The new film End of the Road has been released publicly.  End of the Road is a financial documentary chronicling the fiat experiment known as the US dollar, its its journey towards its intrinsic value: Zero.
The film features commentary from Eric Sprott, Mike Maloney, Jim Rickards, Jim Puplava, James Turk, & more.

*MUST WACH, & perhaps more importantly, this is a MUST SHARE with friends and family.

Full film can now be viewed below:

  1. Remember….at the end of the day the U.S. has 11 aircraft carrier strike groups.  No other country has anywhere near that.  When push comes to shove our dollar can be backed by the full might and strength of our military rather than the full faith and credit of the civilian politicians.  No other country can exert her will around the world like the United States.  That’s what only a navy can do for you.

  2. Fiat Currency = Hyper Inflation

    Awesome Awesome Video, so much information, I really learned a lot from this video and my understanding of our problems is a hell of a lot more accurate now. This Is The First I’ve heard of GATA What an eye opener.

    They did a great job with this video that I’m sending it out to my e-mail list and posting it on my other forums.

    Explain to me someone, what is the differance between Money and Currency? got this old fart a little confused. LMAO

    Thanks Doc your #1 again. Big Thumbs Up.

    I have to stack some more and faster.

  3. Money is what is supposed to store your wealth – so you can get ahead of the daily feeding yourself – save something for the days there is no food – for instance the futures market for the farmers started out to pay someone to store the wheat today and take possession of tomorrow. The cost of the future wheat was supposed to be today’s price plus the cost of storing the wheat.

    Silver and Gold possess characteristics that make them timeless as a storage of money – example:  their
    unit of measurement is consistent for efficient trade and storage purposes

    Currency is what the system sets up to represent the collateral underpinning the money – the dollar was originally set up to represent a certain unit of gold – you deposited your gold and the bank and they gave you pieces of paper to represent it. (The bankers then took off with all the gold and flooded the world with fake unsecured paper)

    I am not an expert so anybody jump in and correct me if I am wrong or need some tweaking

  4. Near the end I believe Mike Maloney say’s this will be a great oppertunity for Money as the Best Investment, explain it please, Feed Me, Feed Me What does he mean by Money? Is it Gold, Silver? I’m confused. Lol

  5. I’m getting ready to watch this clip now but I first wanted to comment on some comments…
    First I would like to state that those who serve, will serve, or have served our military have my highest respect and thanks for putting there lives in harms way when asked for next to nothing… I give them full support 110% of the time… That being said I feel the US military has stuck it’s nose into to many places that it didn’t belong or way over stayed it’s welcome far to many times… I do understand that the government ultimately directs the military and where it goes and for how long so I don’t put blame on our military, they are simply following orders… I place that blame on politicians… War actions to them are just reports and game pieces… They don’t see the real cost nor should they be allowed to direct what they don’t understand…
    Now just because the US  has some of the most technically advanced military equipment there is and one of the strongest groups that one could have does not mean they will be able to roll in and kick anyone’s ass it wants… How many times has the US been forced into a long drawn out conflict just to turn around and leave cause they can not gain the upper hand of any given enemy? Whether it’s little people in tunnels, cave dwellers, rouge fighters hiding in an urban setting… The list could go on… One of the US biggest problems to itself are the rules of engagement when fighting groups that have no value on life be it child, women, elderly, prisoners…. When you fight groups that would rather die going after you than chances not coming out the winner then you need to take a much different approach then the “rules” allow… But we know that will never happen…
    My point is just because you are the biggest, or most advanced, or the baddest bitch in the valley doesn’t mean anything until it’s over… You can still loose having your ass handed to you…
    I just needed to get that out after reading some of the comments… Going to watch me a short film now…

  6. Awesome Danno as a Viet Nam Vet I salute you, you are 100% correct and it is that type of thinking that our goverment and some of the public have that has other countries hating our guts. Again I salute you. Stay Home Defend and Prosper.

  7. M45; START HEAR,

    But all your doing is being confused by names & terminology. Money is slang for moneyer. Start looking at moneyer it’s quit extensive any blue righting is another link to reference that word or meaning. I’ll see you back hear in a week when your done on Wikipedia. ha ha ha 
    Kidding aside you will learn a ton


    Money is any object or record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment ofdebts in a given socio-economic context or country.[1][2][3]The main functions of money are distinguished as: amedium of exchange; a unit of account; a store of value; and, occasionally in the past, a standard of deferred payment.[4][5] Any kind of object or secure verifiable record that fulfills these functions can serve as money.


    moneyer is someone who physically creates money. Moneyers have a long tradition, dating back at least toancient Greece. They became most prominent in the Roman Republic, continuing into the empire.

