen Hudes sorta ‘magically’ appeared out of nowhere back in the late summer or early fall last year and came out with all these really amazing assertions and claimed an inside position as an economist and a high-up in the World Bank legal staff which made her privy to all these amazing factoids.  When I first heard her, I thought, “Where the hell did this shill come from and, perhaps more importantly, why NOW?  (back in the summer and early fall last year.)

      My first reaction was to ask, “If she is such a high-up and this stuff is so high-power, then why is she still alive?  Why hasn’t she had a ‘wetwork’ (assassination) team dispatched to shut her up?   Well, it seemed obvious to me that it’s because she’s a disinfo agent.  And, as time went on, I came to a point where listening to her exasperated me!!!

      Trying to explain the ‘phenomenon’ she is, to me, is akin to trying to mold a rigid part out of warm jello!  I don’t even know where to begin!  LOL!

      As an example, here we are watching gold make a bottom and this woman is now out claiming there is another 170,000 mt (metric tonnes) of gold hidden away in the world for safekeeping by the World Bank and IMF for the benefit of all the people of the world???

      Ok. Well, first, this alleged 170,000 mt of gold that is supposedly held ‘safely’ by the World Bank and the IMF in so-called “collateral” accounts for the benefit of the world’s population???   WTF????   The World Bank and IMF are creations of the GLOBALIST CRIMINAL CABAL!!!!  They are the BLACK HATS Kids!!!!    They aren’t interesting in benefiting ANYONE except the global megabankers!!!   At least in this interview Karen FINALLY acknowledged that the gold supposedly stored in Hawaii wasn’t real gold itself, but rather ‘gold certificates.”  She claimed the gold is in a safe location that she and some others know…   Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!!!  Can you say “Counterparty Risk?”   Then, HA!  Listen to her at 17:26 say, “Either we take back OUR gold or… we can kiss ourselves goodbye.”  Well, Lady, WHICH IS IT??  Do you HAVE the gold in safekeeping, or do we ‘need to take it back?’

      (Actually, there is a body of chatter out in the internet that these assets do exist, you can search NESARA to get some data on it and folks like David Wilcock and others say it’s real, but years ago, Chapman and I were very skeptical and I STILL am very skeptical!!!)

      The Globalist shill organization known as the “World Gold Council” states that the total above-ground gold supply today is about 170,000 mt.  Now this woman has come out spouting that there’s another 170,000 mt out there that (obviously) isn’t a part of the WGC counts… well, think about this for a moment.  If you wanted to suppress the interest in gold in this country, all you’d need to do is say it’s only half as rare, and, hence, only half as valuable per ounce as everyone was led to believe it is, and, Presto!  You now have more propagandist lies helping depress the interest and demand in gold and now you don’t have to work so hard to keep the price under control!   Well-sung soprano there, Karen Hudes!  Bravissimo.

      She’s obviously listened to many of the same sources I have over the past 6 months, but geez, she has some really wacky ways of putting the pieces together.  She has some facts accurate and some others are just freakin’ off the wall…

      The nuclear bombs off South Carolina appears to have been a very true and real occurrence where, at the last minute some real unsung heroes in the US Military diverted the weapons away from CONUS to go off several hundred miles off the SC coast well off the continental shelf instead of going off in Charleston harbor.  The two military guys she speaks of are true heroes who, of course, were summarily fired by the Obama Administration for alleged ‘ethical’ violations…

      Karen says “we” are winning as if by concerted efforts of good people behind the scenes.  And while I know there are some really good ‘White Hat’ folks trying to trim-tab the situation to the side of right and good, the real truth is the Globalists are shooting themselves in the foot nearly every day now as they have entered the stage of their plan I once called the “Chaos Phase” where not even they can control events — because the madness and human unpredictability has gone so far beyond even their most outrageous ’50+ years of Think Tank modeling of outcomes’  that there’s nothing for anyone to do except hang on to something solid and wait for the lee side of the hurricane to blow through!  This does make sense as the people of the world would see what was being done and react in ways to counter it which, by definition, would be unpredictable. 

      HA!  Do you remember when you and I were ruminating about the eerie calm and quiet back around the holidays???  I said that there was a lot going on behind the scenes?  Well, here we are into the ‘Chaos Phase’ now and the only thing to do is Buckle the Hell up and hang on for Dear Life!   LOL!  Keep some extra food and bottled water in the pantry, some extra cash available and the car gas tank filled  and have perhaps an extra full 5 gallon gas can for another couple hundred miles in that Prius of yours and then, with all that in place, just go about living your life!!!

      When I listen to Karen’s explanations of the relationship between gold and the potential for a currency collapse, she shows a failure to understand the true dynamics in play there.  Her grasp of the GeoPolitics at work in that power game is either spot on and I’m ignorant for not understanding the obvious or… perhaps I know enough to be able to parse her ignorance and be a bit relieved that she’s either a disinfo shill or, some sort of con artist who has somehow convinced people she’s the real McCoy.  I am reminded that the best propaganda has a 95% truth content for credibility while the payload 5% leverages that credibility to be accepted.  In this case, I think Hudes is trying to make the IMF and the World Bank into the good guys for when the IMF fires off the global currency reset and the second thing she’s trying to do is to disparage gold buying by Americans by convincing everyone it’s not as scarce or as useful as it really is….

      So… that’s my executive summary on Karen Hudes.  I will give her that she’s entertaining to listen to and she does kinda help me solidify views on things I see via what she leaves in the unspoken.  So, in that way, she’s useful for me to hear.

    • I’m right there with Big Giant.
      I’ve really tried to like/listen to this lady. But have reluctantly concluded that she is a sandwich short of being a full picnic basket.
      There isn’t hardly enough time to put into good information; By necessity have put her into a group that includes Max Keiser and Alex Jones (lol or Wynter Benton)— being, ‘Not Worth a Lick.’

    • I’m pretty sure that I have a better chance of winning a multi-million dollar lotto prize than we do of there being an extra 170k tons of gold laying around, not to mention that it is being held by TPTB in a secure location for the benefit of the people of the world.  BS is not that hard to detect for anyone with a nose… and this story stinks big-time!

    • I agree with your statement. Sure there could be this 170,000 tons, but the chances may be very small. If you look at the international scene with all the shenanigans involving minor amounts (relative to this supposed 170,000 tons) of gold such as the the failed repatriotion of Germany’s gold etc., this alone tells you that this 170,000 tons is probably not there.  What I think is this: While I feel Karen Hudes is well knowledged with experience, she somewhere mentioned this 170,000 tons mistakenly (referring to total world gold which is est. at 170,000 tons) and is committed to it to save face. The 170,000 tons is very likely all the above ground gold they can account for which is 5 billion troy ounces. What supports my view is that in her last interview with Greg Hunter, she got cornered somewhere and indicated that the 170,000 tons was actually a certificate held in Hawaii that controlled this gold somehow. In any event, with all due respect to Karen Hudes, her interviews do definitely have some good points.

    • I actually really feel sorry for Karen Hudes …
      She obviously has an empowerment delusion where she has constructed an imaginary coherent structure of benevolence in the world, whilst completely and naively ignoring the realities of what the Financial screw job really means … or she is a Mockingbird.
      So it’s not REAL Gold in Hawaii, just a Certificate/s owned by the ‘International Community’ by authority of the COMBINED INTERNATIONAL COLLATERAL ACCOUNT ???
      Anyone who has not come across this Collateral Account rubbish on the web, and I advise you all not to waste too much of your time looking at it, will realize it is just a delusion created by people who don’t understand what the IMF/World Bank Collateral Accounts actually are.
      This is simply IMF deposits and relic agreements of the old Bretton Woods System that were made rather defunct in 1971 when Nixon basically crapped all over the Gold peg agreement, and national Fiat began free floating … the SDR’s were simply disregarded by most countries as they are not even backed by a Taxable Revenue stream, they are simply Leger Credits/Debits.
      I have a great idea;
      Why don’t we all make believe that there is a 175,000 MT 99.99pure Gold Asteroid flying around ‘somewhere’ in space, and we can just write a Certificate for it and transfer percentages of it around on a Leger between countries in order to save the world??? C’mon, it’s for the good of humanity!!!
      We can call it HIGH STORAGE (instead of Deep Storage), and as long as we all accept it as legitimate the Fractional Reserve Prison known as Planet Earth can continue to function for Bankers only, because ‘he who controls the accepted Leger controls the world’, because unless you have access to Numbers from the Leger, you are still dirt poor or robbed by those who have a monopoly/license on the Numbers.
      I’m getting quite sick of the delusions and BS that circulates on the Web … the price we all pay for free speech I guess. 
      Greg Hunter would do well to not expose his credibility to Mockingbird activity … and Hudes should take her pills.
      She also apparently blew the whistle about ISON/Nibiru (which should be enough evidence for Hunter to determine her credibility).

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “…I have a great idea;
      Why don’t we all make believe that there is a 175,000 MT 99.99pure Gold Asteroid flying around ‘somewhere’ in space, and we can just write a Certificate for it and transfer percentages of it around on a Leger between countries in order to save the world??? C’mon, it’s for the good of humanity!!!”
      Heh heh, who’s to say the bankers haven’t already done this???  As you  said, (and I paraphrase – LOL!)  “C’mon, it’s for the good of THE BANKERS!!!”
      I don’t feel sorry for Karen Hudes because I really think she’s a mockingbird… so she knows what she’s doing… sadly, she reminds me a bit of Catherine Austin Fitts in her apparent failure to understand how the system really works today in getting caught up in her pollyanna complex.  Trouble is, Catherine should KNOW better… so that points to another mockingbird…
      The one I’m embarrassed for is Greg Hunter.  But, maybe all those CNN reports were KoolAid hallucinations and he’s having flashbacks….  :(

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “I have a great idea;  Why don’t we all make believe that there is a 175,000 MT 99.99pure Gold Asteroid flying around ‘somewhere’ in space…”
      Actually, that IS a terrific idea and is more likely true than not.  In fact, it is quite possible that there are multiple asteroids out there that contain millions of tons of gold, silver, and platinum.  But the cost of the freight is tremendous.  ;-)

    • @Sovereign Economist
      Agreed, we should all feel really sorry for Greg… I got the impression he was just humoring her, especially at the end when he ‘thanked her very much’ for her opinion. The sad thing is that she is talking about a serious topic and making real truth sound ridiculous … I mean, the bit about the Monet painting etc… being the ‘property of Humanity’ is just so stupid I don’t know where to begin, especially since luxury goods really are not that important in a situation where underlying industry needs to be represented in the VALUE part of the Economic Unit. Look at those damn Francis Bacon paintings the other day that made a record sale, and tell me that it doesn’t represent purely how detached and speculative world finance has become. These are all clear indications that we are in the last stages before a DEEP Depression … these kind of stupid prices for rubbish were a highlight of the Roaring 20′s at the top end of the Class Scale, and then reality kicked in and the vast majority of the civilization payed the price for the reckless speculation of the few. Karen Hudes by using the painting as an example indicates squarely that her grasp on the actual problem with the world economy is in retard territory; no wonder she worked at the globalist World Bank, it must be a prerequisite that a person have lukewarm common sense and be naive as hell.
      @Ed_B >>> But the cost of the freight is tremendous.  ;-)
      Since when did EROI matter when it comes to Commodities?
      I thought Gold was delivered daily at the end of a Rainbow!
      Don’t tell me they’ve been lying to me all these years :/

