Edward Snowden Summarizes Complete NSA Revelations at PACE

snowdenEdward Snowden’s recent testimony at The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) revealed a comprehensive summary of his NSA revelations to date.  
As we suspect you didn’t hear a great deal of this testimony on the nightly news, we present Snowden’s entire 30 minute speech in its entirety below:

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  1. The Globalists are masters.  I think Edward Snowden was a part of a deliberately designed plan to further the decline and destruction of the United States. The purpose was to attack and erode the reputation of the United States as the “White Hats” of the world. This is necessary if they are to ever create a justifiable reason for the fall of this nation.  Snowden’s revelations have done much to hammer home to the entire world just how invasive and corrupt America is and how far it has fallen from it’s perch as the “Beacon on the Hill.”   Now, we’ve seen governments cancel meetings, corporations cancel contracts with US manufacturers and, in general, the whole reputation of the country be called into question all around the globe.  We’ve seen world leaders distrust America now… the entire campaign against the United States is well-served with this leaker of secrets letting the whole world in on the dark reality of the US mendacity in the world with it’s viral globalist cancer firmly embedded in the host..  Just as Julian Assange and others shattered the careful imagery and optics of the United States with Wikileaks.  This campaign to erode and destroy the goodwill and high regard the world held for the United States for so many decades had to be orchestrated at many levels so that the world could, one day, come to realize and respect the reasons why this nation had to be collapsed and taken down in the best interests of the world as a whole… Mission: Being Accomplished Mr. Snowden.
    That said, If you, or any of your IM Force should be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good Luck Edward.

    This tape will self-destruct in five seconds… Pfffffffffffffffffffffffttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!

  2. I can see the Soviets, er Russians, have given Snowden the highest quality internet connection possible. LMAO
    The jerky video is most likely due to the monitoring of his signal by his close ”associates” and the lapses of audio (especially at 23:00) is disturbing as a section of discussion is missing. Obviously a tovarich messed up, but what the hey.

    It amazes me that Snowden continues to rail US internet monitoring while living in the midst the lion den. No word of Russian public suppression of “rights” or domestic spying …. apparently he is clueless.

  3. Cool video. SD’s is first I’ve heard of it. Sovereign Eco’s comments don’t make sense. A country does not reveal its dirty deeds to suicide itself. Philanderers  don’t give a list of their partners. If Snowden is being used by the parasites, it may be to warn the bad guys they may be being monitored by NSA types of all countries. All thinking people know the Fed parasites are responsible for the fall of the USA. The world knows the US has fallen from its perch as ‘Beacon on the Hill,” Iraq, Afghan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Hollywood, SandyHook, 911, GITMO, War on Drugs/Cancer, Ponzi everything, Price fix PMs down, Defense contractors, US Congress, medical system, Banksters, Depleted uranium, GHWB, GWB, Obam, Clintons, Reid…We don’t have to read or listen to Snowden and Assange to know the US and Israel are in the sewer. The US’s dirty deeds have destroyed our reputation, not those who reveal the few dirty deeds that are not common knowledge. 

