David Morgan: “We’re Just Getting Started on the Next Move Up”

Silver guru David Morgan of Silver-Investor.com is looking for a massive rally in silver over the next 12 months (Morgan informed The Doc recently that he expects silver to target $60-$75/oz over the next 12-15 months), stating this move in silver is ‘just getting started on the next move up‘.

Full interview and Morgan’s outlook on silver below:


  1. Only $75? :P

  2. One day he’ll be right: It’s always coming. Soon. This time is different. Promise.

  3. QE is ‘sposed to be for mortgage backed securities but let’s see if we can trace it going in to metals. Just like TARP was going to go in to roads and bridges. The other thing I watch is the BRICS+ group going for a gold backed currency. Iran better think about that as well. The day the Chinese tell Wally Mart they want to be payed in gold backed is the day the metals will take off. However it would be interesting to see how much that will stabilize the metals price at a flat figure supply/demand.

    • ” The day the Chinese tell Wally Mart they want to be payed in gold backed is the day the metals will take off.”

      That day may be closer than we think.  China is not only producing a lot of gold, they are also importing a lot.  Something tells me that they are not collecting it for no reason.  Sure, they want to diversify out of US dollars.  Many of us do.  Yet, more of what they do remains hidden than is revealed… much like an iceberg… 20% showing, 80% below the waterline.

  4. OK I’m going to excite you more than David Morgan—–SILVER will rise to $110/oz before Christmas. Now, can I have my website with hundreds sending me money to get my newsletter on where silver is headed in the next year? And just forget all those months that I HAVE BEEN WRONG??

  5. We need transcriptions of videos so I don’t have to listen to someone ramble.

  6. That’s what most of the silver gurus were saying the last time when silver hit 37$ but then it went down to 27$ per ounce. You don’t know what the price of silver will be after 12 months because maybe something unexpected will happen. Like maybe after 12 months, a huge silver supply will be discovered which will stop silver from going to the 75$ level.

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