    • Yeah, good point … Karen Who’ds ???
      So I did some research, and it seems that she IS qualified as a Lawyer, and in ‘International Law‘…
      Check this out;
      Zohny & Associates, International Business and Trade Firm, PLLC
      The front page reveals that she deals in only International Law, and the firm has 3 partners;
      1. Dr. Ahmed Zohny  (Washington D.C Office) Egyptian ethnicity.
      2. Dr. Karen Hudes  (Washington D.C Office)
      3. Dr. Michael Brenner  (Austin Texas Office) Egyptian ethnicity.
      Strong links to Egypt with an Egyptian Branch Office … they even state that they consult for the State Dept, so I am assuming that Suez Canal trade would be the major business they attract.
      Her boss Dr. Ahmed Zohny wrote the following piece about the Financial Crisis and a New Architecture for Global Finance.
      Not exactly world class material.
      Perhaps Zohny and Hudes represent a concerned segment of international law that haven’t quite realized how entrenched the US-UK shadow govt and finance cabal are, and are under the impression they MIGHT be able to change things.
      All very admirable, but thinking you MIGHT be able to change something, and actually being able to is very different from the way she is making it out. I do not believe she represents any appreciable structured global group of people, and is simply clutching at straws with the 175,000 MT Gold in Hawaii or wherever.
      However her connection to the International Law Association puts up some Red Flags (discussed below)
      Keeping the world Fractional Fiat going by collateralizing banks with Gold even IF it exists, is not the answer. This would simply empower and enrich ‘them’ more. If the IMF is allowed to restructure the debt and keep the Leger going, then we will all descend into a neoliberal fascist nightmare. These banks need to be cut up, cleaned out, submitted to a much better system of auditing, and then Gold/Silver & perhaps other commodities made a base for their underlying value. Also some research needs to be done on WHO the Cabal actually is, and people need to hold them to account and their ill gotten wealth needs to be part of any re-collateralization of the finance industry… none of which I can see happening when the Halls of Power are crawling with this entrenched scum.
      Also Karen Hudes has a married name Ms. Karen Hudes Spergel … so the Ms, would perhaps mean she is a widow?
      You can see this in the Members List of the International Law Association American Section. (ILA)
      What is quite interesting about the ILA is that it was founded in Belgium and is now headquartered in London … who would have thought? (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha royal house both ruled/rules Belgium and England) It has branches in 49 Countries, and the picture on the Home Page has a Royal Ceremony in England, how comforting.
      Maybe the British Monarchy could help the USA reinvigorate it’s Constitutional Law **Sarcasm**
      I smell a big rat with so called International Law and a World Government (being the conspiracy theorist I am).
      It is impossible to have a truly International Law without giving powers to an International Legislative Body, and I don’t trust the Human Condition enough to give such powers any real sanction.
      Could it be that Ms. Hudes (or Spergel) is part of a Hegelian Dialect? … to make it look like an IMF solution is the way forward, with some window dressing replacements of past offenders with a new ‘clean’ staff, ready to now do what is right (ie, a deception)? Rickards is all over Gold Standard + IMF Leger solution as well, so perhaps this is just another angle (more cooky) the World Government is employing?
      Take a look at the different Committees the ILA have HERE… all 24 of them.
      A few that stand out;
      –> The Legal Principles Relating To Climate Change Committee
      –> International Law and Sea Level Rise Committee
      –> Feminism And International Law   …   Feminism gets its own committee???
      –> International Monetary Law Committee   CHAIRED BY TONY BLAIR’S OLDER BROTHER
      Oh, now I feel much better, Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, Feminism and Tony Blair’s older brother (A Queens Councilor) has International Monetary Law under control.
      Where’s the Male Misogyny Committee? Don’t men get a say?
      BIG Red Flags!!! I am so SICK of the British Empire that NEVER died always trying to get their f*cking finger in every pie and act like they are a Worlds Standard when the City of London Corporation is the CENTER of World Corruption and Financial Tyranny … so damn sick of it!

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      BIG Red Flags!!! I am so SICK of the British Empire that NEVER died always trying to get their f*cking finger in every pie and act like they are a Worlds Standard when the City of London Corporation is the CENTER of World Corruption and Financial Tyranny … so damn sick of it!
      Yeah, they are the ones who let the red shield get started after the Battle of Waterloo, where they were hoodwinked (or accomplices) to that Giant Fuster Cluck… OOPS, our courier was under the wrong impression, he left too early, the battle turned. My Bad! Here’s all your money back…NOT!!!

  2. Karen Hudes is a horrible presenter.  She is unorganized and kooky sounding.  It is hard to get thru her interviews.  She says she has proof that there is 170 thousand tons of gold in the Phillipines but she will not share the proof.  She says that somewhere in Hawaii there is paper claims to the gold.  She also believes that the Jesuits are somehow in on the conspiracy but doesn’t really go into much detail.  She says that the Vatican is also sitting on 60 thousand tons of gold.  She presents no proof for any of these claims nor does she present a good anecdotal story to back up anything she says.  Now, if she has proof why wouldn’t she share the proof with us?  She is just making herself look rediculous.  Why doesn’t she show the proof to someone who has more credibility like Jim Rickards?  Jim Rickards was asked about Hudes claim of 170 tons in the Phillipines and he said it was hog wash.  Anyway, Hudes is a crack pot.  Oh, Jim Willie also believes that this gold exists as well although his story is a bit different.  Its all a myth until evidence is presented.  Period and end of story.  We need credible evidence.  Not bedtime story’s.

    • “She says that the Vatican is also sitting on 60 thousand tons of gold.”
      Out of all these comments, this one seems the most credible.  Popes and Cardinals have LONG known that wealth is power and they have been collecting gold for a LONG time.  I’m not saying that they do have this much gold but if they did, it would not be a big surprise.

    • More RTR connected info! 
      KH has the Road to Roota playbook, I tell ya! 
      ALL the “hard facts” (tonnages) align with RTR. 
      So do all the explanations I have heard, both sides. (KH/RTR)
      We’ll know later on down the road. 

    • @undeRGRound
      “We’ll know later on down the road.”
      Yes, we will.  But the trick to it will be if we can figure this stuff out in time to actually do us any good.
      Hudes looks to me like a disinformation agent.  Not saying that she is but she appears to me to be one.  As you say, we’ll see.  But, hopefully, in time to be useful.

    • @undeRGRound
      You know, RGR, the more I think about this stuff the more convinced I become that NOT knowing everything that is going on is probably a blessing.  If we did, our heads might explode!  Ack!  Pfft!!

    • “We just gotta do our best and be ready. Prepare for the worst, Hope for the Best. I try and live by that…”
      There’s not a thing wrong with that that I can see.  I’m trying to do the same.  :-)

  3. Well, let’s just think about the premise that there’s 170 k tons of gold sitting somewhere, ready to be picked up. 

    In 2013 with greatest technology in history, global mining production was @ record 2700 tons (including China / Russia not brought to market). Prior to 1850, global per annum production was less 100 tons a year…crossed 1000 tons/yr in 1940…crossed 2000 tons/yr in 1990 – that comes nowhere close to adding up to 170k tons???

    What Karen is suggesting is that somewhere back in history global mining production was incredibly high and nearly all that gold was put off into some hole for collection, to amass this 170k ton lot.  This does not seem possible unless we were visited by martians or the law’s we live under today have changed significantly from earlier times.

    Why wouldn’t an interviewer ask her how this is possible? Perhaps she would discuss how, in general, this is possible???

    • Hudes seems like a bit of a nut to me, but crude oil is a lot harder to get now than it used to be, so the idea that there’s a lot of ancient gold seems plausible to me, sort of. Part of the reason that we like gold, is that people have always liked gold. I don’t think Cortez asked about the Mayan mining statistics before he took their gold, so who knows how much old gold there is.
      I still think Hudes is unwittingly spreading disinformation, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of gold somewhere.

    • @ Astoria -
      c’mon Joe – let’s extrapolate that world population was about 200 million in year 0, 300 million in 1000 AD, 1 billion in 1850, 2 billion in 1940 – so they had tiny #’s of people compared to today, tiny horsepower and refining and exploration capabilities – and we are to believe that the entire worlds population had only one goal of finding and extracting gold for thousands of years but that it was all sent off to a secret hiding place –

      I know things as they are don’t make sense, but unless Karen has some incredible details she’s willing to offer how this is possible, this is utter shit.

    • whatever gold reserves are out there, I think its much more likely that Hudes is being used to muddy the waters. Its probably easier and cheaper to have some insider source tell her a ‘secret’ and have her run her mouth about huge gold stocks hidden away than to run naked short programs in the market.

    • @hambone

      “…Well, let’s just think about the premise that there’s 170 k tons of gold sitting somewhere, ready to be picked up…”
      I think the first thing we need to realize is that the World Gold Council is a globalist shill and disinfo agent that has consistently understated the above-ground gold supply for many years.   Think DeBeers and the need to create exclusivity and the illusion of rarity of the most common element in solid earth.  That’s the WGC.  They currently say it’s 170,000 mt.
      In WWII, the Germans and the Japanese plundered tens of thousands of tons of gold in their conquering movements across the land.  By some estimates, the Yamashita Gold hoard alone was estimated at 500,000 mt.  The eastern european monarchies held similar amounts hoarded from Europe and Eurasia since before the Roman Republic.  So, I think the notion that humanity extracts more gold from the earth now compared to the past 5-6000 years cheats history just a bit.  It’s said that in ancient times gold was panned in large amounts from the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates rivers and given the massive use of gold in those cultures, I would think 170000 mt, which allegedly would fit in olympic sized swimming pools is but a drop in the bucket next to, for example, Tut’s tomb!!!!  The Chinese dynasties were awash in gold-laden architecture and artifacts as was the Indian history replete with gold in abundance.

