David Morgan: “The Best is in the Last Leg of a Bull Run”

In this interview with the Ellis Martin Report, Silver guru David Morgan discusses what investors can expect to see in silver during the parabolic blow-off top mania phase coming in the final leg of the secular bull when the general public finally board the silver train.

Full interview below:


  1. As long as we’re not on our last legs when we see the 90% upside. 

  2. More Hype, just keep Stacking, now it’s four more years. Lol  If metals are over valued? what is he talking about. The dollar is overvalued the Elite are proping it up and when it goes, yahoo!! watch out.

  3. Somehow, Charlie, I do not think that the dollar will be hollering “YAHOO!” anytime soon.  It very well might holler “Aww, S**t!”, however.  :-/
    Agree 100% with stacking.  Buying a little regularly and loading up on the dips looks REALLY good to me and should be an excellent technique for building some real wealth over the long term.  Stack on, Bro!  :-)

    • Dollar may become extinct in the near future the way countries are side stepping it as the reserve currency. No more petro dollar = death

  4. Ok so an ounce of gold traditionally buys a good suit or as David Morgan says in Roman days it would buy a toga and a pair of sandals. So who would pay $1750 for a toga and a pair of sandals? Just saying. The very words out of his mouth indicate by his own assertions that gold is IN a bubble.

    Please explain more better. 

    • But don’t forget that an ounce of silver was worth 530$ during the Roman times according to one video which is below. It is hard to tell gold and silver’s value in dollars during the Antiquity period. 

  5. It likely means that a well-made toga and sandals (these days a good suit and shoes) are under priced still?

  6. Believe me, I wish this made sense but the idea that a good suit and shoes costs about $1800 is about right, which means gold is about right. But I think it is not. I think we are in a new paradigm shift where the new normal is where value is placed much higher because of the debasement of the currency. We have been slowly reprogramed to believe real value is a dream, something picked out of the sky and we can apply value to a dream. Just like fiat currency. It will be corrected eventually by the people and the markets and the people left standing are the ones who see this coming and prepare.

  7. The gold and silver’s bull run will continue to happen until all fiat currencies will collapse. Even without a bull run, gold and silver will continue to go up due to high inflation rates with fiat currencies, the demands for them are growing and they are in low supplies.

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