Eurozone Launches Currency Roach Motel: Your Money Checks In, But it Doesn’t Check Out!

roach motelBy AGXIIK:

Face it folks, the die is cast.  Bankers have shown their true colors. They are no different that robber barons of days past.  They will steal your money through interest, fees, penalties, foreclosures and if those fail, they will steal your assets because you are a convenient and conveniently foolish cash sheep waiting to be fleeced.

The modern financial system has become a Currency Roach Motel.  Your money checks in but it doesn’t check out.

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For as long as I can remember we’ve known that the government regards our money and assets as something on ‘temporary loan’ from the government. What’s our is theirs or so they think.  Somehow, as we wallow in our little nests of debt, we apparently accept that fate, excepting the Silver Doctor Irregulars.
With the advent of people being MF Global’d, the people of Cyprus are finding out that the banks are now infected with the same disease, the same mental condition that makes them think our deposits are now theirs.  We regularly see the difficulty of extracting FIAT from the bank, with the entire cadre of banker drones giving us the turd eye when we ask for our money bank.
It’s Oliver Twiatian in it scope. ‘Please sir, may I have some more?’  ‘No, you can’t have your pudding until you eat your meat’  This phrase is about as nonsensical as some of the banker excuses I’ve heard from readers here describing how they are treated at their local FIAT Venus Fly Trap, aka bank.   Or maybe like a Currency Roach Motel.  Your money checks in but it doesn’t check out.

Face it folks, the die is cast.  While I give Frau Dracmercula her due in that she grabbed the oligarchs by their Ball-Shevixs, there will be some payback on that action.  Bankers have shown their true colors. They are no different that robber barons of days past.  They will steal your money through interest, fees, penalties, foreclosures and if those fail, they will steal your assets because you are a convenient and conveniently foolish cash sheep waiting to be fleeced.

There is a bit of good news.  Bankers live amongst us. They are our neighbors. Their kids go to the same schools as ours and they attend the same churches (for different reasons no doubt).  That thought reminds me of the ending scene in Open Range.  Boss and Costner have gunned down the robber baron and his henchmen.  The last of that crew is seen in the background running like a coward from the townspeople.  He gets his just desserts.  Costner’s great line from the movie was when he and Boss visited the sheriff and the baron.  Costner later noted to Boss, ‘you can tell a lot about a man’s intention if you listen to what they say’   The ghouls in Troika have laid down their marker and made their intentions clear.  No more Free Grazing on their land.

A quick note on Cyprus.  The bail in will be short over 3 billion euros as russian oligarchs were able to siphon off their bit deposits through Cypriot bank affiliates in Russian before and during the week of the bank shutdown.
The haircut will now include a scalping.

A member of the EU parliament is proposing new rules that all Eurozone banks be subject to bail ins on accounts over 100,000 Euros.
The jig is now most certainly up. He also warned that big depositors check the health of their bank before depositing more than  100,000 euros. 
The Bank of Cyprus head just resigned.
The plot sickens.



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  1. Rebuke yellow metal for white metal.  The banks are buying Gold.  To hell with them.  That’s how I weigh in on it.  

    • Central banks are buying a lot of gold! Plus, all of these gold bars are in physical form. Perhaps maybe after the collapse of the US dollar, the banksters will reestablish a new gold standard.

  2. Scene from the bizzaro world in Cyprus and in Europe…bank runs on paper.  Go figure.  People waiting hours to claim paper receipts when gov’ts can print unlimited quantities.  But, no run on the COMEX where supplies are truly limited.  World is upside down.  At least for now.

  3. All this negative news is terrible.  I went over to Steve Quayle’s site to see if any of this negativity could be one-upped.  
    I can always depend on Steve.

    • Ha Ha, damn right Pollo, if you want to feel even worse, head over to Quayle :) )))
      Could be true though!!!
      RBS’ problems have been liquidity issues, no doubt. I think their lines of credit are being reigned in.

    • Thx for the link Pollo. I haven’t listened to his show in awhile. I would like to hear what he has to say about all of this crap piling up lately.

    • That’s was great link Pollo and I believe all those attacks are planned by the Elite to force a crash around the world so they can gain control for their One World Order Bullshit,

  4. What a fitting description for a modern bank!

  5. Off topics folks.  Those Day of Resistance rounds are first rate. Lots of fine details, the message is striking. If you have a choice on rounds these might make a nice addition to your collection and maybe make a few friends as well.

    • You mean the Silver Bullet Silver Shield medallions? I ordered a Slave Queen and a Freedom Girl from SD Bullion. The shipping sure is really expensive!

  6. @AGXIIK, are those the SSBS rounds you are talking about?  I visited their website this morning – was interested in picking up some of their proof ‘Modern Rendition of the Peace Dollar Lady’ rounds, only to find out that they have shut down ALL sales due to not being able to keep up with demand.
    No shortage of Silver, just look at how the price keeps falling.
    Yep, you betcha!

    • Actually @Mammoth they are closed down to catch up on their orders and now they have run out of blue boxes and are waiting on that shipment to arrive.
      Keep checking the site for when they start selling again it will be only for a few days on the Freedom Girl Proofs before they start selling the next Medallion in line.

    • You can try SD Bullion store because they have a lot in stock which means that they can send you some right away if you need.About the “Modern Rendition of the Peace Dollar Lady”, don’t you meant the Freedom Girl?

  7. Mammoth these are a different round  SSBS is the Chris Duane creation. 
    The Day of Resistance round got its start in Reno NV as one of the cities when rallies were held to celebrate the Second Amendment, gun rights and the right to bear arms The coin date is 1789 to 2013.  Snd amendment signed in 1789.
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    • Oh! I’ve seen these rounds for sale on SD Bullion. I think the message is: “Come and take it”. That’s probably the next round that I’ll be ordering from SD Bullion.

  8. Puts me more in mind of the Bates Motel. Check in with a seeming mild-mannered clerk only to discover he’s a maniacal transvestite waiting to carve you into little bits.

  9. With the Cyprus’ event and with other countries proposing the method as Cyprus’ banks such as Canada, it is really obvious that it is not worth keeping your purchasing powers inside bank accounts!

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