    • hambone   My math says 100 tons a year for 1000 years is 100,000 tons
      another 1000 tons a year for 50 years  is 50,000 tons
      another 14 years at 2000 tons a year is 28,000 tons
      That does not include the prior 4000 years of mining since gold was recognized as a monetary metal
      170,000 is feasible but I doubt if anyone can make the case for 340,000 tons or 1,000,000
      a lot was lost along the way. gold may not rot but it does get lost

    • “gold may not rot but it does get lost”
      Indeed so @AGXIIK.  Even Spanish treasure ships sunk in shallow water are sometimes not found for a couple of hundred years, if ever.  Those lost in deep water are rarely ever found.  The ship’s hulls decompose and are covered by shifting mud and sand, making them very difficult to discover.
      Speaking of which, the Discovery Channel had (has?) a program on about a high-tech ship that does deep ocean resource recovery.  It’s quite interesting.  They made a huge recovery of silver bars last summer.  See the following URL for more info:


    • Sov. “E” touched on this. 
      There used to be Gold just lying on the ground, and readily accessible such as panning. 
      Of course “mining” is more labor intensive, cuz all the easy pickens has been picked! 
      Not all Gold had to be “mined” in the way we think of it. There could be lots more than anyone thinks…
      In fact, there is documentation for more, then legends hint at more also. Just the documented 
      gold hoards that were “lost” add up to tons upon tons of this “lost gold”.

    • @ElaisaKasan
      I’d like to see an exhaustive list of similar items, ie “Claims against Lost and Stolen Gold Holdings”
      with Names, brief description and amounts in metric Tonnes or units listed. Just a quick 
      list with enough info to track it and whatever units of measure used, and dates. It would
      take time, but a storyline can be assembled, and superimposed historically against wars, 
      disasters, political events and the like. Seems like you have lots of these…. ;)

  4. What really pisses me off is, She makes it on with Greg Hunter and I haven’t with My Silver Recliner Report and my last name is Hunter. Go figure, maybe I should tell everyone about the Goldmines In Maine that are being hidden from the public. LMAO Keep Stacking

    • She didn’t get favorable reviews from her interview on Greg Hunter’s site. I doubt he’ll have her back. Maybe that opening will go to you! Just have proof of those invisible miners in Maine or you’ll sound as bad as Karen.

    • @WillNotBeASlave.
      “…Hudes makes me laugh more, you still have some work to do in the comedy dept before you can out perform Hude.”
      Damn! You are just BRUTAL, LOL!!!   Charlie makes me smile and feel happy right along WITH HIM, whereas Hudes has me laugh AT HER!!!

    • @Sovereign Economist
      “Charlie makes me smile and feel happy right along WITH HIM, whereas Hudes has me laugh AT HER!!!”
      Exactly so, SE. I am sure that most of us on here feel the very same way.  :-)

  5. Hey Guys: This is Fear Porn, Hudose simply States there is NO GOLD in Hawaii, but some cool looking certificates. Which we can get from a Cracker Jack’s box? Wealth of Humanity.
    But I have great news, last week the Chinese Elders landed in a 747 in Reno, Nevada.  The Chinese pretty much OWNS the Federal Reserve Rascals and they met to talk about the Oil in Iraq.  The Chinese Elders + IMF+ CBI + The oil ministries of Bagdad to come up with a plan to set the Dinar on the open market.   The World + banks got a Green Light to trade for resources + infrastructure for the oil.  So the Dinar will be traded to meet this benchmark on February 17, 2014.  
       Interesting enough, they found GOLD pretty much on the surface outside one of their major cities in Iraq.  You can look it up under World Bank.
    Iraq is worth $218 trillion & China wants a part of that.
    PS. The dollar is here to stay.

  6. This is clearly a case of mind control IMO. Yes, she’s as whacky as a 2 bob watch, make no mistake about it. But I doubt that’s an accident. I’ve had email exchanges with Hudes, not exactly pleasant ones, because I picked up a long time ago, as have others, that her claims were factually outrageous. Claiming to be a so-called whistleblower doesn’t stack up with the clear fact that she collected a pay-check from a Nazi organisation, viz the World Bank, for a staggering TWENTY ONE YEARS!  Greg Hunter seems to be a naive fool for giving this mind-controlled charlatan the oxygen that she clearly doesn’t deserve.

  7. My take on BTC is that since it’s not country-linked, it can be copied unlimitedly. And it is. People jump on it to speculate, and BTC and co have no other point really. It’s not private, it’s not tax free.
    BTC is being diluted by MAx Keiser himself, his MaxCoin is being paid for in BTC. 
    BTC is like the dollar. People still need it for trading. Good luck buying a crypto coin without holding a BTC momentarily. Want oil? Need dollar. Want crypto? Need BTC. This rule is diminishing for both. And the speculative side of BTC will take a couple billion of stupid (or dedicated) money to get the price back up and stay over $1000.
    With unlimited CC’s being made available, ever easier integrated, yet finite fiat that can be freed up, they’re all bound to inflate away. A whole bunch of nothing to the power of googol is nothing.
    I have an idea or a currency that is not only backed by PM, it IS PM. Open source, everyone can join in and strike their own, to specifications, with own design. Like Euro coins. Mate it to the silver/gold debit card systems and you’re GO.
    Haul in big retailers and such to offer a cash discount on this silver currency. They can also offer it as change from big fiat, at a premium to level it out a bit. The discounts to be had (safest money there is to accept) will help people personally take silver out of stockpiles and put it into circulation. Deposit at a mint, receive 95% in silver plastic credits or currency coins back, and get a 6% discount at the big box store of your choice.
    In VAT active countries, this standard could dodge taxes on silver, because it’s a genuine currency. More genuine than BTC. So traveling with it will be easier.
    I need to get Schiff and Sprott in on this. Who has a direct line with them?
    If it works, this could create a huge new demand or silver. Something standardized will have a lower threshold to newcomers. And the silver debit card allows them to swap to fiat o they feel silver will drop. Sit on the sidelines of physical or a while. And when they hold plastic ounces, they can redeem them at service desks of retail stores, smart banks joining in, ATM’s, LCS’s, etc.
    But we need a proper coin standard, denominated in grams. Gold, silver and perhaps nickel/copper together in a new self-backed standard. 95% backed by metal. Because there is a premium to produce the coins. And to discourage melting it out of existence. Silver needs to low into the system, not out.
    Anyway, Peter, Eric, get in touch with me and I’ll try to write it all up. To get silver demand up, we need to re-install it as a monetary metal. This only works by making it practical money again. And accessible. Nations, Non-profits, Big Corps could all strike their own designs. To get funds and to gain recognitions. And imagine the collecting possibilities when everyone makes their own. Entry fee to make money? Bring the metal the market needs for production of coins. Lose a minting premium. Gain a discount or a customer.

    • @XC Skater This is exactly what I have always said about BitCoin and Cryptos.
      Because every single Digital Crypto Currency is essentially exactly the same type of tradeable (A Digital Fiat Unit linked to no jurisdiction except the WWW), then trading Type1 for Type2 is essentially pure Arbitrage rather than an Exchange, and since this means that the Units of Digital Currency as a whole are not limited, it makes BitCoins claim to be limited defunct. The Arbitrage and Speculation between each Type will go on ad-infinitum until each unit is virtually worthless. Uncontrollable unit inflation.
      The only way such a currency would work is if a World Government MANDATED it as a World Currency, and banned all competitors, which is impractical and also scary. Max Keisers claim to be against the Fiat Ponzi Casino and simultaneous enthusiasm for BitCoin is telling; perhaps it’s ok as long as people are playing in HIS chosen casino; hypocrisy or stupidity, probably the former.

    • That’s an interesting angle, that it’s just arbitrage. However, if someone mined the unit themselves, it’s arbitrage over wasted energy costs. And not every CC is as accessible as the next. Creating more arbitrage in BTC.
      With BTC losing it’s appeal of going up multifolds to all but the die-hards (who probably even cashed out half over $1000), people are sending it into alternatives that have not gone (as) crazy yet. Or into silver which IS rallying. And has ground to make up to gold, at least considering the high GSR still 15% or so above the double/triple bottoms.
      When BTC goes to $300 on Mt Gox, it does bounce up. Professional pump/dumpers in action?

      I wonder, can one really buy at Mt Gox pricing, and sell at the higher prices exchanges? Talk about arbitrage… I see $100+ diference. If this works, one could create a program to milk the heck out of that market. And without a greater fool to keep buying from you, this would not be another level under the pyramid.

    When you consider the decline in ore grade over the last 200 years, and figure a similar rate of decline over the last 6,000 years, it is clear gold was much easier to extract thousands of years ago. Emperors and Kings declared it theirs and hoarded it. Eventually, they “secreted” it. Asian Dynasties accumulated massive stores over millennia of Spice and Silk Trade.

    • The Emperors and Kings needed every ounce of gold and silver in their treasury to hire armies and mercenaries to steal their opponents Gold and Silver … and by doing so they distributed it all in wages to the population so it became decentralized. The only hoards are the ones used in grave goods that weren’t tomb raided.
      Gold Hoards built by elites since the Fiat Bank Note Scam started for real in 1689 with the Bank of England however is a different matter. In 1913 it kicked in for real, and you can bet the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and European Royals have their stockpiles.

  9. “When you consider the decline in ore grade over the last 200 years, and figure a similar rate of decline over the last 6,000 years…”
    Considering the technology that gold miners have access to today, it is unreasonable to assume that the rate of ore quality decline was at all similar in the past.  If anything, it is likely to be a logarithmic function rather than a linear one with ore quality declining slowly in ancient times and then more and more rapidly with improving technology.

    • You are correct Ed. The use of modern technology and in particular the energy from fossil fuels have (in relative terms) increased production in the face of declining ore grade, thus causing ore grades to decline even faster. Which reinforces the fact that ore grades were much higher in the past.  I agree ore grades over the long term have not been in any simple linear or logarithmic rate of decline. But decline they have.

    • I see it like this : industrialization has reduced mining costs faster than ore grades fell. However there is not end to falling ore grades, there is a plateau effect in efficiency gains of production. Plus, the amount of die$el needed to mine an ounce at a given ore grade is bound to rise.
      So the effect of modern tech is forever, but ore grades will take hold of mining costs soon enough. In fact they already have. What was the production cost in 2002? Today it’s equal to spot. 

  10. The US has had trade dollars that were  more valuable than domestic dollars before.  The mint made them specifically for trade with Japan. If Hudes is telling the truth then she is really sticking her neck out.  If she’s lying she’s sticking her neck out that much farther.  If she is an agent for the banksters then she is running her mouth more than the rest of their agents.  I believe she believes there is 170k of Gold at B of H.  The jury is still out on that. 

    • She doesn’t believe this though … she is now saying that there is 170,000 MT Gold in Certificates at Bank of Hawaii, but that she knows where the real hoards are … complete BS. She is an IMF and Globalist shill and a Mockingbird for sure, and a member of the UK Royal front group ILA (International Law Association, globalist NeoLiberal shills).

