David Morgan: Two Year Correction In Gold & Silver Is Finished!

gold bottomIn his latest interview, silver expert David Morgan has joined The Doc’s December 2013 call for a bottom in the 2 year gold & silver correction.
Morgan states that the sell-off to end 2013 which marked a double-bottom in gold was highly unusual, and marked the end of the major 2-year correction in the monetary metals. 
Morgan states that the big gains in gold, silver, & the miners in 2014 has not caught him by surprise, and that the next major bull move is underway.
Morgan’s full interview is below:


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  1. A small confession   I absolutely hate being wrong. Hate it.   So the last 3 years have been more than a little humbling.
    Every guess at price was wrong, sometimes by 2-300%.   It was probably good for me nontheless.
    Now as to the correction.  
    If silver is a teacher, one that grabs you by the ear and marches you to the principal’s office for being a DA, then silver and gold, her cohort in humbling mortal men and women, are done with us then let her be done with us.  I got it!   Silver and gold will turn you every which way they can. If the correction is in the let it be correct for those long and strong true believers.  I got it!

    • On the other hand, @AGXIIK, those of us who have been buying continually over the last 2-3 years have a very nice stack now and have dollar cost averaged into a great position.  When metals prices rise, which they will and for all the known reasons, all will be well.

  2. Sure it is. But criminals with printing presses might disagree. Here a guru, there a guru, everywhere a guru guru.

  3. A “correction”? Hardly. It’s called manipulation and fraud. The FT article was pulled intentionally.


  4. Agree with you BayofPigs 100%.The correction is over!!. Really Mr Morgan(“silver has bottomed at $26″)
    Based on what?:Technical Analysis..tea leaves WHAT?
    As long as these  maggot bankers are in control( and they are ) and continue to manipulate which they continue to do How the hell can one of these “Gurus” come out and make such a blanket statement.
    The odds of him being correct are 50-50.So he has a 50% chance of calling it right.Shit at those odds even I have a good chance of calling it right.
    When the physical market takes over and Silver and Gold start moving up where they should be(sans manipulation) then Ill be a believer that the the correction is officially in.
    Dont get me wrong I like Morgan but Ive just had it with all this bullshit T/A which is useless  a completely manipulated paper market.
    End of Story.

    • You want to tell us that one of the best in the business has a 50/50 chance of being right after the market has plunged this far for this long? Troll.

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