End Game: $800 SILVER & $8000 GOLD! – Bill Murphy & Don Harrold

8000Unconventional Finance has released a discussion on gold and silver between GATA’s Bill Murphy & analyst Don Harrold.
In the face of large corrections and terrible sentiment (albeit massive physical demand), upon achieving full-valuation at the completion of the major secular bull markets, will we be looking at a a 10/1 silver to gold ratio, and a massive $800 & $8,000/oz?

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  1. These predictions are getting to be embarrassing.

  2. I am so bummed.  I was counting on Sinclair’s 50,000/oz gold prediction.  Damn It!

  3. While we’re at it, I predict $32.00 for a loaf of bread.

  4. I predict $8,000/oz for silver and $56,000/oz for gold within 1 year. Listen to me people. 
    OH Gold just dropped $30 and Silver $ 0.70

  5. BS…endgame is 80,000/oz silver and 560,000/oz gold..next week.  You heard it here first!!!!!

  6. no matter how high or low paper price of  gold and silver is it is worth more that the toilet paper we use for currency now!

  7. Don Harrold is Woogie from Something About Mary.    He was probably not making enough money to keep the family happy doing his YouTube videos, so he had to sell out and enlist with the anti-gold mainstream media propaganda army.

  8. Doc seriously?? **Giant Eyeroll**

    Silver and gold will be many multiples higher, but predictions are just plain childish and egotistical.

    • dont you get it… these people have been harping on this shit and insane numbers for a long time.. 800 silver ?? 500 silver by turk who keeps saying week after week that the bottom is in.. then sending out public lettres stating that we nailed the bottom… It shows you that these shills are out to fill there pockets by selling hope to people.. 
      Doc, you should be ashamed of putting this crap online. 

  9. Why does Elijah even give airtime to idiot Don Harrold???

    • Don Harold was funnier when he went after Jim Kramer. His own calls and convenient memory about bad calls he made and makes have reduced his credibility to zero.

  10. Right now it’s just the Roll Of The

  11. The HFT Silver ALGO’S have got the bit in their teeth…look for more downside action….its not going to be over until you see 15…count on that number….they want silver as low as possible..

    • You trolling, a paper humper or counting on 100% premiums?

    • That’s pretty funny if you think about it.  Someone who says silver will see 15 is trolling.  Someone who predicts silver to 800…oh, cool!

    • There are already shortages and delays on gold and silver now, so whats your point? That falling prices actually mean anything as demand surges and wipes out all remaining above ground stock?
      Some of you guys are equally embarrassing with your ignorance on the subject. You will get NO SILVER at 15. Miners will be shutting down at that price, making the situation much worse.
      And by the way, when has GATA ever been wrong on JPM the last 15 years? Show me something factual please.


    • I don’t think anyone said anything about buying at 15.  Sunray09 referenced “until you see 15″.  I don’t think it’s necessary to equate anyone’s ignorance into the subject.  However, I don’t think us stackers are going to wipe out all remaining above ground stock.  Meeting current demand is one thing, “wipes out all remaining above ground stock” is another.

  12. That’s right, you clever people who buy silver from me at $50 a coin are really smart people, next year it will be worth a million dollars. Trust me, why else would I be selling you silver. I have your interests above my own. Why would I sell all my silver at this rock bottom price, I live for you, a complete and utter stranger. 
    Don’t listen to the general public, only hear my voice, you must be smart, your hearing the music. Not like all those stupid people. :) Sheeple, the lot of them, buying fancy cars, and jets and wind machines, no, don’t look behind that man over there behind the curtain!!!!!

  13. Don Harrold , has no creditability at all. The boy just doesn’t have enough sense to connect the dots.
    Murphy has more on the ball that most who post articles with The Doc. If you watch the London futures day by day, you will see the bumps in the road, the ups and downs, but holding! JPM will soon be clawing at the side of the cliff it will soon fall down from and yes the paper market is well on the way to disconnect from the physical market. Try buying ASE’s right now ans then ask how long it will be for delivery. Silver supply is drying up not only because of demand, bur the mining problem shut downs. If you have the notion that Silver will go to $17.00, then call me a Japanese typewriter.
    What you hold in your hand now may be all that you will hold for quite some time. The Gold and Silver cartels which include the likes of JPM and Goldman Sachs cannot control world economics and the control of worldwide Fiat currency period. Put your mind in the world global economies and work from there and you can better view the charade
    of the truth.and fiction that you read and hear.

