Dissecting Silver LIES & LIARS – David Morgan

David MorganPhysical silver demand was UP big in 2013. Ironically, physical silver production in Canada has dropped significantly in 2014.
Meanwhile, long time precious metals uber villain Jeffrey Christian is out with the 2014 CPM Group Silver Yearbook [priced at $150!!] which once again distorts the FACTS in service of the longtime Bankster narrative that silver in PHYSICAL form is abundant, easy to mine and of little real value.
David Morgan from Silver-investor.com joins the SGTReport to dissect the SILVER LIES and LIARS.


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  1. Sideways motion for awhile. I can dig it. BTFD.  Stackers unite. 

    • Sure enjoy Jim Willie & David Morgan is truly one of the good guys!

    • Thanks for the link, UglyDog.  Good stuff.  I especially liked:
      “So they have got three choices, these bullion bankers. They can buy gold on the open market and bid it up. They can face felony prosecution, or they can be shut down, and there’s always the fourth, they can get killed.”
      This made me wonder if the recent spate of bankster deaths was not some sort of shot across the bow of these bullion banksters… fork over our gold or YOU’RE NEXT.  Couldn’t happen to a more rotten bunch, IMO.

    • And…if ya need more:
      SGTreport.com has uploaded LONDON SILVER FIX DEAD — Chris Duane

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