Details Of The Silver Coin Giveaways and New Features of

Now that we have had a few days to settle into the new, let’s go over some of the features and detail the DAILY PHYZZ GIVEAWAYS which will begin TOMORROW, April 15th.

The #1 Question To Date-  What is up with the coins?

The coins under each comment is SilverDoctors’ way of letting you decide what content is important.  It is similar to a “like” or “+1”.  If you want to let another member know you value their comment or opinion, just hit the coin and you will see it spin.

The top 11 members who have collected the most coins will be displayed on the Phyzz Stack Leaderboard.  The Phyzz Stack Leaderboard will reset every week and we will occasionally reward the top coin collectors with prizes and real phyzz.  Don’t forget to coin the Doc’s articles if you find them informative.  The Day’s Top and Week’s Top articles are all dependent on how many coins you give the Doc on the corresponding articles.

The website was built to establish a community of phyzz stackers and to promote active dialogue among all of its members.  Therefore, there are a number of ways to interact with other members once you are registered:

  1. Comment on Doc’s main articles of the day and collect coins.
  2. Start your own conversations and collect coins in the SD Reader Forum.
  3. Every registered user has their own “wall” which other users can post public comments and create active discussion on their wall.
  4. Every registered user has their own “coined comment” section which other users can visit to view every comment the user has made on SD which has received at least 1 coin.  This will allow you to make sure you don’t miss a single comment left by your favorite contributors here at SD.
  5. Every registered user has their own private internal email on which allows them to message other members without disclosing personal details or email addresses.

Starting Sunday, April 15th we will be giving away silver coins for three straight weeks.  As with our SD Bullion business and the reputation it has quickly built on having some of the lowest prices you will find on bullion products anywhere online, we didn’t just settle with a coin giveaway of whatever coins we could find.

Three of our favorite silver miners have offered us silver rounds to reward readers in daily contests.  We will disclose the miner starting Sunday of the promotional week.  Contests will be held daily to earn the respective miners’ silver rounds.  I have had a chance to see all the collectible miners’ silver rounds and they are top quality, remarkable coins (and most importantly, .999 pure PHYZZ!!)

The First Day’s Contest

  1. All registered readers have until 11:59 p.m. E.S.T on Monday, 4/16 to submit their prediction for the weekly closing price of silver ending on 4/20/12 (access market close) in the SD Reader Forum.  One entry per person.  Available Soon!

The First Week’s Contest

  1.  Collect coins throughout the week and if you are in the #1 position on the Phyzz Stack Leaderboard for the week ending 4/21 you will earn a promotional round!  Please respect the community and only post quality content.  Posting for the sole purpose of coining yourself will disqualify you from the competition.

The first miner will be announced Sunday along with an interview with their CEO conducted by myself, BullRun. 
Every day Monday-Friday, a new contest will be posted in the SD Reader Forum for you to earn yourself a silver round
.  Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy the new website and the coin giveaways!


  1. Doc  Sorry to use this section for replies to Silver Duder and Reddit Silverbugs

    I could not get the reply button to work so response to Reddit.  Water Bobs are very effective at storing 100 gallons of tap water for emergency purposes.  I have two bathtubs so I bought two of these, supplemented with 10 plastic jerry cans.  The jerry cans are 5 gallons and they can be used to move the water about the house.  I found out that you need about 5 gallons of water for hygiene, cleaning washing  and cooking for every 1 gallon used for drinking.  5 to 1 ratio is vital. 

    SIlver Duder  I tried Efood sample pack.  It was a little salty for my taste but getting salt in your system is vital in stressor situations.  My combination is Mountain House, Provident, Emergency Essentials, E Foods and the Costco Pallet system.  I stocked about 2 -3years for  these basic commodities (yes I am a little crazy) but this was for my family along with  3 other families.  They have hunting and farming skills so we pooled our resources and can combine the basic foods stocked with what can be gotten from the land. 

    There are plenty of websites to find these items  SHTF is one but don’t limit yourself to one seller as prices can vary substantially.  Emergency Essentials has specials as well.  Good luck on all this  When Doc gets back he may be able to put my prepper guide back into the site as a resource.


  2. Thanks for the comment, I just happened to stumble upon it here! I think I’m gonna pick one up, it’s just better to have one & not need it than the other way around.


  3. awesome! can’t wait to win me some of Doc’s PHYZZ!  Although we should be giving you phyzz doc rather than the other way around!
    I see GLD is advertising on the right, looks like its time to PAY THE DOC!
    Click, click, clickity click click!  ;)

  4. Cool!  Really looking forward to the contest :)

  5. This is awesome Doc! You are really taking your site to the next level. 

  6. Can’t wait for the contest Doc but I have no worries as I’m not gonna win the coin contest, Lol

  7. Thanks Doc!

    Regarding the coins, is it easy for you to just turn off the ability for people to coin their own posts?  That would be a lot easier on you rather than requiring your time to enforce this rule:  “Posting for the sole purpose of coining yourself will disqualify you from the competition.”

    Frankly, the self-coining is already creating an incentive to lower the signal-to-noise ratio, and it will also distort contest results when coin count is used to determine winners.

    It’s going to be great fun watching the site grow, with all it’s new features.

  8. Thanks for the opportunity Doc!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing registered users win some PHYZZ !!

    I Love To Stack !!


    Can’t Wait !!

  9. free phyzz from the Doc-meister or not, we all win being part of this site. 

  10. Very cool! Looking forward to the contest and to watch the Silver Doctors site grow and evolve!

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