  14. The fact IS there is a disconnect between the paper price vs. the price of Silver which you can hold in your hand.  None of us know whether or not the paper price will drop to $15/oz or at what point in time – if ever – the physical price will skyrocket and drag the spot price up with it.
    But at this point in time, it is probably safe to say that the price of Physical will not go any lower than it already is.

  15. Future Silver in Dollars = $8,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000…
    You heard it hear first folks ;)
    The dollar will be confetti money by the end of this decade if we are lucky! Its not about $ amount its about purchasing power. So $80, $250, $500, $800, $2000 Silver is irrelevant. When their isn’t any jobs or banks open what will people do? Kill, Rob and Beg. Best to leave City Areas Asap or have a buggout location ready to go. Silver will be important after the collapse/Hyperinflation. I dont believe people will trade food for Silver if it lasts past one month, because owning food will be the difference between life or death IMO.
    I believe the dollar will get beaten down lower within the next few months. If I am correct in my assumptions I believe by May of 2014 the USDX will dip below 70 and mark the beginning of Hyperinflation. By the end of 2014 the Dollar will be no more! 2014 Xmas wont be a good one. USDX is at 82-83 with the debt ceiling talks beginning in May.  The dollar will begin its downward path cycle in May 2013. In the last few years it took one calender year for Silver to drop roughly 12 points. Its goes up 10-12 (takes half a year) Then down 10-12 points(takes one year). If the starting point is 82 then in one year it will fall to 69-70. Once it passes 70 resistance its over!

    So if the Debt Ceiling talks will propel the USDX lower that means Silver and Gold move higher starting in May 2013. The USDX and Gold/Silver usually move opposite of each other.

  16. http://m.rollingstone.com/?redirurl=/politics/news/

  17. I had to hit return in that link because it wouldnt fit fyi keep stacking

  18. Admit it people it feels good reading predictions of high Silver prices like $800/ounce, hell i even get the calculator out sometimes and work out how much money i’m going to make and sit there with a huge smile on my face for a few moments(dont laugh you know you do it to) until reality kicks in and i realise its all sales hype and bs, the truth is nobody really knows how this plays out, history is a guide thats true, but there are way to many variables to consider that could upend our dreams of getting rich on our little piles of metal. The game is surely rigged but then again if you dont bet you cant win!

    • Lol! – I’ve done the exact same thing. However I’ve also calculated the lowest my stack could go (hopefully no less than 15) and that number is still pretty good. There are not many items that hold their value like PM’s. Most of the junk in our disposable society loses 25-50% of its value to moment you purchase it.
      I stack for the long run. The guy who introduced me to stacking currently wants nothing to do with silver… he’s greedy but I’m cautious. At 26 years old and I’m finally in a position to save a little money, I feel that owning silver is the only way I can save enough to buy a house and some land. I plan to sell a good portion of my stack in the 5-10 year range and continue stacking for retirement.
      I really sincerely do not hope for a mad max scenario.

    • Can somebody please predict $12,000 silver, on parity with gold? I’d feel very good reading that. Or how about the 50 oz house? Now that’s more like it. I’ll buy the whole town. Not laughing, I know I do it. I was doing it tonight.  : )   : )   : )

      @CanadianStacker You canucks speak soooo much sense. Nobody wants a Mad Max scenario, but so many people are wishing for it with their $12,000 silver. Who wants to live in the world where there’s nothing to buy?

  19. According to Don Harrold it sounds like a disconnect between paper and physical price has happened before and that it only takes a bit of time before supply regenerates and starts selling lower. I do think the buy back prices are WAY too low if dealers continue to move the same amount of volume throughout this whole period and into the future.  
    I’m relatively new to stacking so for those of you with more experience – has this ever happened before? 

  20. Silver will be priceless because we will irradiate all living creatures dead. Maybe the next civilization 12,000 years from now, Morgan Stanley Rockefeller will dig up a Stroh’s bottle and a stash of silver ASE’s in what used to be Nevada with a receipt…To AGXIIK from SD Bullion, and the next NWO will begin?

  21. Thomas  
    Silver?  yes.  A whole new Comstock lode.
    Stroh’s?  Nope
    Jameson’s. 12,010 years old

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