    • @andrew-james >>>What is to gain by making up a false inventory of Gold?
      The gain would be that a world fiat banking system would first fail and then Gold would be re-accepted as the standard in international settlement, and then this wild story is accepted as a real qty to ‘re-collateralize’ the IMF … ie, keep all of the megabank Ledgers afloat, ALL of their debt-assets intact, and to keep the Fiat Fractional Banking System alive on top of a reinvigorated IMF. This would be super bad for world freedom as these leveraged Banks and the Central Banking system that supports them NEEDS to die, be exposed for what it is, and be fully replaced with Sound Money banking systems.
      Just because Karen criticizes the World Bank today does not mean that she wouldn’t go back to work for them when they ‘clean up their act’ as she has said in other interviews … ie, the IMF and World Bank PROMISE to be good in future, and then the same old system is relaunched using a hypothetical 175,000 MT of Gold that doesn’t actually exist, and then the IMF and World Bank of course simply continue what they were doing before … everyone still stays dead poor compared to those that STILL control the creation of fiat credit, and not to mention the Middle Class and even the Upper Class is eliminated completely and only a Super Elite survive.
      Thus Karen may be a dupe, or a very clever Mockingbird.

      @andrew-james   @WillNotBeASlave
      Consider this:
      Karen did point out that with gold backing, our dollars can be created interest free. Using this method we could eliminate the national debt, and the interest we pay on it.
      Currently, a lot of the tax dollars we pay every year goes toward paying interest on the debt. However, Money does not have to be created as debt with interest due. United States Dollar Gold and Silver coins can be (and in the past, were) created without interest. Of course the Bankers would rather you pay them interest for the privilege of using their Federal Reserve Notes which they create out of thin air. Of course this makes them rich and everyone else poor.
      President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 to create interest free, debt free United States Dollars to replace the Federal Reserve Notes on which we pay interest. About ten days before he was shot President Kennedy signed for thousands of Tons of Gold from the Global Collateral Account to create debt free, interest free Gold Backed United States Dollars to replace Federal Reserve Notes on which we pay interest. See pages 4 – 20 of the link below.

    • The following is mostly someone else’s post but I don’t have a name to attribute.
      My friends, consider the following facts, as our lives, and the lives of our children, may depend upon us all understanding these most basic mechanics of cause and effect:
      Friends, as you may be aware, we pay an interest rate on our money supply, regardless of whether our economy is growing or shrinking. Its true. This simple fact allows wealth to siphon upwards to the private owners of the private Federal Reserve Bank.
      Understand, if there was absolutely NO government, no Welfare State, no military industrial complex, no transportation department; if there were none of these things, our ruling elite would still be getting richer at the expense of impoverishing us who do not own the private money supply. Why? Because government debt must be created for private Federal Reserve Notes (green paper) to reach our hands.
      Think of it: in order for money to come into circulation, an interest-bearing Treasury Bond must first be created and then traded to the private Federal Reserve Bank in order for our Treasury to get their Federal Reserve Note (green paper).
      So, the very first money ever created in our current system was first traded from the private Federal Reserve Bank to the U.S. Treasury for an interest-bearing bond, then subsequently spent from the Treasury (on government work), then later taxed back from the private working class in order to repay both principal and interest to the private Federal Reserve Bank.
      But, you say, how can interest be repaid if this is the very first money ever created? Simple, more debt must be created to pay off the previous principal plus interest. But, you say, how can the interest be paid on the new debt if a portion of the newly printed money was used to pay off the old debt? Simple, even more debt is created.
      Which means three very important things, my friends:
      first, the private Federal Reserve Bank is incentivized to expand the money supply, which can only take place with the expansion of taxpayer debt.
      second, we can NEVER extinguish our debt because this would extinguish our money supply.
      third, the public debt which creates this private money supply must expand exponentially for an infinite amount of time for this system to sustain itself.
      Face it, my friends, we are livestock, and we are also heading for a currency collapse as the impossible cannot be achieved.
      Now, consider these brave elected officials who stood for an asset-backed currency and liberty over personal gain, and how their efforts may have cost them their lives.:
      “On June 4, 1963, a little known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest.
      On that day President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve.
      Mr. Kennedy’s order gave the Treasury the power “to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.” This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. In all, Kennedy brought nearly $4.3 billion in U.S. notes into circulation. The ramifications of this bill are enormous.
      With the stroke of a pen, Mr. Kennedy was on his way to putting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York out of business. If enough of these silver certificates were to come into circulation they would have eliminated the demand for Federal Reserve notes. This is because the silver certificates are backed by silver and the Federal Reserve notes are not backed by anything.
      Executive Order 11110 could have prevented the national debt from reaching its current level, because it would have given the government the ability to repay its debt without going to the Federal Reserve and being charged interest in order to create the new money. Executive Order 11110 gave the U.S. the ability to create its own money backed by silver.
      After Mr. Kennedy was assassinated just five months later, no more silver certificates were issued. The Final Call has learned that the Executive Order was never repealed by any U.S. President through an Executive Order and is still valid. Why then has no president utilized it?
      Virtually all of the nearly $6 trillion in debt has been created since 1963, and if a U.S. president had utilized Executive Order 11110 the debt would be nowhere near the current level.
      Perhaps the assassination of JFK was a warning to future presidents who would think to eliminate the U.S. debt by eliminating the Federal Reserve’s control over the creation of money.
      Mr. Kennedy challenged the government of money by challenging the two most successful vehicles that have ever been used to drive up debt—war and the creation of money by a privately owned central bank.
      His efforts to have all troops out of Vietnam by 1965 and Executive Order 11110 would have severely cut into the profits and control of the New York banking establishment.”
      Consider this excerpt relating to another famed President whose life was cut short, perhaps by the cabal.:
      “Eventually President Lincoln was advised to get Congress to pass a law authorizing the printing of full legal tender Treasury notes to pay for the War effort. Lincoln recognized the great benefits of this issue.
      At one point he wrote: ‘(We) gave the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they have ever had – their own paper money to pay their own debts.” The Treasury notes were printed with green ink on the back, so the people called them “Greenbacks’.
      Lincoln printed 400 million dollars worth of Greenbacks (the exact amount being $449,338,902), money that he delegated to be created, debt-free and interest-free money to finance the War.
      It served as legal tender for all debts, public and private. He printed it, paid it to the soldiers, to the U.S. Civil Service employees, and bought supplies for war.
      Shortly after that happened, ‘The London Times’ printed the following:
      ‘If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.’
      The Bankers obviously understood. The only thing, I repeat, the only thing that is a threat to their power is sovereign government printing interest-free and debt-free paper money. They know it would break the power of the international Bankers.”
      And, here for you, are some voices from the past:
      ”The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented.”
      - Lord Stamp, a director of the Bank of England, 1937.
      “Capitalism is organized crime and we are living in an usury-market economy, not a free-market economy. It is by design that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, not by accident.”
      - George Washington
      “We began planning the Revolutionary War in order to issue our own money again …and keep King George III and Bank of England from enslaving us with debt, and making Americans their financial slaves. By the time the revolutionary war started, Apr. 19 1775, British taxation had sucked the gold and silver out of the American colonies, to Britain. So, we had to print money to finance the war.”
      - Benjamin Franklin, 1790
      “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
      - Thomas Jefferson
      “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling the money and its issuance.”
      - James Madison
      “In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists’ tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists’ antagonism toward the gold standard.”
      - Alan Greenspan
      “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”
      - Lord Acton
      “For the first time in its history, Western Civilization is in danger of being destroyed internally by a corrupt, criminal ruling cabal which is centered around the Rockefeller interests, which include elements from the Morgan, Brown, Rothschild, Du Pont, Harriman, Kuhn-Loeb, and other groupings as well. This junta took control of the political, financial, and cultural life of America in the first two decades of the twentieth century.”
      - Carroll Quigley
      “The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and communism under the same tent, all under their control.  Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.”
      - Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 (Flight KAL007) the flight was shot down by the Soviets in 1983
      ”It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”
      - Henry Ford
      “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”
      - Mayer Amschel Rothschild
      “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire.  The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”
      - Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild

      Angry yet?
      Kennedy was shot 10 days after signing the Green Hilton agreement which allocated thousands of tons of Gold to the US Treasury to back debt free US Dollars.
      (see link in post above)

    • This link explains the importance of the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement:
      To quote the author:
      “While an apparently innocuous document to read, in it’s proper and full interpretation, The Green Hilton Agreement is one of the most profound agreements made between Presidents of any two countries within the twentieth century, and most probably, in the history of the world, particularly so as this agreement was made between a President of the United States and the Trustee of the hidden, but combined wealth of the world. These assets are not the property of the United States, but centralized assets under the authority of a centralized system, to be used as independently deemed to be for the better benefit of the World.”

  11. I wonder if Hudes has been reading Bix Weir’s blog?  He’s been yammering about hidden hoards of gold that the “good guys” (like Greenspan & Barbara Boxer ) are going to distribute to the American people once they crash the bad-bankers’ fiat system. 

    • @silver-alert
      Good Catch! The parallels are too obvious. The F’ed Reserve materials re-released is called 
      WISHES and RAINBOWS after all, isn’t it? Funny thing tho, and the correct context is that 
      I am NOT a “Private Road” subscriber… the funny or odd thing is that Bix never mentions 
      Karen Hudes, and Karen never mentions Bix (that I have heard from her) yet they promote 
      the same storyline. Karen’s estimate of “hidden gold reserves” is at the bottom end of Bix’s 
      estimates, but as I recall, exact almost to the ton of the RtR low end estimates. Bix has 
      said at least double and up to 5 or 6 times more Gold exists than official estimates. 
      The WGC or whatever it is uses a “vast unreported jewelry reserve” to account for any 
      gold that was not in the official 160,000 mt figures. I KNOW that the 160K figure is 
      totally bogus, and KH’s figures make much more sense, but other elements of her story 
      are not as well backed up as even the RtR website info. Taken as a whole, RtR 
      explains everything, but many of the explanations are quite fantastic! KH is obviously 
      AT LEAST an RtR “groupie” and possibly even an associate of Bix Weir. 

      I’d bet my whole stack on every statement I made after I KNOW

  12. Karen Hudes said in her earlier video that she would present the evidence to the persons of the world and let us make up our own minds based on the evidence. You know, like the 911 evidence exposes the lies from the US Administration and Press.
    so . . . . , let’s evaluate some evidence . . . . . .

