David Morgan on Massive Post QE4 Gold & Silver Take-Down

Silver guru David Morgan, who previously stated he didn’t see silver trading under $30 ever again, discusses whether the metals have bottomed, and his outlook for gold and silver over the next year.

Full interview below:


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  1. He did say this and yet he did say that it would not go below $30.00. It was a brief stay below $30.00. I will give him credit.

  2. Stocks, commodities markets all of it is an illusion. Government is even by and for the criminal banks. Sooner or later people will wake up to it all when they are hungry or they get that authoritarian kick in the chops. That’s what gun control is about. It’s what NDAA is about. It’s what militarized police are about. World government is here it’s not to defend or protect or any of that crap they feed the dummies. It’s about control of resources, and people are resources just like everything else to the control freaks at the top. That’s why corporations hire people through their “human resources departments”. We are assets to them and nothing more. To use up and throw away. It is difficult for those who realize it. Even harder to understand how most of humanity has grown to love the ones that have turned them into what they are!

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    • Right MaryB, I have heard a lot of comments where people are saying they are ready for them to come and take theirs. Maybe the Liberals in DC should personally go door to door and politely ask for them.

  3. Well I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. Hell I might be buying more next week at a lower price. Lol

  4. I took advantage of the drop today – visited my local dealer and bought some silver and gold as a present to myself.  Stack the smack(s)!

  5. Guess what he was wrong. but then so was furgerson, sinclare, murray, schiff   and a host of other oricales on this web site.  You people just don’t get it, do you. When someone, who is above any law,  but has the ability to print and then loan unlimited amounts of money,  which still has value,  to whoever she or he wants for whatever purpose they want, why do you not think that this money would not go to places of their best interest. Lets put it in words that everybody understands. Nothing will happen until the leaches get what they want, control of the physical gold and silver markets. Then and only then will things happen. SO STOP WHINING ABOUT DAILY MOVES. Think long term. Your not gonna change the fact that the CB’s control the PMs. The only thing that will do that is a robspiere event. Be carefull what you wish for because the good went with the bad. (but the bad were removed a clensing so to speak). This however is another topic.

    • “You people just don’t get it, do you.”

      I guess you meant that to be a question? If so it was a blatantly arrogant one. The answer is ‘yes’ we do get it. The real question is do you?

      “Nothing will happen until the leaches get what they want, control of the physical gold and silver markets.”

      Guess you need to be informed that they already have control and the event will be them losing control. When they ultimately do lose control the market will determine the true price.

      You were given two ears and only one mouth. It is natures way of telling you that you should listen twice more than you should speak.

  6. In an article on KWN today it was said that in Shanghai silver was trading at $32.50 while $29.61 in London. The point was made that the divergence of paper and physical markets is indicated.

  7. deposits less,the cost of production is higher, gold or silver will be more expensive than just
    gold mining

  8. When this day was forecast (by me, Silver back under $30) I stated I was going to nominate David Morgan 
    for SD’s “HALL of SHAME”. I have since rethought this, as I saw an older DM interview, where he spoke
    extensively of Silver Market Manipulation. It seems when he was predicting Silver would never go under
    $30 again, he was looking at market forces being strong enough to withstand the weakening cartel. He 
    does know it exists, but tries to analyze the market regardless of this, and he’s obviously not obsessed
    with it. IMO the Cartel just does their thing when the market makes bold moves. Seems Reasonable.

    So I have a better opinion of David Morgan, and apparently he does factor in market manipulation.  

  9. We’ve all seen a 650 year Silver chart.  The banks have had a 600 year head start to monkey with the price.  They probably have a well insulated firewall against Silverbugs.  None of their tricks are going to fool me.  The bull market for Silver is only 12 years old.  Keep stacking. 

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