Because it’s Friday….we have a little SilverDoctors’ entertainment for our readers.

AGXIIK has reprised LFMAO’s Party Rock Anthem…

Every Day I’m Stackin Some

Party Rock  Silver Doctor’s Style

The Doc:   Yeah!

Bull Run:  Woo     Let’s go

Paper silver, it’s just got to go;  Jamie Dimon, you got’s to say it ain’t so

JPM’s criminality, get’s a pass at the CFTC.

Silver Doctor’s in the house tonight, Sound money’s gonna make it all right,

Paper tradin’, headed for a crash, Take that Bullion, get rid of cash

Stack the Smack, WOOOO

At the Morgue, time’s are tough, Look at Blythe, now, don’t know her stuff

At the Federal Reserve, Ben makes the call,  Derivatives crashin’ like a water fall

With the VIX hopping like a Gigilo, MACD, smack down, High or Low

Bix Weir, Sinclair, go tell me now;  Brother John, gold crossed the DOW,

Wooo, Yoo  Yeah,  that’s manipulation, I’m on to your tricks. give me phyzz for my preppin’

I’m running through Dry Powder like water, I got that itch to buy Phyzz, one buck over spot, or

SD Bullion’s takin’ my  call,  make me spend some more cash, Gettin’ safe harbor metals before the big crash.

Silver Doctor’s in the house tonight, every body’s gonna get a good buy

We gonna make you go ‘ all in’, grab  that silver and gold bullion

Every day I’m stackin’ some, stackin’ some,

Every day I’m shufflin’    shufflin’


We’re sure the Perocets for his recovery from knee replacement surgery were highly instrumental in AGXIIK’s composition of the Silver Doctors Stacking Anthem.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

  1. Well everybody this stuff is vary funny! It shows me that we may have a gloomy outlook to opoesed to others views. they can call us gloom & doom gold and silver bugs. Maybe so but we are not negative in mind. I see hear that no matter what is going on in the world we don’t give a f**k. We will look to the bright side, if there isn’t one we will make one.

    And now for a little bad news
    M45 got arrested for a DUI 
    after the party.That dam duck
    can’t hold his liquor!
  2. Ok M45 you feel better now? We need to stay on top of the news and learning. But one can do a negative intake over lode. We have to keep doing things that make us and others around us HAPPY

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