Our friend Sean from SGTReport has released an excellent interview with Susanne Posel of occupycorporatism.com discussing the government’s plans for martial law in the United States. Susanne shares her insights about the preparatory measures the DHS and military are taking, and why: “They know the collapse is coming, so they are preparing for it.” Susanne also shares shocking information about a computer banking virus that may be used as the excuse to shut down banks internationally.
If you hear about this in the news, you have 72 hours to do whatever you plan to do before the collapse.

Full interview below:

Part 2: This Global Cabal Wants to STEAL EVERYTHING and Kill 90% of Us

  1. Wait a second .. the military has been ordered to shoot and take our guns? Where is the backup to what this Susanne P says? What are her sources for this information?

    I have not read or perused the original article by SP yet, so perhaps her sources are detailed in there. I need to go look.

    I just have an issue with provocative statements that are unsubstantiated.

    Those ghouls ain’t socking away millions of rounds of dum-dums for 4th of July, folks. If anyone here has read ‘The Black Book of Communism’, they know that Marxies have killed some 100 millions of folks already in pursuance of their stupid Utopian wet-dream delirium. If this girl isn’t exactly correct in connecting her dots … she ain’t really far off.

  3. If Suzanne is half right we might see some trouble on the horizon.  Kind of like being warned that a hurricane is coming our way   Batten down the hatches It could get windy.
    The two UK banks RBS and Northern Trust had some interesting computer software issues with problems ranging from ATM shutdowns, double billing accounts, accounts shut down and inaccessible Some of these ‘glitches’ lasted for several days to two weeks. The explanations were total crap.

    Speaking as a former banker I can tell you that unless the bank was taken over by the FDIC and shut down and in such bad trouble that it was unsellable, the system still operated on Monday and the people got their money. There were nearly 1,000 bank failures in the early 1990′s and no one lost money unless they were over the FDIC limit of $100,000 and even then they had a good chance of receiving their funds.
    So RBS and NT problems might be the test runs— That’s a guess but certain things are starting to line up.

    • AGXIIK, When that day comes to take my guns they will have to take me out, cause I’m not gonna hand them over. I’m an outdoorsman(hunt/fish), it’s my passion, not a killer. You take my passion then take me out. 

  4. The one thing that still surprises me to this day?!  The amount of people who don’t know or thing that anything is wrong. Still shopping with these credit cards. Buying things with the money they don’t have. Not turning over excess currency for Silver and if gold ( if they can afford it). Take all your personal items out of safety deposit boxes, getting out of paper-stocks, taking your personal 401k plans and converting to Silver and or Gold. 

    Growing your own veggies. Now I can actually say there are plenty of people out here growing their own veggies. 

    I get tired of the same ole false promises its coming or it is imminent to hit (financial disaster!) When it happens and I wish it would happen before the election and holiday season! People will them wake up and finally realize they have been asleep far to long. When they start to ask me for answers? My reply to them will be this? I have reached out to you for years. Telling you and even pointing you into the right directions. Yet you consistently blew me off. 

    So as I retrieve my savings of Gold, Silver and other metals. Just remember? You never listened. I will be living in a distant land far far away. 

  5. AGIIX, silverdog, you guys are correct to stay wary and give ‘benefit of doubt’ to these rumors. The thought occured to me in a flash, that a large portion of those dum-dums COULD be earmarked for a modern American version of the ‘Night of Long Knives’. Soldiers on bases are unarmed, sitting ducks! How ELSE could the Lying Marxie Kenyan Usurper Alien Cockroach brag on his campaign that he envisioned a … civilian force … ARMED AS WELL AS THE STANDING MILITARY? He said right then and there, his plan is to nutralize the enlistees and replace them with his own ‘green-shirts’. If I were the Brass, I’d execute a … DOMESTIC … def-con V.

    • As a retiree, I can tell you the upper “brass” does not trust you farther than they can throw you.  Safety first and foremost.  Lock up the weapons SO YOU DON’T HURT YOURSELF.  Keep the PERSONAL WEAPONS OUT OF THE BARRACKS AND LOCK THEM UP AS WELL.  Wouldn’t want anything bad to happen. 
      The married folks living on post may have their personal weapons with them, the rest are defenseless. Ask Major Nidal Hasan.

