David Morgan’s Surprising Prepper List: Top 2 Items Are Not Silver!

David MorganWhen Silver Guru David Morgan Speaks, stackers & preppers Take Note!
In this interview with Reluctant Preppers, Renowned precious metals guru David Morgan offers his personal list of #1, #2 and #3 priorities for Preppers or anyone seeking to increase their family’s resiliency to face the challenges ahead.
Shockingly: From one of the world’s foremost precious metals authorities, silver is not even #1 or # 2 on his list!





  1. Getting completely out of debt is certainly right up there at the highest of priorities.

    • Hi, I am looking for some friendly advice.  Many say to get completely out of debt. Well, I was debt free about one year ago.  But then, I rationalized that if precious metals are priced so low and interest rates are at historical lows and the dollar was going to lose value due to QE1,2,3…with an eventual global rest, that it might be a good move to take a mortgage against my main residence and purchase precious metals before interest rates increase.  So I did.  Is there anyone that has an opinion on if this is a good or bad strategy?

    • Indeed it is, Pat… mission accomplished!  :-)

  2.  Proverbs22:26-27
    Do not be among those who give pledges , Among those who become guarantors for debts. If you have nothing with which to pay, Why should he take your bed from under you?   

    • Why? Because “He” owns the police, the courts, the defacto law, he owns it ALL including you! There is a hidden “legal” (not Lawful) lien on everything transacted for, by or with a Federal Reserve Note.


    • “Owns”? … “ALL BY DESIGN”

  3. Can anybody provide a printed copy of the list, for those of us who are video-impaired?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Mammoth, it wasn’t anything that you probably don’t already know…something like this:
      water silver
      pay off all of the debts you can while you can
      other useful items 
      He was rather non-specific, really. It wasn’t like the Sarajevo 100 Most Important Items To Have or something like that.

    • @DanDaley , thank you for taking the time to fill me in.
      Yes I am familiar with that list ’100 things that disappear first.’
      Which reminds me – I need to go shopping this weekend.

  4. Morgan is starting to aggravate me….and it just may be the Valium and Norco that I’m taking for my back…..I dunno.

  5. debt has no use on a prepper list other than freeing up cash to buy preps

    • Debt acquired so that a person can consume more than they earn has no place in anyone’s financial life.  But, debt acquired such that a person’s earning ability is increased can be a very good use of debt.  I do not agree with people who go deep into debt to buy preps.  They can get financially slammed LONG before the preps are needed and might even end up selling them at a loss to raise cash.  No, this is not guaranteed but it is a strong possibility.  Prep with what you can afford… no more and no less.  Since no one is ever fully prepared for every possible problem, being even somewhat prepared in general will be WAY better than no preps at all.

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