In today’s Midday News we hear that Chicago Fed President, Charles Evans really likes infinite numbers and we review the subsequent reaction of Gold and Silver. We also hear what Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke thinks the effects of endless QE will be on the US National Debt. (You may be surprised by what Ben thinks.)




  1. Silver’s been trading is a range from low $34 to mid $35 an ounce and no amount of short selling has broken the back of the this rage.  Does this mean that once silver does move decisively, will it go up or down?

  2. Even if the cartel doesn’t want silver to be at 35.60$ per ounce or even more, they are also having hard time to crush silver’s price to make it lower than 34$ per ounce. That’s why I think that we are going to stay at about 34.50$ for a long time.

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