    For your kind recognition. WS


    —– Forwarded Message —-From: >To: Michael Altmuehl <>Sent: Monday, July 18, 2011 20:18:14Subject: UBS, Central Depository 2

    State Secretariat for International Financial Matters
    Dr. Michael Ambühl, State Secretary
    Bundesgasse 3
    3003 Bern
    Dear Mr. State Secretary,
    Pursuant to our maybe surprising first e-mail last week may I call your attention this time to the issue of the powers and authorities of HIS EXCELLENCY DR. RAY C. DAM, sole owner, arbiter, and controller and much higher than the Swiss State Secretary for International Matters (see attachment “Appointed January 20, 1995”) according to ?
    There are several ways how to go and find this issue in the internet. It is or it should be public knowledge by now that His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam is claiming the treasure of the world together with the Swiss Government and the Swiss banking community, but first and foremost with the Bank for International Settlement in Basel, Switzerland.
    I attach one version where I have made some high-lights like violet when it comes to the source and origin of the historical wealth of the world or yellow where ever there is doubt, secret, and secreting of the historical wealth. Basically it is all secret since 1921 or long before that date. We cannot solve the controversies in history of the world here. That would fill a book at least.
    Let us then focus on Page 4: ACCOUNTS OF H.E. DR. RAY C. DAM
    Institutional Parent Registration Account 984527008453418
    A little bit further down we see: Swiss Government Account No. 9845 27008453410
    Quickly to Page 6 and we see, end of first paragraph: “essentially making Switzerland the central depository country for the member governments of the BIS”.
    No objection, your Honor, basically we are with you except that we would have our own little counter-claim there: 30 years before the UNOITC came into existence in 1995, Rev. Dr. Floro E. Garcia whom I represent was already owner of those accounts under Trust Account C-1-C-2-C19-21 to wit see attached “Treasury 1969” wherein that Account No. 984527008453418 in Barclays Bank London was duly credited with the amount of $64,626,014,943.00 for “Jose Bautista Cruzen”, code name and alias for none other than Jose Antonio Diaz.
    To wit further: “Jose Bautista Cruzen” had signed on the US Treasury agreement and he has signed many times over the years, as assignor (through the signature of Jose Antonio Diaz or Ferdinand Marcos) on Deeds of Assignment in favor of Rev. Dr. Floro E. Garcia, highly visible for example on Page 8 of “85-9-6 Deed Europe” which we attached to our first mail.
    Also, here we will attach the first and most telling original of all deeds of assignment, the 3-page Deed from February 28, 1963 where Jose Bautista Cruz signs on the fourth line through the signature of Jose Antonio Diaz, nothing really new but totally unknown to the public.
    Now, we do not want to rock the boat. The reason for our approach to you is to find a common denominator, if there is one, between the two deepest involved parties. You are representing the central depository and we have the number. You have that Depository No. on “73-3-8 Instruction Memoranda”, here new on “84-9-17 Eagle” (line 15 on the left) and “77-9-11 Gemini” (seventh line from the top) which I put together for your notice with “Delivery CB-UBS Gemini.pdf”.
    Briefly back to Account No. 984527008453418, we advise to go back to Barclays Bank on Page 2 of the “85-9-6” Deed of Assignment of Ferdinand Marcos in favor of Rev. Dr. Floro Garcia. To make it complete, we add the Instruction Memoranda dated March 8, 1973  and signed by Jose Antonio Diaz with matching Deed of Assignment “74-2-28” also signed by Jose Antonio Diaz. There should be no more doubt regarding ownership of that account in Barclays London with 17,000 MT in Barclays Singapore as back-up for the Victory Notes, the post-war money of the Philippines courtesy of the US of A.
    Bottom line: We don’t need His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam. We have His Excellency Rev. Dr. Floro Garcia well in place but rather low key. Of course, H.E. is working for the Big Boys. We are not. We are not invited. Anyhow, we would rather work with you and UBS, if that is ok with you. Please forgive me my light tone in such a serious matter. It might help.
    With best regards,
    Wolfgang Struck


  13. Could those jewels have been attributed a value expressed in bullion gold? Then a much smaller historical treasure (plunder) is needed to reach the 170,000mt. Especially in times of under-valued gold and highly valued plunder. 
    Also, we need to keep finding clues as to why the ED keeps gold on the books at$42/oz. There is has got to be a motive in there of some sort of leverage? Perhaps it corresponds with this supposed 170,000mt? With gold administered at €1300, is it really 6,000 tonnes? A more realistic figure. 
    And I don’t believe USA had as little as 8,000mt. Just that what-ever it was, it’s now less. But likely still above 8,000mt. Leased out, perhaps, but not left the vaults.

    • Well, SK8R, do you think they have been pulling a “Zimmerman” and lo-balling everything 
      by a factor of 10? (US Govt. and other govt’s)? Not saying a 10x for everyone, but that 
      is what Zims was doing on the jail phone system… 

    • Possibly, XC
      Seems KH could be referring to Yamashita’s Gold, it has a connection to Hawaii thru the court system. Ferdinand Marcos was involved as well. It’s a bit of a reach, but no more than she’s making herself.
      I’m just trying to piece this puzzle together LOL
      Might be from a World Bank Whistleblower! Can’t wait for her to sit on Charlie’s lap in the recliner :D

      SOrry Karen lol

  14. Lol here is another gold story concerning the Philippines and Hawaii and this was taken from my metal detecting and treasure hunting site I belong to and posted in 2008 LMAO  Good story and a good read. Keep Stacking

    the Legend of Yamashi.ta’s Gold in the Phillipines circa 1945

    The facts of this story are documented from the days of World War Two, to the Philippine Courts of Justice,to Banks from Switzerland to Hong Kong to the good Old USA.The room for nay-saying this one is gone. It is a fact, the only thing that stands in your way of knowing that is your attitude and some time on google.We are passed the nay-saying. The only response nay sayer will get here,is some exercise for your fingers on your keyboard..First we want to have a post here, where people who are interested in treasure can read, post and ask questions. Please add to the knowledge that we are about to discover about this story, if you do any research please post your sources..urls or annotations, books ect. We will try to do the same.
    Welcome all Citizens of the Philippines, Mabuhi Manong- Kumsusta, you are most welcome this story takes place in your homeland..BUT please, this is not a board to look for financing or investors..We know your heart might be pure and your story true,,but we have seen all to many , try to take advantage so I ask you to join us as Treasure Hunters, looking only for the truth, the story, the facts, the goods.
    I am currently helping two other Pinoy’s with their symbols and codes..since they are based on the Jesuit/spanish codes you may ask and questions and post pictures here..just no obvious landmarks, was we don’t want to comprise the security of your site..There are a few very savvy and experienced people here who may want to see your pics and help you decode what they can..You are welcome to do so.
    If you are not comfortable posting your pics online just yet – you can message me on pm Salamat!

    Yamashi.ta and his gang used Jesuit/Spanish Treasure Codes this I know for sure, I have seen it first hand.The research that I did, showed that in 1932 in Vienna the Japanese High Command send ambassadors to meet with Hitlers minions, one of the things discussed was solutions to the Treasure Codes that the Nazi’s had obtained in their looting of Europe. This copy of the what I call the Jesuit Code Book,was used by the Japanese to recover treasures left by the Jesuits and Spanish on the Islands of the Philippines AND rebury that and other loot stolen from Asia during the Japanese reign of terror in South East Asia prior to WW2.

    WE also know that the Japanese Military send as many as 100,000 soldiers and civilians to the PR (Republic of the Philippines) 20 years before Pearl Harbor attack. The recovered Jesuit treasure using the codes that the Germans gave them..Digging caves and tunnels in anticipation of the treasure they would loot from the China campaign.

    One likely treasure hunter 30 years later, a pinoy living in Northern Luzon, our hero, ‘Rog’ Roxas is about to “go down the rabbit hole”..Rog happened upon a person who know of some buried Japanese treasure of the yamashi.ta group..well rather than tell the story from memory let me paste the information directly from the court documents..least we raise the ugly head of the dragon who breathes fire when any tiny item is forgotten or left out by mistake. The dragon will stay away as long as we include everything as it happened!

    Rog worked as a locksmith in Baguio City, the Philippines. He was also an amateur coin collector and treasure hunter. In 1961, Roxas met a man named Fuchugami in Baguio City, who claimed that his father had been in the Japanese army and had drawn a map identifying the location of the legendary “Yama.shita Treasure.” The treasure purportedly consisted of booty, which had been plundered from various Southeast Asian countries, during World War II, by Japanese troops under the command of General Tomoyuki Yamashi.ta and which was allegedly buried in the Philippines during the final battle for the islands in order to keep it out of the hands of the Americans.

    At around the same time, Rog Roxas met Eusebio Ocubo, who claimed to have served as General Yamashi.ta’s interpreter during World War II. Ocubo advised Roxas that, during the war, he had been taken to some tunnels controlled by General Yamashi.ta, in order to retrieve silver to pay for food for the Japanese troops. There, he observed boxes of various sizes that contained gold and silver. Shortly thereafter, he also observed a golden buddha statue, which was kept at a convent near the tunnels.

    Armed with Fuchugami’s description of his father’s maps and Ocubo’s representations, Roxas organized a group of partners and laborers to search for the treasure and obtained a permit for the purpose from Judge Pio Marcos, a relative of Ferdinand. Judge Marcos informed Roxas that, in accordance with Philippine law, a thirty-percent share of any discovered treasure would have to be paid to the government.

    Sometime in 1970, Roxas’s group began digging on state lands near the Baguio General Hospital. After approximately seven months of searching and digging “24 hours a day,” the group broke into a system of underground tunnels.

    Inside the tunnels, the group found wiring, radios, bayonets, rifles, and a human skeleton wearing a Japanese army uniform. After several weeks spent digging and exploring within the tunnels, Roxas’s group discovered a ten-foot thick concrete enclosure in the floor of the tunnel. On January 24, 1971, the group broke through the enclosure. Inside, Roxas discovered a gold-colored buddha statue, which he estimated to be about three feet in height. The statue was extremely heavy; it required ten men to transport it to the surface using a chain block hoist, ropes, and rolling logs. Although he never weighed the statue, Roxas estimated its weight to be 1,000 kilograms, or one metric ton. Roxas directed his laborers to transport the statue to his home and place it in a closet.

    Roxas also found a large pile of boxes underneath the concrete enclosure, approximately fifty feet from where the buddha statue had been discovered. He returned the next day and opened one small box, which contained twenty-four one-inch by two-and-one-half-inch bars of gold. Roxas estimated that the boxes were, on average, approximately the size of a case of beer and that they were stacked five or six feet high, over an area six feet wide and thirty feet long. Roxas did not open any of the other boxes.

    Several weeks later, Roxas returned to blast the tunnel closed, planning to sell the buddha statue in order to obtain funds for an operation to remove the remaining treasure. Before blasting the tunnel closed, Roxas removed the twenty-four bars of gold, as well as some samurai swords, bayonets, and other artifacts. Roxas twice attempted to report his find to Judge Marcos, but was unsuccessful in contacting him.

