Doc’s Deal of the Day:
90% Halves As Low As $1.99 Over Spot at SDBullion!
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  1. Fascinating that more than twice the premium on .999 from the same shop is a good deal. 
    On my own of the world, 72% silver is 7,5% over spot, and .999 hard to find under 20%, dus to taxes.

    I like to hold some junk (local old money) as diversiication and SHTF money, but the problem is that it will never really bring profit.
    Well-chosen .999 coins  and generic rounds can be flipped or more silver as frequently as yearly or better. I am confident that I could double someone’s $500-1000 silver purchase in about 4-5 years, in ounce terms. Tt will require input of some man hours of course.

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