David Morgan: What APPROACH Will YOU Take During This CONSOLIDATION?

David Morgan asks investors what approach they will take during this current consolidation in silver, will you add to your positions into price weakness (STACK THE SMACK), or will you chase price once the coming rally begins?


  1. Isn’t that like second guessing the FED and JPM?  Corruption is still rampant, so until we get back on the Jan-June 2011 ladder, they still control the price.  Just do like I did, and sink in as much as possible every paycheck (physical only), and you’ll be in the best possible position when the music stops.  Confirmed today that Albertsons is selling Store Brand Mixed Vegetables in 14.5 oz can for $1.29 and Walmart was .69 in my town. Now how crazy is that? Already?

    Watch the prices. They’re on the way up!

  2. Yep, buy steady… back when silver was around $32, told myself  I’d start buying when spot hits around $28. 

    Nice and easy, don’t blow it all at once just in case it gets hit lower.
  3. jj83,  of course hind sight is always 20/20…Its easy to pat yourself on the back seeing that it went the way you HOPED….what if you said you were waiting till it hit $28 and it shot to $70??…..everyone needs to stop trying to “time the market” and just keep stacking….anything under $50 is an absolute steal!!



  4. Confirmed today that Albertsons is selling Store Brand Mixed Vegetables in 14.5 oz can for $1.29 and Walmart was .69 in my town. Now how crazy is that? Already?

    Oh, it gets better than that.  I also shop at both Albertsons and WalMart and have found that the $4.99 lunch meat from Albertsons is $2.39 at WalMart.  Same for those BIG hot dogs that come 14 to a pack now… used to be 16… they are $6.99 at Albertsons and $3.99 at WalMart… and these are the same brands! How about canned Nalley’s chili?  That’s $1.89 at Albertsons and $0.89 at WalMart.  Shop people, shop!  And then put the savings into physical silver!  :-)

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