    During the following weeks, Roxas sold seven of the gold bars and sought a buyer for the golden buddha. Roxas testified that Kenneth Cheatham, the representative of one prospective buyer, drilled a small hole under the arm of the buddha and assayed the metal. The test revealed the statue to be solid twenty-two carat gold.(3) Roxas also testified that a second prospective buyer, Luis Mendoza, also tested the metal of the statue, using nitric acid, and concluded that it was “more than 20 carats.”

    On April 1, 1971, Roxas showed the buddha to a third prospective buyer, Joe Oihara, who was accompanied by another individual, Romeo Amansec. Oihara told Roxas that he was staying at the home of Ferdinand’s mother, Josefa Edralin Marcos. Oihara examined the buddha at length, performed another assay, and also closely scrutinized the designs on the statue. He indicated an interest in buying the buddha, promising to return in several days with a partial payment of one million pesos. Rendered suspicious by Oihara’s long scrutiny of the buddha, Roxas undertook his own examination and discovered that the head was removable. Inside, he found “more than two handsful” of what he surmised to be uncut diamonds. He placed the diamonds in his closet near the buddha and replaced the head.

    2. The raid on Roxas’s house

    On April 5, 1971, at 2:30 a.m., men purporting to be from the Criminal Investigation Service (CIS) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), two Philippine national security agencies, knocked on Roxas’s door, claiming to have a search warrant. When Roxas failed to respond, the men broke two of Roxas’s front windows and pointed the barrels of their rifles inside. They informed Roxas that if he did not open the door within three minutes he would be shot.

    Roxas opened the door, and eight men wearing military uniforms entered the house, accompanied by Oihara. They briefly displayed a document that they claimed was a search warrant. Before they snatched it away, Roxas was able to determine that it contained language regarding a “violation of [a] Central Bank regulation and illegal possession of firearms” and that it was signed by Judge Marcos. The men beat Roxas’s brother with their rifles and ordered Roxas’s family and his two bodyguards to lie down on the floor. When they left, they took the buddha, the diamonds, the remaining seventeen bars of gold, the samurai swords, a piggy bank belonging to Roxas’s children, and his wife’s coin collection.

    Roxas reported the raid to the media and the local police. Subsequently, he went to Judge Marcos’s home. Roxas asked Judge Marcos why he had signed the search warrant. Judge Marcos responded that he had had no choice because “the principe” (“the prince”) had ordered the confiscation. When Roxas asked who “the principe” was, Judge Marcos responded that it was Ferdinand. Judge Marcos also advised Roxas that it was Oihara’s companion, Amansec, who had initially applied for the search warrant, claiming to have seen a gun in Roxas’s house. Judge Marcos appeared angry that Roxas had reported the case to the police and the media and stated that, as a result, the CIS and the NBI would likely kill Roxas. Roxas interpreted Judge Marcos’s remarks as a threat; nevertheless, on April 7, 1971, Roxas returned to the police station and signed a complaint.

    Roxas and his family traveled to Cabantuan City to enlist the aid of Provincial Governor Joson, who provided Roxas with four bodyguards. Roxas then went into hiding in Cabantuan City. Soon thereafter, on April 19, 1971, the military deposited a buddha statue with the City Court in Baguio City.

    While he was in Cabantuan City, Roxas was approached by Rosario Uy and Anita Igna. They offered Roxas three million pesos to publicly affirm that the buddha statue held by the court was the same one that he had found. They also told him that they represented Ferdinand’s mother. Roxas refused the offer. Later, Uy reached him by telephone and renewed the offer, assuring Roxas that he need not be afraid to accept because Ferdinand would be the one paying him. Roxas again refused.

    Roxas’s story began to appear regularly in the newspapers, radio, and television and to attract the attention of opposition politicians. Roxas met with a number of politicians, as well as with Philippine Secretary of Justice Vicente Abad Santos. Roxas told the Secretary his story, and the Secretary promised to guarantee Roxas’s safety for a trip to Baguio City to identify the buddha in the City Court.

    On April 29, 1971, Roxas traveled to the courthouse in Baguio City, accompanied by his bodyguards, two prosecutors from the Justice Department, a lawyer whom Roxas had hired, and a number of reporters and cameramen. Upon examination of the statue, Roxas concluded that it was not the same buddha that he had discovered because: (1) its color was different; (2) it had different facial features; (3) the head was not detachable; and (4) there was no hole under the arm where the original buddha had been drilled. On camera, Roxas announced his conclusion to those present. Roxas then brought the group to his house, where he showed them the damage caused by the raiding party and the closet where he had stored the buddha. Roxas later received an invitation to testify before the Philippine senate about the events; he did so on May 4, 1971.

    3. Arrest and torture

    On May 18, 1971, Roxas was arrested in Cabantuan City by three men in civilian clothing. Roxas testified that the men told him “to go with them to make a negotiation with the President.” They also reassured him, “Don’t be afraid. We are under Malacanang[(4)] — you know, we are under Malacanang agent. We can make a negotiation to the President, and nothing more.” The men took him to the home of Colonel Ponciano Gonzales.

    There, an individual identified as Colonel Olivas punched Roxas in the stomach five times. When Roxas asked him why he was being beaten, Colonel Olivas responded, “You’re mentioning the name of the President[.]” One of the men then said, “We must report to the President that Rogelio Roxas is in our custody.” Colonel Olivas placed a telephone call, during which he appeared to Roxas to be speaking to Ferdinand, because he addressed the other party as “Mr. President.”

    Subsequently, Roxas was taken to the constabulary headquarters in San Fernando, Pampanga. Once there, a number of soldiers led him to a dark room, where he was shown a picture of his wife and children and told that he must cooperate if he wanted to see them again. The soldiers ordered Roxas to “pinpoint those senators, that they pay me to implicate the name of the president.” Roxas refused to sign such a statement, and the soldiers responded by shocking him with wires attached to a large battery. The soldiers also interrogated Roxas about the location of the remaining treasure; however, he refused to divulge this information. The soldiers continued to shock him for several hours and, on one occasion, burned him with cigarettes.

    Roxas was then taken to the residence of a judge, where he was directed to sign an affidavit. However, because of the torture he had endured, he was unable to clasp his hand around the pen, and, therefore, could not sign. The soldiers then transported Roxas to a hotel in Angeles City. There, he was questioned again about the location of the treasure. When he refused to respond, he was beaten with a rubber mallet until he passed out. After the beatings, he noticed a great deal of damage to his right eye and ear, neither of which ever fully healed.

    Roxas was kept in a room at the hotel for two weeks, during which time he was repeatedly ordered to sign yet another affidavit. This affidavit averred that the raid in his house had been performed “in a peaceful manner” and that the members of the raiding party had possessed no automatic weapons as had been reported in the press. When Roxas finally signed the affidavit, he was brought back to the city court in Baguio City and ordered to point at the buddha statue while being photographed and to identify gold bars as those taken from his home.

    That night, Roxas picked the lock on the window of his room and escaped. After finding refuge at his sister’s home, Roxas contacted a senator and was again asked to testify before the senate, which he did on June 30, 1971. In his deposition in the instant case, Roxas testified that, during the June 30, 1971 hearing, he told the senators about being tortured.(5)

    After the senate hearing, Roxas returned to Baguio City. Once there, he received a letter from Cesar Dumlao, a finance officer at the Malacanang, requesting a meeting on behalf of Ferdinand. Roxas met with Dumlao and was shown a letter, which indicated that Ferdinand was offering to pay him five million pesos.(6) Roxas was instructed to return the next day; however, he did not report back because he became frightened.

    One week after his return to Baguio City, Roxas was arrested for failing to appear at a hearing on an illegal weapons charge that had been pending against him since January 28, 1971. He was brought before a judge, who ordered him incarcerated as a result of his default.

    On August 21, 1971, Senator Osmena sent an attorney to bail Roxas out of jail. Roxas traveled with the attorney to Manila to meet with Senator Osmena. Senator Osmena asked Roxas to speak at a political rally that evening. Roxas agreed, but he was unable to speak because the rally was bombed before he could start. Roxas ran away and went into hiding for almost one year.

    When Roxas finally returned to his Baguio City home in July 1972, he was immediately arrested by two men, who represented to him that they were from the CIS. These men took Roxas to a naval base in the province of Zambales, where he was confined in the stockade. While there, Roxas was questioned by Provincial Commander Rodolfo Patalinghod about his discovery of the golden buddha.

    On September 21, 1972, Ferdinand declared martial law in the Philippines; the order remained in effect until 1983. After the declaration, General Fabian Ver visited Roxas in his cell. General Ver admitted that he had been among the raiding party at Roxas’s house. He also told Roxas that there had been “an order to kill [Roxas] by the military,” but that the order had been canceled when it was discovered that Roxas was a member of the Church of Christ. He advised Roxas to keep quiet about his case, in light of the fact that martial law had been declared.

    In January 1973, Roxas was transferred to a prison camp in Baguio City and tried on the charges of possession of an illegal firearm and unlawfully firing a revolver into the air. He was convicted of both counts by the Third Branch of the City Court of Baguio and sentenced, in connection with the first charge, to an “indeterminate penalty of imprisonment ranging from One (1) year and One (1) day as minimum to Four (4) years as maximum” and, in connection with the second, to a fine. Judgment was entered on January 31, 1973. During his incarceration, Roxas was beaten and questioned about the location of the treasure on two occasions by a man known as Colonel Gemoto — who identified himself as a member of the “Task Force Restoration” — accompanied by representatives of the CIS.

    4. Military excavations

    Roxas was released from prison on November 19, 1974. When he arrived home the next day, he noticed soldiers standing outside tents near the Baguio General Hospital. Sometime in December 1974, some soldiers visited Roxas in his shop and told him that they were members of the Task Force Restoration, which was conducting excavations behind the hospital. They listed their address in Roxas’s logbook (which was never produced at trial) as Malacanang Palace. The soldiers asked him to come with them to help with the excavation; he refused. Roxas passed by the site in 1976 and saw that the excavations were still ongoing. In October 1976, Roxas and his family moved to Visayan City, where they stayed for the next ten years without further incident relating to the Yama[prohibited word deleted]a treasure.

    Juan Quijon (Juan) and his son, Romulo Quijon (Romulo), corroborated Roxas’s testimony regarding the excavations. Juan had worked as a nursing attendant at Baguio General Hospital from 1945 to 1988. He noticed a number of soldiers involved in excavation behind the hospital between 1974 and 1975. Over a one-week period, Juan observed men carrying large wooden boxes out of a tunnel and placing them in trucks. Each box was carried by at least four — and sometimes six — men. The soldiers’ uniforms bore the initials “PSC,” and the trucks had the letters “PMA” painted on them. Juan also observed men removing some steel boxes with the aid of a winch. The soldiers left in August 1975.

