David Morgan on Why Silver is a Better Long Term Investment Than Gold

David MorganIn his latest interview with Hard Assets Alliance, silver guru David Morgan discusses why he believes silver is a better long term investment than gold, why he’s not selling any of his metals, and his outlook for silver over the next few months.
Morgan expects gold to lead silver back to the 2011 highs, but once the $1915 and $48 nominal highs are taken out to the upside, silver to catch up and overshoot its historical ratio to gold of 16 to 1.
Morgan’s full thoughts on gold & silver are below:

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  1. Got this to say about that. “Some say it will and some say it won’t”

  2. There He goes smacking his lips and snorting. This guy is so low brow.. I can’t stand listening to his low class poor mannered drivel. Gheeze 

  3. Well now the way I see things is this. The stock market is up today for one of two reasons. 1. There has been a leak that The Fed will do minimal tapering or 2. The markets have the leak in advance that The Fed will taper an unknown amount and suckering in as much money as they can before the implosion. Reckon that’s why Gold and Silver are up today? 

  4. David Morgan’s advice about dollar cost averaging in is sound advice.  As far as his price projections on gold and silver.  David has no idea where gold and silver will end up next year.  He has learned his lesson about top calling.  He embarrassed himself in late 2011 when he was yelling from the roof tops that silver would rise to 60 dollar per oz in 1st quarter 2012.  And, he did not see this bear market coming, period.  Now that we are in the middle of a cyclical bear market he is now saying 26 dollar silver for 2014.  In other words, he has no idea and to be safe he is throwing 26 dollars per oz out there for silver and 1550 for gold.  Good job.  The fact is that 2014 could be a turbulent year.  We have no idea whats going to happen.  We can only trust God and hope for the best.  Right now things are stagnant for the metals and there is absolutely no figuring what may or may not happen.  I am thinking that if a taper is announced we have to just quit looking at the charts for awhile cause we will feel more pain. Oh, James Turk is calling for 2000 dollar gold next year. One of these guys is going to be right this time.

  5. While I respect Mr. Morgan’s knowledge of the precious metals markets he has been wrong for a very long time now. He said back in 2011 when silver started falling that he couldn’t envision a scenario where silver would go under $30 and if it did that it wouldn’t stay there very long. Well how did that work out? The fact of the matter is that he has no idea where the price is going and neither do any of the “gurus” out there. With that being said, dollar-cost-averaging into your ultimate desired allocation is the best way to go. 

  6. Most everybody on here thought Gold and Silver was heading up including the Gurus, we where all wrong. That being said Keep Stacking especially in the dips in the next couple of days. I have a little Fiat burning a hole in my pocket and that feeling inside is coming back.
    Now the calls are for 2015 LMAO
    If that’s the case I’ll be selling and buy more later down the road. Any takers for a couple thousand oz’s?

  7. Charlie 
    I’m half tempted to take you up on your offer  
    With about 20 large in the safe,  an itch to buy 1KOZ and a decent commission in the works*, maybe spot price?
    Or gold to silver trade?  I have 10 Aussie golden roos in plastic caps. Maybe spot for spot on the gold to silver?
    *COE Dec 17. 

    • I like the GTSR ratio at about 62 to 1.  The last big buy, didn’t you have some 1/10 oz gold coins in that grouping Charlie?
      I would rather be a buy of silver right now and into the next month. While we may not get a smack down by year end, but who knows given the FOMC, taper talkers, code walkers, much ado about nothing and a big huge BOO in the markets, silver might tick down $2 There’s my prediction for the week until I come up with another one

    • Yea I have about 13 oz’s just to have it other than that all SILVER Keep Stacking

  8. Re Morgan  I don’t demean silver predictors.  Every one has been wrong–from Sprott, down to his $100,000,000 to Average Joe with 100 ounces of silver, unless you bought back when silver hit $18 or so, universality in missed calls is pretty much the case since mid 2011

  9. I actually know people who don’t own the big three if you can imagine that.  To me the big three is Gold, Silver, & guns.

  10. A whole lotta of nothing.

    Just make a prediction.
    If you’re wrong nobody will remember.
    BUT if you’re right everyone will think you know something and will give you credit and want to listen to you.
    Hence the saying:  If you’re going to make predictions, make them often.

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