Source: Banzai7

Source: Banzai7

Economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “We have a situation where all the markets are rigged. All the markets are manipulated.” As an example, Dr. Roberts points to the stock market. Dr. Roberts contends, “We have a stock market at all-time highs, and where is the economy? There’s not one. There’s no recovery.
Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “53% of Americans earn less than $30,000 per year. Well, the poverty rate for a family of four is something like $24,000. . . .
If there is no income to drive the economy and there is no credit expansion to drive the economy, then how does it go anywhere? You can’t possibly have a recovery


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  1. Seems like all the news is repeat old news. Are the Gold and Silver Gurus posting in the the neutral zone now as there is no good new news other than wait and see news as we have been doing for years?

  2. Doink
    I’m back. At least as long as this anonymizer link works. Pretty interesting stuff coming our direction. Stay frosty y’all. We are winning. Doc is fighting hard and fast with his team to fix the damage caused by the Powers that Be. I bet one oz of silver to a mouldy dognut that the DDOS attack was done Monday due to the Yellen confirmation process. We are a loud and always correct vocal group that has the FED in our gunsights. They cant stand that sort of action. That’s my assumption. Occam’s razor says the simplest explanation is the best. FED has its coronation. We are not allowed to the party. They know we’d leave LARGE turds in their punch bowl. Got Crap?
    PS to Charlie
    I read your post about some things I might do with my stack if silver hits $100 an ounce. Yes, I would sell some to pay off the mortgage. Wifey does not like the mortgage. I go with that feeling and concur Anything else I do will be judged at that time. Trading silver for gold or buying something with a PM trade to an asset we need for tactical or strategic purposes, including a stack of FIAT for health care, will be evaluated at that time.
    Until then I keep stacking and retain stack
    Cheers to all

    • I don’t think we are going to see a total breakdown as  far as loss of utilities long term but you are right, something to pay medical with(unless the doc will take silver) and cash for right after the collapse to buy supplies. Past 3 months I bet US dollars will be used to light the fireplace to stay warm, we could see one rough winter so I am stacking 5 tons of wood pellets.

    • @MaryB
      “…we could see one rough winter so I am stacking 5 tons of wood pellets.”
      Yes, we could.  Do you have a pellet stove or are those just for fireplace fodder?  I have a wood burning stove that works well when the fire is kept small.  If it gets too big, it will overheat the two rooms closest to it.  My son has a pellet stove.  I love the convenience of it but it would not work in a SHTF situation.  It needs electricity to work.

  3. MaryB I concur with your thinking and stack in part to pay for medical services in tough times or one of breakdown
    Arctee I am bringing in the top guns to work on my connectivity. Charlie just shifted to TOR and I have that lined up to install if my Computer Colonel gives me the go signal and installs the system Thanks for the tip

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