Greg Mannarino: ‘The Dollar Has Entered a TERMINAL PHASE!!!’

Former Bear Stearns trader Greg Mannarino discusse the race to the bottom between the dollar and the Euro.

Mannarino states the dollar has entered a terminal phase and is being continually attacked daily by Ben Bernanke and the Fed.

Mannarino states the ECB’s new plan for unlimited sterilized bond buying will cause the Euro make a sustained bullish run relative to the dollar, which will be classically debased as Bernanke ramps up UNSTERILIZED asset purchases and quantitative easing.

Greg concludes by stating that there is a deliberate attack on the dollar, and that the dollar is going to win the race to the bottom!!!



  1. Did Greg have a specialization at Bear Stearns?

  2. I like this guy very much. He is very competent and very honest and his motivation is to help ordinary people, and explain things in simple terms. He always reminds me what is important these days and listening to him helps me keep my mental feet on the ground, after reading a huge variety of things on our current position.

  3. There really is nothing left to do at this point but survive these criminals and isn’t just survival but rather survival of the fittest! The best way to do it is to passively and peacefully resist them and wake up as many others as we can, while we can along the way. As difficult as it may be, we must keep trying.

  4. Starting to look pretty ugly.  That silver dime is getting more valuable each day.

  5. @MeatEater: If I’m not mistaken, I think it was Bill Murphy who was an NFL player. He gets his “cred” from being right! Why not Greg?

    • @RocketsRedGlare 

       > Why not Greg?

      If the metals go down tomorrow, is Jeff Christian the new super hero – since he predicted that they would go down? I don’t know Greg and I don’t trust just any only youtuber to give me credible information.  

  6. Greg makes some good points. The charts pretty much speak for themselves. Any Black Swan Event could make this all accelerate faster.

  7. Jeff Christian may be Little Ben’s hero and gold did go down 1600th of a %. One could flip a coin and be just as right as little Ben’s super hero. I do see Greg using the correct charts and figures for educated predictions just as all the credible traders, economists and investors do. I do understand what you are saying but he is far from a ranting Rawdog.

  8. Problem is the sheeple won’t listen, the few of us who are prepared will be fighting off those who haven’t.

  9. It sure will thanks to infinity QEs which will force people to flee away from the dollar. Then, hyperinflation will happen which will destroy the dollar. Finally, the 12 hours after the dollar collapse events begin like the video below!

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