    Romulo testified that he worked as a cook for the soldiers performing excavations behind the hospital in 1974. Romulo testified that the “PSC” on the soldiers’ uniforms stood for “Presidential Security Command,” and the “PMA” painted on the trucks stood for “Philippine Military Academy.” The soldiers employed civilians to perform most of the digging. Romulo saw these civilians pushing and pulling boxes out of a hole and loading them into trucks. The boxes appeared to be old and in poor condition. Some fell apart while being carried, and gold-colored bars fell out onto the ground. Romulo observed approximately ten boxes per day being loaded into trucks over a period of one year. He testified that the soldiers were “very strict” about keeping the public out of the area and that armed guards were posted at the trucks during the loading.

    5. Laundering and sale of the gold

    Robert Curtis, an American owner of a mining and refining business in Sparks, Nevada, testified that, in late 1974, he received a number of telephone calls from Norman Kirst, an associate of Ferdinand, inviting him to travel to the Philippines to meet the president. Kirst stated that Ferdinand wanted Curtis’s company to resmelt some gold bars and change the “hallmarks.”(7) Ferdinand also wanted Curtis to change the chemical composition of the gold while resmelting it so that its origin would not be identifiable. Curtis initially refused the invitation, but finally relented and traveled to the Philippines to meet with Ferdinand.

    When he arrived, Curtis met with a number of Ferdinand’s aides and generals, including General Ver. He also met with Colonel Lachica, who was “Imelda Marcos’ personal security and went with her wherever she went.” Colonel Lachica took part in the conversations about resmelting and “rehallmarking and purifying the gold[.]” Finally, after approximately ten days, he met with Ferdinand, Olof Jonsson (another American, see infra), General Ver, and Kirst.

    Ferdinand told Curtis that he had recovered an enormous amount of gold from the Yamashi.ta treasure, which he had found at various sites, and that he needed help because the “International World Court had . . . passed a ruling that any . . . World War II treasures that were recovered would revert back to the countries from . . . whence they were taken.” Ferdinand told him that he had so much gold that selling it could have a large effect on the world economy or even “start World War III.”

    Curtis also testified that General Ver had brought him to a basement room in the Marcoses’ Miravelles summer palace, where the gold bars were kept. Curtis entered a room “about roughly 40 by 40,” stacked to the ceiling with bars of gold. He estimated the ceiling to be ten feet high. Two or three four-foot wide aisles ran through the stacks of gold. The bars were in a standard seventy-five kilogram size. He noticed that the bars had oriental markings” on them. Later, Ferdinand showed Curtis a solid gold buddha statue with a removable head, which Curtis identified from the pictures taken at Roxas’s house as the same buddha that Roxas had discovered.

    On cross-examination, Curtis testified that his study of the Yamashi.ta treasure had suggested that the treasure contained eighteen buddhas and was distributed among 172 sites. He also testified that Ferdinand had told him that the gold that Curtis had seen had come from a site in the Luzon region. Moreover, in 1975, while Curtis was working with Ferdinand, another site was discovered in the town of Teresa, and more gold was retrieved.

    Curtis and others began the work of designing and building a refinery in the Philippines to fulfill Ferdinand’s requests. However, on July 5, 1975, General Ver took him to a military cemetery at Fort Bonafacio, walked him to a freshly-dug hole, and put a gun to his head, saying “[W]e’re good friends but[,] I’m sorry, I have to do this.” Curtis was able to talk General Ver out of shooting him and then quickly left the Philippines. He did not return to the Philippines as long as Ferdinand remained in power.

    Olof Jonsson also testified that he had seen stacks of gold bars. Jonsson testified that he had first traveled to the Philippines at the invitation of a colonel stationed at Clark Air Force Base. He was brought there to use his powers as a psychic to locate gold that the colonel believed to be buried there. Jonsson described his psychic powers as including telekinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy, and the power to dematerialize objects with his mind.

    While he was in the Philippines, Jonsson was asked to meet Ferdinand. He was brought to Ferdinand’s office in the Malacanang Palace. Ferdinand invited Jonsson to stay at a guest house on the palace grounds. After several weeks, Jonsson left the Philippines, but he returned in 1975 with Curtis when the latter had traveled to the Philippines in order to discuss resmelting gold with Ferdinand. On this occasion, Jonsson met again with Ferdinand and General Ver. General Ver showed him a basement room in the guest house outside Malacanang Palace and another room in the summer palace, both filled with gold. He was also shown a golden buddha in the summer palace that was too heavy for him to move. Jonsson described the basement room in the guest cottage as being approximately twenty feet wide, forty feet long, and twelve feet high. He estimated the room in the summer palace as measuring “probably 40 feet by 25 or something” and twelve feet in height. Both rooms were filled with two-foot-long bars of gold stacked to the ceiling. Jonsson testified that it was possible that the bars were four inches wide and four inches thick, but that he could not recall exactly.

    A number of witnesses also testified regarding Ferdinand’s alleged attempts to sell his gold surreptitiously. Two Australian citizens, Michael O’Brien and John Doel, testified that they were partners in an Australian real estate venture. In 1983, O’Brien and Doel were seeking capital to finance their project. The partners met a Malaysian, Andrew Tan Beng Chong (Tan), who asked the partners to serve as brokers for the sale of ten thousand metric tons of gold in exchange for commissions on the sale. When O’Brien asked Tan the identity of the owner of such a large amount of gold, Tan stated only that the gold was available and could not be sold by regular means because of the source. O’Brien and Doel agreed to assist and created a company, designated “Remington,” to carry out the transactions. The partners found buyers for the gold, and Doel subsequently traveled to the Philippines on April 20, 1983 at Tan’s instruction. Doel met with Colonel Eike Manois, who claimed to represent the principal seller in the transaction but refused to disclose the seller’s identity. At a subsequent meeting, however, a man identified as “Doming” Clemente, an associate of the colonel’s, told Doel that Ferdinand was the owner of the gold. Clemente also stated that Imelda was aware of the transaction, but that Ferdinand was handling the details.

    During the time that Doel and O’Brien were working on completing the transaction, Clemente relayed an offer from Ferdinand to sell Doel a one-ton golden buddha that Ferdinand had obtained in Baguio City. Doel refused the offer. Clemente also told Doel that the gold bars, which were the object of their transaction, had been “war booty items” and had been “buried in tunnels behind the hospital at Baguio City.”

    O’Brien also traveled to the Philippines. At one point, when he expressed doubt as to the existence of so much gold, he was blindfolded and taken to a warehouse. Inside the warehouse was a stack of approximately three hundred to four hundred boxes, each the size of a six-pack of beer. O’Brien opened one and observed that it contained three crudely smelted gold bars, which he described as being pitted “like an orange peel.” He tried to lift several other boxes and found them too heavy to move. The partners were successful in having the parties sign contracts for the sale of the gold, but, as of July 1983, only a portion of the contracts were executed to their knowledge.

    Norman Dacus, a retired American police officer, testified that he lived in the Philippines between August 1983 and April 1985. Dacus had relocated there because he had been recruited by a friend, Joseph Zbin, to become his partner “in brokering gold for [President] Marcos[.]” Dacus met with O’Brien and Clemente with respect to arranging gold transactions. He also met with Ferdinand, General Ver, and other army officers. Dacus was involved in “educating” Ferdinand about “how gold has a fingerprint on it and how you can tell which gold comes from which country.” Ferdinand advised him that the first increments of gold he planned to sell were in ten-kilogram ingots, bearing the stamp of the Central Bank. At a subsequent meeting, Ferdinand stated that some of the gold was in metric ton blocks. On one occasion, Dacus was shown what he estimated to be one hundred metric tons of gold, located in a vault at the Coconut Planter’s Bank. Later, Dacus was flown to Ilocas Norte and taken to a shrine constructed for Ferdinand. Inside, he observed an approximately four-foot tall, gold-colored buddha statue and what he estimated to be three hundred to five hundred metric tons of gold comprised of twenty-five kilogram ingots.

    Based on portions of the testimony of Robert Curtis, Olof Jonsson, Michael O’Brien, and Norman Dacus, Nelson Colton, a long-time gold trader and manager in the gold refining industry, rendered an opinion regarding the value of the gold that the witnesses had allegedly observed. Colton estimated the volume and value of the gold described by the various witnesses in terms of the price of gold on the world market on various dates, including the time of the alleged conversion and in 1980, when gold was at its highest world price subsequent to the alleged conversion.

    6. Move to Hawai`i

    On February 25, 1986, after they were removed from power by a popular revolution, the United States government transported Ferdinand and Imelda to Hawai`i. Soon thereafter, Roxas contacted a childhood friend, Felix Dacanay, who had become a Georgia resident, to help him press his claims against the Marcoses. On June 3, 1986, Roxas assigned all of his rights to the Yamashi.ta treasure to GBC, which Dacanay had incorporated in Georgia, in exchange for a minority holding of non-voting shares. Richard Hirschfield, an American attorney, testified that he met the Marcoses in Hawai`i in 1986 or 1987. Ferdinand hired him to arrange for an eighteen million dollar loan from Al-Fassi, a member of the Saudi royal family. Marcos offered to secure the loan with gold bullion, of which he claimed to possess tons. He told Hirschfield that he “had access to this Yamashi.ta Treasure from the General of the Japanese War.” Hirschfield also testified that either Ferdinand or Imelda told him that they had taken a golden buddha from the person who discovered the treasure and replaced it with a brass buddha.

    7. The Baguio City Court proceeding regarding the buddha

    Roxas died on May 25, 1993. On April 20, 1995, his brother, Jose Roxas (Jose), commenced an action in Branch III of the Regional Trial Court of Baguio City, praying for release of the buddha statue being retained by the clerk of court and claiming that “I and our family desire to keep the said buddha as a m[e]mento of our late brother, ROGELIO D. ROXAS.” Jose’s petition was supported by two of Roxas’s sons; however, Jose admitted to the court that Roxas had had a number of children out of wedlock whose names he did not know “because [Roxas] had several mistresses.”

    At the initial hearing on the petition, conducted on April 28, 1995, Jose testified that he had been present when the raiding party confiscated the buddha. The court directed Jose to inspect the buddha in the clerk’s possession and testify whether it was the same one taken from Rogelio Roxas. The court noted from its own observation that it appears . . . that the color is gold but it is superficial, it is only the outer part because there are parts where the color was chipoff [sic] and what you see is silver or white[.]” Jose identified the buddha as the statue confiscated from Roxas’s house.

    More on this the meantime do some research of your own.[/i]

    sent in by a t-net member

    In the closing months of World War II, in the Philippines, several of Japan’s highest ranking imperial princes hid tons of looted gold bullion and other stolen treasure in caves and tunnels, to recover later. This was the wealth of 12 Asian countries, accumulated over thousands of years.

    Expert teams accompanying Japan’s armed forces had systematically emptied treasuries, banks, factories, private homes, pawn shops, art galleries, and stripped ordinary people, while Japan’s top gangsters looted Asia’s underworld and its black economy.

