petro dollarIn his latest video, Chris Duane digs in to the UK Daily Mail report that the Saudis have severed diplomatic ties with the US, and are dropping the petro-dollar in response to the failure of the Kerry-Obama team to launch a Syrian invasion.
Duane states the Saudi threats are a hoax aimed to increase pressure on the Obama administration to refocus the war machine on Iran and Syria.
Duane ponders whether Dick Cheney’s plans for a false flag on Americans to justify an Iranian invasion will soon be implemented or whether enough of the world has awoken to the debt & death paradigm to prevent the kick off of World War 3.

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The Doc’s note: If the Saudi’s are in fact distancing themselves from the US and Obama, it may have more to do with the fact that China has just surpassed the U.S. as the world’s largest oil importer.

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  1. We’ll see where it goes. At this point it is prince bandar the ass hole terrorist blowing a tantrum because the US won’t bomb syria as air cover for his al quaeda operatives.
    Where is Saudi Arabia gonna go? Iran would love to flatten them, so would Russia, and they do deserve to be flattened. China? Maybe, but geostrategically China and Russia are as close.
    It could help accelerate the death of the petrodollar in theory though. The crash has been being forecast for years and it isn’t here yet. Of course we’re always 1 day closer but who knows if that is in weeks or decades.

    • CD…If one had no ethics, no morality, and put no value on life, then the best move for the U.S. would be to destroy Saudi Arabia.  Part of what’s got the Saudi’s upset is that they are not getting the Western gold anymore.  It’s really the petro-gold-dollar system.  Since the 70′s when the U.S. needed economic stimulus all they needed to do is drop the price of OPEC crude oil.  Lower oil prices stimulated the economy.  But, the Saudi’s still wanted full value for their crude, so they quietly were compensated with gold through backdoor channels.  The West doesn’t really have anymore gold to give the Saudi’s now.  China is twisting our arm even more than OPEC with their threat to dump $1.8T in t-bills if we don’t let them empty the West of gold. 
      So the Saudi’s are thinking who needs the U.S.  But if we ‘flattened’ Saudi Arabia then no one would get their oil and that would change the geopolitics rather rapidly in our favor.

      However, the one to watch is China.  They are not hoarding Western gold, but rather emptying the West.  China will surprise the world one day when they announce staggering gold reserves.  Loss of reserve currency status will destroy the U.S. economy as an unrelenting, robust, cost push inflation hits our shores.  Interest rates will be forced up and the U.S. gov’t will default.  It’s all in the math. 

    • Actually, in my view the saudis, being a bronze age relic brutal feifdom are the ones who openly have no ethics, morals, respect for human life / rights.
      The US, and generally the western powerbase are the same way as is the Israeli government ( not all jews). The western powerbase, the feudal gulf monarchies, and the Israel form, in my views as stated before, the Satanic Trinity of the world.
       The fact that they are intertwined is a major reason I don’t think you’ll see anything material come out of this tantrum, other than the US starting world war 3 as an apology to the sheiks.

  2. This lying assed dog of a president was voted into office by 51% majority.  Which tells me half the country is pack of brain damaged dips****.   As much as these clueless Koolaid drinking morons believed the baldfaced lies of this domino son of a bitch, the rest of the world’s leaders are not so easily deceived.  It takes a liar to spot a liar and despite the NSA looking up Marie’s kickers, Hollande’s mustache and Merkel’s bloomers, these professional liars, er, I mean world leaders, are shocked, shocked I tell you, at the medacity of this L.A.D. 
    When a president can cause world wide dismay at the level of his bullsheep, exceeding Nixon or Clinton, these are some serious goings ons.  There is no way in the world that anyone in the world community will believe this prick again.  They are going to go into a huddle, discuss what to do with the Greatest Liars in the World (KLUMMAC, Clinton, Kerry et al) and once the decision is made to eliminate this inexecrable lying piece of shite, we as a country will suffer gravely. 
    When 65% of the world’s largest population countries comprising 35-40% of the world’s GDP decides to come out swinging, with the Saudis right there in the lead, dumping bonds by the trillions, right along side of China, Japan and Russia, this country is going to crash hard. Losses on the dollars will come at a price but the dollars are little more than chess pawns dressed up in $5,000 banker suits. But the dollars are done and gone—sunk costs in a currency war that could get really hot really fast.

    You may want to take notice of when these countries go dark and stop complaining about their plans. That is a big tell. Just like a professional poker player who gets totally silent to trap his opponent.
    That’s when things could get really tense.
    The PETRO/GOLD YUAN will be a doozie of the currency and I’m of the opinion that China is moving up the strike date considering the crap coming out of the What House.  Ringfencing the Chinese capital invested with currency controls and elimination of outgoing wires by JPM is a weak assed way to try to stop the Chinese from lowering the boom. Tsu Su wrote the book on currency wars and this case the only exit the Chinese will allow us is to become a financial colony of their new empire.
    Just sayin’ but if the Saudis walk away from a plum of a UN seat, that speaks volumes.  They don’t need no stinking UN to accomplish their goals. Heck, these Arabs have been gaming the infidel world for millenium. They can do it in their sleep.  We’re rank amateurs to this game
    You are downright poetic Silver Stacker.

    • What is happening to the US really reminds me of the movie “Idiocracy” with Obama the black idiot in the WH. Only Diff is Obama is a wimp and not a pro wrestler. His followers would be stupid enough to water crops with Gatorade if told to do so.

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