  4. @Anon
    …A country does not reveal its dirty deeds to suicide itself. Philanderers  don’t give a list of their partners…”
    Make NO mistake, the United States IS being SUICIDED… or, perhaps MURDERED is the more appropriate word. And, trust me, the people who want it DEAD have the ability to engineer the opportunity to engineer precisely what Snowden has done.
    …All thinking people know the Fed parasites are responsible for the fall of the USA…”
    Just like all Americans are awake and alert to the destruction of their own country? All due respect, I beg to differ. You and I know this as part of a painfully small minority of people who’s eyes are not blinded by globalist propaganda. Don’t kid yourself. America’s reputation in the world is still pretty pristine, at least among the masses in the world. The propagandist media isn’t confined to the US, it’s worldwide. Consider, as evidence of this, how almost a trillion dollars of US Federal Reserve Notes are held offshore in mattresses by people, rich and poor alike, who have often witnessed political instability and financial turmoil in their own countries, the likes of which we have never remotely seen in the US. 70% of all US currency in circulation is held offshore, not by sovereign nations, but by those ordinary people. Why? Because, to these people, the US IS most certainly STILL the “Beacon on the Hill!” Hell the world’s propaganda has had a century to cement THAT image into the minds of billions around the world. Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator who gassed his own people, Moammar Ghaddafi supported terrorists blew up a plane over Lockerbie so humanitarian missions were undertaken…. BY THE US, to save these nations from their monsters in power. Those in world governments know the true picture, but they aren’t who Snowden’s revelations were targeted at, except in a peripheral way as punctuation to current events.
    Snowden really did not release anything terribly damaging to US operations. Little has been revealed that many did not already know, especially in the technology arena, but he has really torpedoed the US image and reputation as the good guys. Now, the tech world is suspicious of IBM, Microsoft, and other US technology vendors and are cancelling contracts with US technology vendors because they are no longer trusted. The impacts on the US economy are not trivial. Boeing has lost a few billion in revenue that I can name off the top of my head, because of security concerns of the leadership in the customer countries. The Bolivian President cancelled a state visit with Obama over their anger at the breaches of Bolivian security revelations, Angela Merkel is furious with the US over her personal cell phone being tapped… when? Right as the US and Russia are in a delicate negotiation over Germany role in future trade with both the East AND the West. France is angry with us for breaches…
    …The US’s dirty deeds have destroyed our reputation, not those who reveal the few dirty deeds that are not common knowledge. ..”
    Understand that it isn’t the FEW dirty deeds revealed that are the issue here. Rather it was the revelations of the spying by the US government AND it’s blatant and arrogant disregard of so much as the slightest suggestion that it might have gone too far that has awakened every one with even the slightest technical awareness. That behavior is hardly what a country intending to set an example of benevolence and worldliness to the rest of the world would present or how they would behave.
    As to my comment about this being a deliberate operation designed to discredit the United States, first, you must realize that NO ONE within the NSA intelligence community operating at Snowden’s level would have EVER had the kind of access to the overview and depth of information that he appears to command. NSA is an extension of the MILITARY, and not the CIVILIAN government infrastructure where they KNOW about compartmentalization and the philosophy of “Need to Know.” He could not have possibly collected and arranged to transmit that volume of data outside of the NSA infrastructure, certainly not without help. That’s simply not possible. However, the bigger tipoff to me that this was a ‘controlled opposition’ operation was where he took his information to be released. To the the New York Times, The Washington Post, AND the London Guardian??? THERE ARE NO MORE GLOBALIST-CONTROLLED publishers in the WORLD!!! And Snowden most assuredly would have known this!!! This is precisely what happened with Julian Assange and the Wikileaks caper as well. In BOTH cases, the ‘purloined’ information was transferred to the publications where their dissemination could be most carefully screened, controlled, and released by the elite’s most skilled propagandist hierarchy. Surely, if Snowden had been interested in releasing this information to the public at large as an independent thinker, these would have been the worst choices to take the information to… they would simply have sat on it, and called the US government security people and had Snowden taken care of immediately.
    You can look at the whole myriad of details regarding the man’s travels through the Far East, and how all his ‘attempts’ to seek asylum were denied, such that he ended up in Russia. And you have to ask yourself, how this could have happened the way it did. The US threatened to ground diplomatic flights in International airspace to try to capture him…. C’mon people…. THINK!!!! If they knew this much about his whereabouts, the wet works teams could have taken him out at ANY TIME… Instead, here we are seeing his continued unblocked, un-interfered with High Bandwidth communications to influential gatherings around the world. All the while, we are led to believe that the NSA can’t lay a hand on him because they can’t reach him??? I call BS on that. The only thing the NSA can’t seem to find, is an imaginary airliner flight that they say took off from a place called Kuala Lumpur a month or so ago… And then, answer THIS question? How is it that Snowden’s ‘leaks’ of today have currency in current geopolitical events, when they were ostensibly collected by him before he ever left the NSA? He must have been one hell of a clairvoyant to have known back then just what information to ‘take’ with him so his ‘revelations’ could be so timely and able to influence the course of geopolitics in such key ways today….
    NOPE!!! I am NOT BUYING IT!   Sorry!   NO ‘effin’ WAY!!!!

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