Former Goldman Banker Nomi Prins On Why Depositors Could Lose Money in the Next Bank Crisis

Nomi Prins, former Wall Street banker and author, says, There’s this myth . . . that somehow the Fed’s quantitative easing (money printing) is helping to create jobs. The big six bank stocks are outperforming the rise in the stock market generally by ten times, and that is really not talked about very much, and that’s a big multiple. They are the ones who have received the most benefit, and they are the ones who are still in trouble.”
Can the Fed stop supporting the big banks?  According to Prins, The banks can’t survive without the Fed support, period. . . . The Fed will not discontinue its program of helping these banks because the levels of problems are still the same.”  According to Prins, depositors could be in trouble during the next banking calamity.  Prins contends, That is a danger.  Depositors could lose money because the FDIC would not be able to contain a mega fallout. . . . They’re creating a facade of stability until it falls apart.”

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  1. Nomi, you are hot.  Just find yourself a fully loaded sugardaddy and live happily everafter.  And please, don’t tell us all what we already know and heard a million times.

  2. I gasp for air every time I see that picture.

  3. Yea the picture is a little different from real life, I see a little aging going on but the mind is still sharp. Lol Keep Stacking

  4. The FED and the big six TBTF banks….the Death of America.
    Call it what it is…evil, rotten and corrupt.

  5. The big six banks are an has been fully loaded by 85 billion dollars a month deposited every month by the fed. They have more money then they want to do with. They don’t loan to the American people just back to the government. Other wise there be real inflation. Its capped by the gov. If you do the math by fractional reserve banking laws the math equals out to over 16trillion dollars of loan value. 85x24x10. The big six banks wont collapse I guarantee it. But if they don’t loan to the smaller ones they could. Its almost like the government is putting all its wealth an dollar power into the banks an letting the government feed off of them. But when Obama care kicks in 100% most people will just stop paying there income taxes all together.

    • “But when Obama care kicks in 100% most people will just stop paying their income taxes all together.”
      IMO that is extremely likely. I see a major wave of civil disobedience ahead, and so does the F’ed Govt. 
      Hence the arming of the alphabet agencies like the IRS. Armed with (up to) 2 BILLION ROUNDS OF .40 cal ammo, 
      they will be lurking around looking for offenders. Millions are setting up for a Black Market, if not an all out revolt. 
      They are tapering this introduction into ObamaCare so as to accomplish 4 things: (IMO)
      1. Relieve the burden of the change over on themselves
      2. Relieve the burden of the change over on businesses (maybe minimally)
      3. Give them more time to deal with and prepare for the backlash
      4. Acclimate the public to the ACA, venting outrage over years instead of all at once.
      TPTB had better tread lightly, or get the party started, because as fas as the public is concerned, the thermostat is stuck at around 211.8* F and ready to boil over. People are $h*t full of this idiocy, but I commend the good citizens of our once fair Republic, for not going out there and going postal. Seems the Lib-Tards have a corner on that :D

  6. Banksters on the Run>

  7. No matter how much money we feed the banks their tummies never get full. That’s a good business model for them.  

  8. I guess I’m pretty lucky to be able to keep my taxes over the last 4 years to about $2-3,000 a year Fed   NV does not have income taxes.  2013 will be a -0- tax year. With some creative bookkeeping maybe no Fed taxes in 2014  My CPA is a GENIUS. 
    Californios are fleeing Kleptifornia, coming to the land of CCWs, gold and silver mines and legal prostitution. 
    Heck, we are even seeing medical marijuana legalized in NV, taking business from the aPOThecaries in Truckee and the nearby mountains. 
    Now if we could just get some really good wineries in Nevada, we’d be set.  Lots of brew pubs around though

    • “Now if we could just get some really good wineries in Nevada, we’d be set.”
      Good luck with that, AG.  It takes WATER to grow grapes and as great as Nevada is, you guys don’t have much of that except for Lake Tahoe.  ;-)
      “Californios are fleeing Kleptifornia, coming to the land of CCWs, gold and silver mines and legal prostitution.”
      Prostitution?  Heck, AG, DC has you guys beat, hands down.  The 546 whores in DC make it their business to screw EVERYONE in this country… repeatedly!  X-[

    • But PIMP AG and his girls want their customers to be HAPPY, 
      the DC Whore$ couldn’t care less…  >:-(

  9. My girls only take silver for services.   I take the tax write offs to shelter my other business. 

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