Dave Hodges on Dead Banksters: Key Witnesses Are Disappearing-This is Evidence Tampering Through Murder!

gun forcedDave Hodges from The Common Sense Show.com joins the SGTReport to discuss the very real possibility of a US military coup, and the signs which Dave says point to it, Dave reminds us that Dr. Jim Garrow told Dave on his show that “a coup is in process.”
Dave discusses EU plans to confiscate the savings accounts of its citizens, and Obama’s MyRA which is the US government’s attempt to seize OUR savings.   We also discus the lengthening list of dead Banksters about which Dave says; “This is a criminal mafia organization that’s trying to run the planet and key witnesses who might speak out are disappearing… I believe this is evidence tampering through murder.

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  1. Hey KLUMMAC quit fricking around and do your IL DUCE thing and let’s get the war underway   I’m itching for a fight.  All ammo’d up and no place to go

  2. They began to touch on this, speaking of some overseas re-locations, yet couldn’t really fill it out … but, I’m very curious to learn what’s been happening to those thousands of bankers and corporatist business executives, who’d been resigning their positions over the past five or six years? How many more have quit in the past two years since the story was ‘hot’ and how many of them have ‘quietly’ been ‘eliminated’ while far from the spotlight of their more public positions?

    I bet this story is actually a great deal bigger than we’re seeing. These ‘splashy’ things like ‘nail-gun suicides’, may well be distracting coverage of only a very small corner of the whole rug to be lifted. How much more intrigue, gore and mayhem was tramped down to a ‘smooth surface’ while hid in obscurity of small-town or foreign back-page news items running scant details?

  3. @PatFields
    I would hazard a guess and say that many cashed out of the system, cashed their stock options, sold their stocks, tucked away retirement plans or not, and have moved into early retirement.  I’ve known many bankers who exited before they hit 60-65.  Many retired fully.  Some reentered the job market as a banker because of poor investment choices or, because they  kept the shares of a bank that eventually failed, they had to get back into the day job
    Some bought businesses. Others became consultants. Many just retired with a stack larger enough to retire comfortably
    I don’t think there are thousands imprisoned in underwater Carribean jails as noted by Jim Willie.  

    • AGXIIK … “I don’t think there are thousands imprisoned in underwater Carribean jails as noted by Jim Willie.”

      No, I’m definitely not on board with that one either. Nor do I put a grain of belief in Bix Weir’s notion that the ‘Democrat Party’ is some sort of ‘White Hat’ faction of government, looking to restore Honest Money.

    • @PatFields
      “Nor do I put a grain of belief in Bix Weir’s notion that the ‘Democrat Party’ is some sort of ‘White Hat’ faction of government, looking to restore Honest Money.”
      Well, that’s Bix for ya… wildly entertaining and creative but… DO NOT BET ANY MONEY ON HIS COMMENTS!

    • @PatFields 
      I have all the respect for you in the world, so it is kinda hard to say this, but…
      I have looked at RTR (Bix’s website) in great depth and probably know as much about the RTR theory as anyone who is not a “Private Road Subscriber”. Nowhere in his free materials does Bix say anything about the Democratic Party being the “Good Guys”. 
      What he has listed is certain Democrats in the Senate doing things that are hard to explain without his theory. He claims Diane Feinstein is one of the “Good Guys”. I do not necessarily agree with this assessment either! But he is a HUGE RON PAUL SUPPORTER and that is totally obvious to anyone who even scans over his emails or website. 
      I honestly cannot see how you got that idea about Bix Weir at all. It is wrong!

    • undeRGRound … “I honestly cannot see how you got that idea about Bix Weir at all. It is wrong!”
      At this point I don’t think so, but folks don’t always agree. Sometimes even when they’re both very sincerely committed to their opinions, as in this case. The matter isn’t crucial, so there’s no good cause to do more than simply agree to disagree.

      Bix is, nevertheless, a consistantly outspoken proponent of Honest Money, though, and that I like very much about him.

  4. Yeah, Bix kinda got out there on a limb and now he can’t get back to safety.  When he went stark raving mad over bitcoins was when I had to throw in the towel with his rhetoric.
    Now, about a military coup in the US.  Geez, how far have we come, huh?  All those latin American countries were way ahead of us (tee-hee).  Well, where do I sign up.  I figure after giving 40 years of honorable service, its about time I got back into the swing of things…been retired too long.   Watching Fox is getting a little bored, really. (Only because they are the only one’s getting it right).

    • Hey @silverrrrr
      Where is all this Bix stuff coming from? Do we have another misplaced comments from another thread glitch @ SD??? 
      I agree that Bix is placing a lot of risk capital into BitCoin, (figuratively, as he risks scaring off subscribers) but this 
      article and interview here did not mention Bix or RTR, I’m confused… 
      I did go back and review the latest emails from RTR. 
      He mentioned what he thought FDR was doing, fighting the banks, and maybe he was, but only if he thought that was endangering his own vision of “socialist Utopia”.  That in no way could be construed as an endorsement of the Democrat Party of today, @PatFields  :D  Is that what you are referring to? 
      I agree, Bix is “out there” in many ways, but IMO also easy to misinterpret. I have listened to many interviews as well. 
      He is no supporter of the Democrats! Unless he has totally “jumped the Shark” so to speak  :D

  5. @RGR:  Re: My Bix comment. I re-read it, and it may be a tad confusing.  I apologize.  My comment was ONLY regarding his constant ranting about bitcoins and why they will be/are better than silver and gold.  Now, as for Pat Fields’ comment, I can’t go there.  I would never consider Bix a Democrat in ANY stretch of the imagination.  If he is a closet Dem, he fooled me.  Hope that clears it up for ya!  Its been a few hours, any more jumpers?  LMAO!

  6. The headline here seems odd to me. It seems to indicate that the main concern is evidence tampering, and the secondary concern is the murder. I get that this is a silver site, but still..

  7. This is a job for Sculder and Mully. Just saying.

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