Bart Chilton on today’s metal’s smash:  You’re on your own.
Chilton’s prediction that the “do-badders” would attack due to lack of any gov’t oversight of the markets in light of the gov’t shutdown is below:

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CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton on September 20th:

On September 30th, at the stroke of midnight, our country will face a government shutdown unless a continuing resolution to fund it is adopted.  That would be grave news for consumers.

Under a shutdown scenario, government regulators will be handcuffed in our ability to go after crooks who are trying to evade our oversight and protection of markets.  You can bet the “do-badders” are licking their chops.
The dark markets that Dodd-Frank brought into the light of day will go dark again.  The lights will go out.  Given the huge growth in the derivatives industry and our new oversight of swaps, CFTC’s market oversight functions are more important than ever.  Taking our cops off the beat for even a few days could have disastrous impacts on these markets that consumers depend upon.
Well Bart, thanks for giving the banksters a heads up that no-one at the CFTC would be watching the trading today.   It appears they didn’t let the opportunity go to waste.
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  1. Oh, please. They’ve raised the debt limit a hundred times. This is just drama, so we’ll be grateful those nice politicians saved the day.

    While everybody is sighing relief into their Cheerios tomorrow morning, the humongous debt machine will keep rolling on towards the real cliff.

  2. The CFTC has done nothing for the last 15 years, and we shouldn’t expect them to going forward. They are a completely captured “regulator” and Chilton is nothing but a liar and a fraud. The truth hurts Bart. You have no balls or conscience.
    BTFD. It is a gift from heaven. Less than 1-2% are paying any attention to gold and silver right now. They’d rather buy APPL @$500 a share because Carl Icahn tells them to.

  3. So HRH* Bart tells us we are on our own??? The do-badders will ride the streets?  
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  Is this the best this peckerwood can come up with after 5 years of spanking his monkey in a CFTC corner office.  Duh!!!   The BEST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN IS IF THE GOVERNMENT LEAVES US THE FRIG ALONE  Let the precious metals go where they need to and should go.   I’m like Jeff Dunham’s puppet Walter.   Leave me aloooooone!  I do not need Uncle Sam finger frigging me. 
    The only thing this or any other government is good at is getting in the way.  
    *His Royal Hairness

    • “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session”.
      Well, guess what, guys and gals?  The snakes have left DC and are doing whatever it is that snakes do in their time off.  Maybe they will do LESS damage this way and business and industry will be able to get some honest-to-God work done without tripping over them every friggin’ day.  Expect a substantial increase in US national productivity.  We should make this a routine job.  No politician can serve more than 29 hours per week.  Make ‘em part time.  See how they like it.
      This reminds me of a Patrick Henry quote:  “If this be treason, let’s make the most of it!“.  ;-)
      Not sure why but it seems to fit in with all this government gobbledygook.

    • It will be us that pay dearly for their crimes when the Dow is 20k but the dollar only buys 1/2 or 2/3rd what it does now.   Be glad PMs are still under radar while mom and pop decide if they should try to get the last $10-20 on Tesla, or if $900 is a good entry point for Google.  LOL

    • @Sam520
      Mark Twain once said, “All politicians should serve two terms.  One in the legislature and one in prison“.  
      Seems about right and a better way to do term limits than most.  ;-)

  4. How many silver waterfall’s have we endured on his “watch”?  100? 200? I don’t see us any safer with him watching or not.
    Futhermore all trades are recorded, if something illegal happened today while no one was at the helm, there’s nothing stopping them from investigating it when they return–except of course that they don’t want to.

  5. @BartChilly…I’ve got news for you.  We’ve been on our own for the entire 36 years of your corrupt CFTC existence.  Only once in 36 years has the CFTC convicted anyone on manipulation charges and that was back in 1998 concerning electricity futures.  Once in 36 years.  Unbelievable.  So, go home.  Enjoy the gov’t shutdown.  You’re the definition of non-essential.

    • Yet another bulls-eye, UglyDog.  The entire CFTF is about as useless as any agency ever invented… for the citizens, anyway.  Like the Fed, they are spot on with their help to the big banks… which, after all, is their REAL mission in life and not all that grandiose BS they spew from their web site.

  6. FED/US Government to accuse JP Morgan and others of manipulation of various markets/pin all economic woes on big banks manipulation of markets/Jamie Dimon and rest, rev up those Lear Jets, your going to need them

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