ObamaAfter successfully signing up for Obamacare via the Washington exchange, Jessica Sanford wrote a letter to President Obama expressing her glee at finally being able to obtain affordable health insurance coverage.  The President proudly read Ms. Sanford’s letter during an Oct 21st speech touting the success of the ACA.
Fast forward 1 month, and Ms. Sanford has discovered that she has been repriced out of Obamacare, as the latest glitch in the Obamacare system inaccurately calculated her rates and premiums.
So she’s now uninsured again….

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    • With even a bit of luck, it will kill stupid political ideas for generations to come.  Nah, asking for people to pull their heads out so they can finally see daylight really IS asking too much.  Apparently.

    • Andrew 
      It’s contagious, inherited, painful and nearly incurable.
      you can catch it from everyone.
        It’s like herpes, the gift that keeps on giving.
      Half the country is infected.  The remaining people have to care for the infected ones.

  1. The following is NOT DIRECTED AT ANYONE here at SD.  It is an expression of my ire and disgust. 
    You know, when the statists and government based terrorists in this country were pushing so hard to make the “Affordable Care Act” a reality, I told people, this is a power grab, this is a human rights violation, this is a TRAP and it won’t work because it is fully intended to be a failure as far as being an insurance alternative goes because they aren’t concerned with insuring us, they want us DEAD! they looked at me like I was a deluded, reactionary racist, and the only reason I really was against “Obama-Care” was because I hate black people.  Amazing these mind-readers who just magically come up with that. 

    And Now, as the days go by and Nancy is finding out what’s in the bill, we’re finding out that a) it’s not affordable, b) It doesn’t work and c) it truly is a violation of human rights!  Everything I said it would be it is, so from a particular political vantage point, Kudos go to you Washington Bolsheviks  for a resounding success.

    The destruction of this country your predecessors failed to accomplish YOU, Barack Obama, have done.  I hope you’re proud of yourself.

    We’re not going to sign up for this, and Harry can shove it if he doesn’t like it.  We’re not going to pay any penalties either.  This is NOT law;  This is BULLSHIT.  We’re not going to pay for it.  I am so done with putting up with you lying obstructionist and satanic arseholes in Washington who THINK you are in charge of everything.  Clue:  You aren’t; and you never were.  Your mandate is on the higher road which you missed…badly

    So, the best thing to do is REPEAL this atrocity. You had a chance to do something really good for America, and you failed so miserably that FAIL isn’t a strong enough word.  It’s like you people will screw up a wet dream, and then you try and tell us you’ll create healthcare insurance that actually works?  When is the appropriate time to believe a “government” that has been lying to you for as long as you’ve been alive?  When are we supposed to do that? Pretty much never, huh?

  2. MsLiberty  I agree with you 100% .  This is nothing more or less than the last nail in the coffin.  I’ll go one step farther and repeat what i said last week.  I am DONE DONE DONE with this government.  And will say anything and do anything in any domain to get the word out that the Federal government’s primary intention is to destroy us. 
    The fight is on.
    Harry Reed’s putsch in the Senate, turning a political institution into a presidential echo chamber  was one of the last hammer blows to that final nail.
    Hitlerian in its scope, no a shot was fired.
      We just dropped over the cliff, one day before the 50th Anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination.  No accident on that timing, methinks

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