  6. JAMC  I’m with you on your thoughts.  There are millions of people like you and me  That is a formidable force.
    Pat Fields—you have a bead of this whole thing with the military  There are the perfumed princes in the military who will do anything for the Emperor.  But retired and former military are not so complaint
    ACRUZN  I think the head in the sand for the average person is either normalcy bias or its cousin confirmation bias. (having never seen the real bad stuff that can happen  80% of the people just go about their daily lives hoping nothing will get worse than it is) 10% will panic and 10% will have level heads and be somewhat prepared for the things that  are looming on the horizon.  I was talking to a member of my BOB who encountered two people yesterday who typified this bias.  They just simply could not grasp anything except their little world, such as it is.  MacElvany speaks to this in the years before Hitler lower the boom.
    His incremental steps to ring fence, disarm and take over Germany are a great text book of how a civililized advanced people with a powerful country, albeit disabled by the League of Nations restrictions, was seduced by a leader who played the people against each other, demonizing the Jews, Poles, Russians, Reds and the Rich so as to  provide a target for the German people’s wrath. Simplistic as this explanation is, it does appear time and time again in history–even before the internet.  Hitler had his NDAA, NDRP and telephonic shut downs and intercepts.
     Like the terrorist targets we throw out daily, false flag most, the Germans found out too late they were sold a bill of goods by Hitler about the enemies of the Reich. Their rough patch was historic.  
    I just picked up a note on another site about Obama and the forced teenage sterilization and abortions going on without parental consent. This was also a powerful force in pre-war Germany.

  7. I’ve been trying to figure out how a gun confiscation would work with there being over 90 million guns in the country. The military coming in to confiscation or “dispatch” the gun owner seems a little too overt for it to be anything but a blood bath. One possible scenario is the use of thugs, or officers posing as such, by the DHS or whomever to do home invasions. They can identify gun owners and organize a crime of invasion to do the dirty deed of either killing or confiscation i.e. robbery. Seems far fetched to me but considering what I am witnessing going on in the news and in this country, I don’t think it out of the realm of possibilities.

  8. The banks tell lies all the time.  This VIRUS issue is a bank created scam.  You can make billions disappear… OH a virus did it.  Maybe this will be JP Morgans next excuse to sink the ship… Oh a Virus took those billions.  These stories are bank lies and bullsh*t.  Banks are so secure today.  Servers have 256K encryption,  Viruses cant even read the code on these servers, let alone insert their malicious trojans.  Watch how many Viruses appear in the banks, taking all your money in the next year, making it disappear.  We know who the viruses are, they are the scumbag bankers and their crony banking institutions,  Screw the banks and buy gold and silver.  95% of assets in Gold and Silver, the rest in cash.

  9. a big THUMBS DOWN to susanne posel, SGT keeps posting her junk, she is a loudmouth, alarmist, and attention seeker, much like alex jones, and makes outrageous unsubstantiated claims.
    which is unfortunate, as i otherwise like SGT
    and that’s not to say that nothing they state is true, it’s just that the signal to noise ratio is low.
    yes, there is a great deal of evil in the world.
    but making wild unsubstantiated speculative claims serves no purpose, other than to discredit the one making those claims.
    where is the supposed false flag attack on the olympics that was supposed to happen?
    there is enough misinformation, conjecture, and lies in the world.
    rebroadcasting the noise and muddled information coming from susanne posel/occupy corporatism and their ilk, only serves to discredit those rebroadcasting the info.
    let’s stick to the facts, stick to the truth.

    • Thanks for your thoughts reflector. 
      Just wondering…where do we get these truths in which you speak?
      There is relatively small town in New England about six months ago aquired three armored personal carriers and all kind of riot gear.
      What do they need these for? It didn’t make the news, but I have a friend who saw them.
      Just saying. 

  10. A big thumbs down to REFLECTOR.  Are you a paid shill?  Or just a little on edge?
    Only new info is the 72 hour ATM warning.  Everything else she reported has been in the news.  I’ll take it.  Keep up the good work.

  11. I can’t tell if this is connecting the dots or if it’s picking the dots…

    I do know that all governing bodies requires the consent of the people whether they are aware of this consent or not. No retaliation is necessary, just the simple withdrawal of consent is all that is required. Prime example is gandhi and india’s independence. The tyrants of the past were all approved by the people. This is very possible in a singular culture and I don’t think this will happen in america: we’re just too diverse, and the most diversity exists in the largest cities.

    There is one irrefutable law of liberty, and that it’s fruits is also it’s protection: diversity. 

    The principle for which those in power keep the masses divided and confused is that if there is an amassing opposition that reaches 10% of the population, the probability of a black swan event or grass roots campaign/underground is near certainty.

    And in the most dire of consequences, americans have this urge to help each other in times of crisis.

    The power elites know that if they want to bring about tyranny, they would need to break the american spirit.

    The American spirit is indomitable, for it is the essence of the human condition: freedom. And if freedom was obliterated and forgotten on earth, there are those who will rediscover it.

    The upcoming major catastrophes will not be by design, but by indifference, a failure in general vigilance, as it has always been.

    Just as the people will be harshly reminded of what true money is, they will also be harshly reminded that each soul cannot outsource their responsibility and accountability.

    My only hope is that this mistake is well learned, so that the Second American renaissance will be unlike the human race ever conceived.

  12. 72 hours is not enough time to by your Phyzz.  Do it now before an event like this eventuates.  My evaluation is they wont tell you anythings amiss, and I will agree that this bank shutdown or holiday will happen on a Monday, after the weekend, like she says.  But no warning.

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