Former Goldman Banker Nomi Prins: Syria War Could Implode Derivatives!

Former Goldman Sachs banker Nomi Prins says the financial system is more risky than before the 2008 meltdown. Prins, who wrote the best-seller, “It Takes a Pillage,” says, “We have greater concentration of . . . financial risk within fewer institutions. So, we’re in a situation where there is moral hazard, but there is more recklessness beneath the surface because they know they can get away with it.” Prins sees the recent op-ed piece by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the New York Times as a warning. She says, “To use Obama’s term, ‘American exceptionalism,’ as an excuse for that kind of combat, doesn’t negate the risk associated with it.” So, what could a U.S. war in Syria do to the fragile global economy? Prins contends, “It could implode and have serious ramifications on the financial systems starting with derivatives and working on outward.” Prins goes on to say, “It’s a tremendously dangerous time to be moving forward with aggression rather than moving backwards with diplomacy.” As far as the stock market goes, Prins says, “I would not put my money in the stock market right now. . . I would stay away from it because that is flimsy ground.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with best-selling author & former Goldman Sachs banker Nomi Prins.

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  1. 2 word…

    • Hey Dirt,
      I think I saw her driving a Rolls convertible with a Handy Cap placard hanging from the rear view mirror, so I recommend that you not get to excited. Down Boy, Down!

    • man I’d tapdance over broken glass barefoot for a mile just to hear her break wind in a walkie talkie ( from her wheelchair or otherwise ).

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    For all my stacking friends.  Please be aware of this:

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      What the heck would you do with a real Silver Bar anyhow? No merchant is going to have the equipment to assay the bar and you would need to eventually have it assayed anyway at your expense not theirs.

    • Well he better have a scale or something to check the coins. I know I do. Lol Also I have plenty of bars, all real.

    • my rule. Only 1 ounce coins, only from respectable dealers. Sniffing around for deals is when this happens, if you don’t know how to do your homework.

  3. As ALWAYS “COULD” or “MAY” is the magic guard word. There will be no war in Syria and if you think so, saddle up and join
    The Marines (Always First In By The Way)  A lot of articles featured here are fill ins for hyper thoughts, because nobody really
    knows what’s happnin’ Now Baby!

  4. As far as the ‘market’ being flimsy…….yeah; we’re all very aware of that.  Stack it and stack it deep!

  5. By the way have you noticed that oil has dropped? War in Syria….don’t think so. If Oil goes up then you might want to worry, but I wouldn’t go overboard and break out in the Shingles.

  6. Live Stock and Laughing Stock!

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  8. Ranger:  Just when I think you are indeed certifiable (in my state I can get PAID for turning you into a looney bin) you come up with the two pictorial gems.  I’m confused!!!!!

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    Beauty & Brains, awesome combination.

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