  8. reddy;

    Can you tell me were in your mind this thought came from.
    welfare military men and women lay down your arms – quit getting off on killing and maiming people – it’s not the world’s fault you can’t get real jobs

    Were the fuck you think your at the huffington post? Or sitting in zoocotti park?
  9. Never mind replying to my questions reddy! But go out in the world and learn something. The fact is the population in the USA with your mind set is why this grate country is in the shape it is. I do not think anyone hear will view your pee brain washing talking points as a good thing.

  10. @ Ugly dog

    The aircraft carrier is vulnerable to missile technology, conventional and nuclear. The US naval fleet is only fit for beating up third world countries. Look at all recent US wars.

    I’m not anti US, just stating facts.

  11. I can’t believe this thread is all about Military did the people posting watch the video? This is one great video and it should be commented about not stupid ass quotes about the military and from people that haven’t probably served. Makes me sick that people just don’t know or care what they say. I better quit before I go off the edge.

  12. Danno 

    I don’t think I finished yet it just my mind can’t comprehend the pee brain. And my anger has put a block on my true thoughts, glad there not in my presents.
  13. Wow I see the video has been pulled, to be honest I was surprised to see it, because it costs $15 to buy normally.

    The video should be free and it should go viral. This is an excellent video for someone who has or is just starting to wake up. I enjoyed it but didn’t learn anything new.


  14. Doc’s Video On “The End Of The Road” Was REMOVED.

    Here’s A Good Vid For M45 On Money:

    M45 Say’s He’s Still Confused By Reddy’s Discussion About Money And Currency.

    Here’s What I Said To “queenbee” on 5-24-2012:
    Queenbee is, of course, confusing “money” with “currency”.
    The two are very different. Unfortunately, in today’s globally insane
    world where everything is forced to be exchanged for paper, most
    uninformed people such as “queenbee” can’t see the difference.

    best way to illustrate this without giving standard definitions from
    some entry in the Webster Dictionary, is to perform the “savings” test
    on each.

    If you save currency, for a few years, you will most
    likely, (maybe 85% of the time), notice that your currency will no
    longer pay for that same can of beans, gallon of gasoline, or that
    electric bill.

    Thus, something happens to currency. Things
    become more valuable, because the cost of labor to produce them rises,
    but that currency just sits there, frozen in time, possessing a
    “declared value” determined by the present cost of labor
    it took to create it–as long as the faith in the authority that
    declared it to have value, (by FIAT), remains in tact. I say this from
    the point of view of a regular citizen vs. a bankster, who can create it
    out of thin air, by I digress.

    If you save gold, (or silver),
    you will most likely, (maybe 85% of the time), notice that your precious
    metal not only pays for that same can of beans, gallon of gasoline, or
    that electric bill, but it “more than pays for it”.

    something happens to precious metals. Things become more valuable, but
    so does that gold or silver in your hand. Yes, it just sits there,
    frozen in time, but it possesses a “value” determined by the future labor
    it’ll take to create it. I say this from the point of view of a regular
    citizen vs. a bankster, who can’t create it out of thin air, by I
    digress again!

    Above Paragraphs for further clarity on the subject. Yes–I wrote that.
    I didn’t find it in some archive of what some past president said.

    the conclusion here?—Well, if you save gold or silver, (money), it
    keeps up with the future cost of the labor required to produce the goods
    and services you want. If you save currency, (paper bankster notes),
    you freeze it’s purchasing power at the moment you acquired it.

    Thus, Precious metals are money, paper bankster notes are currency. And yes, you save gold and silver–you spend currency.

    also touched on another subject where you were additionally dead wrong.
    You said people can’t spend their gold to buy groceries. You are
    technically right, but you’re still dead wrong. The only reason why you
    can not literally go into every grocery story to spend your gold or
    silver in a direct exchange is that the banksters have placed rules
    against it–declaring, by fiat, that only paper bankster notes are
    exchangeable for goods and services.

    They go one step further by
    saying, paper banster notes are “money”–and people like queenbee
    believe it. That’s call “INFORMATION FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION”. Don’t
    concern yourself with this BS–it’s bad for your health.

    does not mean you can’t trade your gold or silver for “things”. It can
    be done easily with good results. There are places called coin shops or
    even banks such as those in Canada, that allow people to exchange their
    gold and silver for currency.

    If you were holding that gold for a
    few years, you’ll actually get more currency now than you spent on it
    in the first place. You then take this currency to the grocery store to
    buy cans of beans. This is why paper bankster notes are called
    “currency”. They CURRENTLY buy goods and services. They will not pay for FUTURE goods and services. Got it?—good…I’m glad to be of help to you Queenbee.