    There were 175 ”imperial” treasure sites hidden throughout the Philippines. When American tanks were close, the chief engineers of those vaults were given a farewell party 67 metres underground in Tunnel 8 in the mountains of Luzon, stacked with row after row of gold bars. As the evening progressed, they drank great quantities of sake, sang patriotic songs and shouted banzai (long life).

    At midnight, General Yamashita Tomoyuki and the princes slipped out, and dynamite charges were set off in the access tunnels, entombing the engineers. Their vaults would remain secret. The princes escaped to Tokyo by submarine, and three months later General Yamashita surrendered to American troops. Japan had lost the war militarily, but the princes made certain Japan did not lose financially.

    This grisly event has remained unknown until now, and the hidden treasure was brushed off as a fanciful legend of ”Yamashita’s Gold”. But an eyewitness to the entombment has taken us there and given us his personal account. During the war, Ben Valmores was the young Filipino valet of a senior prince, who was in charge of closing all imperial treasure sites in the Philippines. A sometimes sentimental man, the prince spared Ben’s life and led him out of Tunnel 8 just before the dynamite was detonated.

    Japan’s looting of Asia was overseen by [then-emperor] Hirohito’s brother Prince Chichibu. His organisation was codenamed kin no yuri (Golden Lily), the title of one of the emperor’s poems. Other princes headed different parts of Golden Lily across the conquered territories. Eventually, Japanese sources told us that Ben’s wartime master was prince Takeda Tsuneyoshi, first cousin of Hirohito and grandson of emperor Meiji.

    In 1998, we tested Ben with 1930s photographs of many princes, all the names removed, and he instantly identified prince Takeda, Hirohito’s brother prince Chichibu and other princes.

    Ben said he had spent time with each of them, bringing them food, tea and cigarettes while they inventoried each treasure site. When he saw our photo of Prince Takeda, Ben froze, then began softly crooning the Japanese folk song Sakura, Sakura (Cherry Blossoms), which he said Takeda often sang to himself.

    In the final stages of work on a biography of Japan’s imperial family titled The Yamato Dynasty, we were told that in October 1945, American intelligence agents learned where some of the Japanese loot was hidden in the Philippines, and quietly recovered billions of dollars worth of gold bullion, platinum, and loose diamonds. This information, if true, revealed the existence of an extraordinary state secret, something the United States Government kept from its own citizens for more than half a century. There was no time to include this in the biography. It had to be investigated separately. Here is some of what we have since learned:

    After surrendering on September 2, 1945, General Yamashita was charged with war crimes over gruesome atrocities committed in Manila under the order of an admiral, while Yamashita had ordered withdrawing troops to leave the city unharmed. During his trial, there was no mention of plundered treasure, or of looting during the war.

    But we now know there was a hidden agenda. Because it was not possible to torture General Yamashita physically without this becoming evident to his lawyers, members of his staff were tortured. His driver, Major Kojima Kashii, was given special attention. In charge of the torture of Major Kojima was a Filipino-American intelligence officer named Severino Garcia Santa Romana, whose friends called him Santy. He wanted the major to reveal each place where he had taken Yamashita, where bullion and other treasure was hidden for recovery after the war. Supervising Santy during the torture was Captain Edward Lansdale, later one of America’s best known ”Cold Warriors”.

    Early that October, Kojima broke and led Lansdale and Santy to more than a dozen Golden Lily treasure vaults in the rugged country north of Manila. What they found astounded everyone from General Douglas MacArthur all the way up to the White House. After discussions with his cabinet, President Harry Truman decided to keep the recovery a state secret.

    Santy’s ensuing recoveries greatly altered America’s leverage during the Cold War. According to senior US government officials and high-ranking US Army officers, the Truman administration set this treasure aside along with Axis loot recovered in Europe, as a secret political action fund to fight communism in the Cold War.

    Crudely put, it would be used to bribe statesmen and military officers, and to buy elections for anti-communist political parties. The idea for a global political action fund based on war loot had originated with US secretary of war, Henry Stimson. During the war, Stimson had a brain-trust thinking hard about recovered Axis plunder, and how it should be handled after the war. Their solution was to set up what is informally called the ”Black Eagle Trust”, after the black eagle emblem of Hitler’s Reichsbank in Berlin.

    The Black Eagle Trust was first discussed in secret during July 1944, when 44 nations met at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, to plan the post-war economy. This was confirmed to us by a number of high-level sources, including former CIA deputy director Ray Cline, who knew about Santy’s recoveries in 1945, and continued to be involved in attempts in the 1980s and 1990s to hide blocks of Japanese war loot still said to be in the vaults of banks in New York.

    In November 1945, General MacArthur strolled down row after row of gold bars stacked two metres tall during a tour of vaults opened by Santy. >From what was seen in these vaults alone, it was evident that over a period of years Japan had looted billions of dollars in treasure from all over Asia.Much of this plunder had reached Japan overland earlier, from China through Korea, but the rest was hidden in the Philippines, unable to be shipped to Japan by sea because of the successful US submarine blockade.

    According to Ray Cline and others, between 1945 and 1947 the gold bullion recovered by Santy and Lansdale was moved discreetly to 172 accounts at banks in 42 countries.

    There were important reasons for all this secrecy. If the recovery of this huge mass of stolen gold was known only to a trusted few, the countries and individuals that had been plundered could not lay claim to it. Truman recognised that the very existence of so much black gold, if it became public knowledge, would cause the metal’s fixed price to collapse. But as long as the gold was kept hidden, prices could be maintained and currencies pegged to gold would be stable. Meanwhile, the black gold would serve as a reserve asset, bolstering the prime banks in each country, and strengthening the anti-communist governments of those nations.

    To hide the existence of all this treasure, Washington had to tell a number of lies. Especially lies about Japan, which had stolen most of the gold. America wanted Japan to become its anti-communist bastion in Asia, where the mainland was being overrun by communists. If American conservatives and Japanese conservatives were to ally effectively against communism, they had to begin by enlarging their financial resources for the Cold War.

    Above all, the source of much of this hidden wealth must never be acknowledged. Washington had to insist, starting in 1945, that Japan never stole anything, and was flat broke and bankrupt when the war ended. Here was the beginning of many terrible secrets.

    Because they remained ”off the books”, these enormous political action funds got into the wrong hands, where they remain to this day. We can reveal that in 1960, then vice-president Richard Nixon ”gave” one of the biggest of these political action funds, the US$35-billion (about HK$272 billion) M-Fund, to leading members of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). In return, he is believed to have sought their support for his presidential campaign that year.

    The M-Fund, now said to be worth more than US$500 billion, is still controlled by members of the LDP.

    Officially, we are told that Japan’s wartime elite the imperial family, the zaibatsu (large industrial business conglomerates), the yakuza (Japanese mafia) and the ”good” bureaucrats ended the war as impoverished victims of a handful of ”bad” military zealots. We are told that Japan was badly damaged and impoverished, barely able to feed itself at war’s end.

    In fact, Japan emerged from the war far richer than before, and with remarkably little damage, except to the homes of millions of ordinary Japanese who did not count, at least in the view of their overlords.

    Evidence of Golden Lily loot comes also from straightforward legal actions in America. Such simple things as the probating of the will of Santa Romana (Santy), verification of his tax records, and legal evidence of his fortune deposited in the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong and elsewhere, provide hard proof that the world is awash with clandestine bank accounts growing out of Golden Lily.

    Other lawsuits in the US prove that Golden Lily war loot was indeed hidden in the Philippines. Rogelio Roxas, a Filipino locksmith, found a one-tonne solid-gold Buddha and thousands of gold bars hidden in a cave near Baguio only to have it stolen from him by President Ferdinand Marcos. Roxas was subsequently tortured and died in suspicious circumstances. Some believe he was murdered. In 1996, a US Federal Court awarded his heirs a judgment of US$22 billion against the Marcos estate.

    As the 1951 Peace Treaty was skewed by secret deals, thousands of Japan’s victims have been deprived of any compensation for their suffering. According to Article 14 of the Treaty: ”It is recognised that Japan should pay reparations to the Allied Powers for the damage and suffering caused by it during the war. Nevertheless it is also recognised that the resources of Japan are not presently sufficient.” To reinforce the claim that Japan was broke, Article 14 noted that ”the Allied Powers waive all reparations claims of the Allied Powers and their nationals arising out of any actions taken by Japan…” By signing the Treaty, Allied countries concurred that Japan’s plunder had vanished down a rabbit hole, and all Japan’s victims were out of luck. In return for going along with the Treaty, the Allies received portions of the gold bullion recovered by Santy.

    We have evidence from former CIA deputy director Cline that the gold bullion Santy and Lansdale recovered was secretly moved to national treasuries and prime banks in more than 42 countries, including Great Britain. We also have evidence from British archives confirming this.

    More than half a century later, the last battle of the Pacific War is being waged in courts in the US and Japan where surviving prisoners of war, slave labourers, comfort women and civilian victims of Japan have filed billion-dollar lawsuits to win compensation so mysteriously denied them after the war. In 1995, it was estimated that there were 700,000 victims of the war who had still received no compensation.

    Today, their numbers are dwindling rapidly because of age and illness. Backing them is an extraordinary coalition, including international law firms with years of experience, fighting for compensation from German industries and Swiss banks, for crimes committed and money looted during the Nazi Holocaust.


    • What many folks do not take into account, is that a Hawaiian Court believed the treasure existed, and made a judgement against Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos! THAT IS A BIG DEAL! It means there was sufficient evidence that the treasure did indeed EXIST.
      Nice Post, Charlie! More info than Bix Weir has, but I believe he links to loads more than he posts on his site.

    Many people have become accustomed to receiving their information from professionally trained, teleprompter driven presenters. Presstitutes and TelepromptObama come to mind. Unfortunately, these sources present what they are paid to say. They are paid to present lies, and hide the truth about the wealth of mankind.  It seems like today the truth comes from people with courage and integrity like Karen Hudes. She is a competent attorney (as evidenced by her position at the World Bank) and she has integrity (as evidenced by her refusal to participate in corruption at the World Bank) and she did an excellent job of presenting her case as it unfolded in written form. If you go to her web site and read through her published files, you will find she excels in presenting her case in written form factually, and thoroughly.  If you want to watch a polished and visually appealing professionally prepared presentation, then go watch TelePromptObama lie to you. On the other hand, if you want to know the truth, listen to people like Karen Hudes, who have been personally exposed to the ugly truth and have the integrity to say no to corruption, lies and theft.

    • @ElaisaKasan
      Good Point, as Karen Hudes is not laying out ALL the evidence in an “interview”, but if she has a strong case, laid out in detail at her website, then that carries much more weight than a scripted performance by a “talking head” lying thru their teeth to us, the only ones that count!

      KH has a user account here, but it’s been a while since she has posted (AFAIK)

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