David Morgan joins Elijah Johnson to discuss the Federal Reserve’s recent decision to continue printing $85 billion each month to “stimulate the economy.”
Morgan declares that the truth of the matter is, the Fed continues their printing to “keep the banking system, the ‘Too Big to Fails’ intact.
Morgan also discusses his view on the recent announcement by U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regarding silver market rigging, and whether the US will raise the debt ceiling and re-open the gov’t, or whether the US will default for the first time in history.
David Morgan’s full interview is below:

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  1. David Morgan has had his chance.  Do you still open up and listen to this guy?  You should not be listening to David Morgan at all.  If you want fundamental information about silver then go to Mike Bolognies site.  David Morgan has been wrong for several years and he has been wrong during this whole down turn.  He has been wrong the entire downturn.  Get it?  He tries to laugh it off but he has been wrong.  He has suggested that you buy silver for the last several years.  At high prices.  Don’t listen to David Morgan.  Never listen to David Morgan.   If I never do anything in my life I ask you to make decisions without David Morgans help.  He might be a nice guy.  Thats fine.  I am nice too, but I do not suggest that you follow my investment advice.   Silver Doctors is not cool for maintaining a place to advertize his articles etc.  David Morgan blew it.

    • I agree, he blew it big time and should not be trumped around on Silver Doctors or any other website along with Sinclair as great silver or gold tellers of the markets.  Its one thing to make a couple wrong calls but for two years he’s been screaming buy, buy, buy as the market fell by over 50%.  I learned my lesson and quit listening to their free advice.

  2. Ok, if you do not care about David Morgan that is the best attitude cause what he says means nothing.  I mean nothing.  If you decide to do some research on this man and his calls that is OK.  Do not do anything with your money based on the opinions of this man.  I am not saying he is dishonest.  I am saying that he is backpedaling because he has been so wrong for so long.  He does not deserve to be on the SilverDoctor site he has been so wrong for so long.  Please listen to me and do the correct research and find out about this man.  Now he might be a nice guy and maybe he dresses nice and eats in nice restaraunts ets but he knows nothing about this silver market.  Do the research.  Check out his calls.  Let him starve.

  3. I don’t get my hair up so much anymore cause I am old.  But I Cant stand lies.  Well, no one knows where silver is going to go in the future.  We cannot be celebrating this man.  Ok, google him back to 2011.  What was this man saying.  He was calling for 60 dollar silver in early 2012.  He does not celebrate these calls.  Now, I am not saying that this man is not nice or anything like that.  He is just wrong.  He might have called the May 2011 top in silver but that is the only thing he has done in my memory.  And, if he did call this top he certainly did not call it from the roof tops.  I am not saying that David Morgan is a liar or a cheat.  He is just wrong in his calls.  Erase him from your memory.  I can easily give you recomendations for a man that gives projections and opinions for free and he is right more often than not.  Go to the KorelinReport and list To Big Al.  Get it right and quit being a victim.

    • Another good point or go read Precious Metal Pete’s Blog.  He doesn’t call silver but has been rather accurate on gold movements calling for a large fall in price starting way back in early 2012. 

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