  15. I did watch the video… A very good informative watch!! People should be focusing and talking about that instead of spouting off on things they have no right in talking about… Freedom of speech? Yes! Freedom to bash and talk shit about those who protect there ass and free speech… NO!!
    The video answered a lot of question I had and explained things in a way that my simple thinker box could get its arms around…

  16. Hey guys, just got up from the garden harvesting new potatoes. Mmmmmm.  Just a reminder, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just as much, everyone is entitled to their response. Damn, there’s that entitled word again. I too, get pissed when I hear such comments. I served my time, and at no time did I wish to hurt or maime anyone. I did and do know however, I will do anything it takes to protect my loved one’s as well as the the glorious Constitution under which I served. Make no mistake, I stand tall and proud for the United States of America and not for what it has become. True, if the entire world turns against us it will be a hard row to hoe. We may or may not survive but I will be there until the last man has laid down his/her life in defense of all I believe in. Anybody got a problem with this? If so, I will be happy to educate you as to the freedoms we have even though they are being stripped. There is no other country that has helped so many in such a short period of existence as we have. Yes, we’ve done some very foul things. I challenge any of you to prove no other country has done the same and worse. Thanks Danno and sorry for the rant but I do get emotional over this subject. NORMANDY and that’s just one of many.

  17. Very good video except for the usual libertarian propaganda.

    Making such a movie without even talking about Peak Oil makes no sense.

    I am 100% for the return to honest money, but with Peak Oil and Falling EROI, even that would’nt save us.

    Still, entertaining.

  18. 427 : Yes, Collapse is wonderful. I have been following Ruppert since 2001. If I had followed his advice to buy gold in 2002, I’d be filthy rich. Well, actually I am a lower middle-class guy so I can’t… But IMO Mike C. Ruppert is the real thing… srsrocco is good also (too bad he does not have a blog).

    Falling EROI is the MOST IMPORTANT EVENT OF THE MILLENIUM. That’s it. We went from horse to the moon because of cheap oil. We will go back there unless we find something that can compensate for the cheap energy. Hint : there is nothing. We are in trouble.

    This is the convergence of many crises. The end of the fiat experiment must be understood from the Peak Oil and falling EROI point of view.

    I suggest to everyone to read everything Michael C. Ruppert has written. The guy understood everything that needed to be understood.

  19. The best part of this site is that it’s full of a lot of vary good people. People who care about others, the world, our country. Our anger is generally not misguided to the undeserving.

    America is the same in my mind. This will be what puts the US on top when this fiat end game plays out. Sure there is a few turds on the nice green lawn, nothing that a pooper scooper and water can’t take care of.
  20. Jake love your explaination and video you always make it easy to understand, 427 thanks for the links which I will check out later. I allready know about the Moneyer which I have read about on this site. Also I just finshed watching 3 of your video’s 427 and I will catch up with the other 4 parts of the oil one when my eyes and ears are feeling better. Lol Been a learing experiance on a very wet day. Thanks again Guys.

    2oz thanks for the above compliments, I am no here but I spent 6 months in the 106th General Hospital in Japan because of the Viet Nam crap and I tend to get a little bit aggrevated when some people talk of something they don’t even know anything about.

    That’s why I ask questions on things I don’t know nothing about especially on here where there is a lot of knowledge on what’s happening in the world today. It’s strange I came on this site just to poke around to learn about PM’s but now I’m heading in another directions as the PM’s as I’ve found out will take care of themselves. Stack, Stack, Stack.

  21. Yeah M45. Not only is this a great site for Pm’s but there’s a lot more to learn and understand for all aspects of what is going on in the world. I have a great respect for the DOC’s site as he and Bull put up with more than most sites would. Regardless of what your job was while you served, it took all of everyone to make things happen. PERIOD!

    I really must apologize for my rant but I am what I am. I’ve been here for a couple of years and my horizon’s have been broadened by all who have posted (even if I haven’t agreed). I consider myself very lucky.

  22. We were very lucky to watch that video earlier… It was a great watch with lots of info that was easy to understand… If you didn’t get a chance to see it I would strongly suggest spending the fiat to see it… Well worth it!!

  23. Paraphrasing Michael Gorbachev

    “We needed decades to break down what you are now building up again”

    “Communism didn’t end when the wall came down, it only just begun”

    And that of course means defacto communism where they *say* all’s for the people, and that everyone is equal *but some are more equal than others*.

    Que JPM, Goldman, DB, all the TBTF. 

    So that’s Europe. But ppl should understand that’s also the US/FED and the CBJ, all the biggies that are supposedly running things. They’re going down.

    All need to re-eximine themselves and there will be a monetary reset. It will include gold *and* silver. They all know that. It’s all about who has the most collateral when the reset happens.

  24. SilverDuder In retrospect you might be right about the film not being worth five bucks, because lol, I’ve confused it with “The Road” another film. “End of Road” is still downloading on my side, so I will only be able to really tell if it’s worth five bucks or not when I’ve watched it.

  25. 427—These Are People In Line In Detroit Waiting For Stimulus Money: First Vid Is The Full 1-1/2 minute Audio:

    Second Vid Contains Picture Of The Detroit Line With 24 second Audio:

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