silver dollarIn his latest interview,’s David Morgan discusses his outlook on silver going forward, and why he believes the bull market is NOT over for the precious metals, and why the best move is ahead!



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    • Right!!! His big message with this is that … ‘the bull market is NOT over’ !!!  JEEZ, we know that. Or is he one of those ‘experts’ that teaches only beginners? Yup, that would explain it.

    • The ‘atheists’ big weakness is that they define themselves using the philosophy of those who believe in a god. I mean why would those that don’t believe in a god, call themselves a name with ‘god’ in it, the very thing they supposedly don’t believe in??? UTTERLY RIDICULOUS

  1. Well, kick me in the nuts.  If this is a bull market I’m a red faced,  stripey assed monkey 
    No disrespect to Morgan but come on, if this is a bull market  I would hate to see a bear market in silver.

  2. To be fair he’s hardly alone in the call that this is still a bull run.
    This, like every other market, is a bull-sh1t market. One that is long since distorted and meddled with tht applying traditional economic theory is often ponderous and potentially a waste of time.

  3. In Morgan’s defense, his calls have always been conservative while others here and at tfmetals said $100 by this and that date and so forth.
    He’s been more right THAN MOST because he doesn’t make outrageous claims/calls.

  4. Although a lot of what Morgan says is repeated, it is still valuable. Take note that we do often go from multi-year lows back to multi-year highs in the middle of bull commodity markets. Just like the high in 1974 down to a low and back again to the 1980 Jan high, just 6 years later. 

    History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme. The things to take from Morgan is his experience. He has seen a lot of different market environments, and this market environment is radically different than any other, considering the bail-ins, burdens of debt, and a Fed hell bent on creating inflation. Rickards and others duly note that the Fed doesn’t directly control the money supply but eventually that monetary base will come into existence because inflation will completely tear the 25 basis point return. Ask the Germans, the Austrians, Hungarians about inflation and describe similar reports. Slowly the prices were rising and then all of a sudden it came, mixed with brief periods of jubilee and joy when the prices all of a sudden halted, then return to devalue at parabolic rates again.

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