CyprusBix Weir joins the SGTReport to talk about the coming collapse of the Western banking system. Bix says the overt criminality we’ve seen in Cyprus is just a sign of the bad things that will be unfolding EVERYWHERE soon. We also discuss the New World Order and the Elite’s plan for a one world government – a CRIMINAL world government led by the same criminal Banksters who are destroying the financial system and who are hell bent on ending the sovereignty of every nation on earth. We also talk about the awakening of the patriots who stand opposed to their evil plan.



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  1. I can’t wait for bullion and junk Silver inventories to run out here in town.  That will give me an excuse to add to my 18th century collection of US coins.  That is when I will believe that everybody is waking up too.  

  2. Hello, I’m thinking to choose Cyprus as my country for my macroeconomics paper but I really do not know which topic to choose. I will do the research by myself however choosing the topic is the hardest part. Maybe you could suggest me a few?

  3. The thing I see, whether it’s from Bix Weir or David Stockman, both selling something, is that this small haircut theft in Cyprus is the small start that kicks off a snowball or avalanche. Catastrophies always start small.  That’s the way it goes.
     When the US banking system started to fall, first it was Bear Sterns, then Merrill Lynch, Wacovia, WAMU, GNMA, FNMA, Indybank, AIG and the the biggie, Lehman Bros. The reverberations of these collapses are not complete.
    These financial institutions represented a cascade of lenders and brokers who fell.  The smaller lead to the bigger to the biggest.  The cascade is starting in Europe with a crushing of Cyprus and Greece, the frick and frack of the PIIGS. 
    The small ones beget the larger ones until we have a systemic failure of the largest banks such as Unicredit, Banca Monti Dei Paschi, Slovakia and its banks, Spanish Banks, mostly bankrupt and kept alive by theft of pensioneers money, ECB and ESM funds. The collateral value of the bonds is an utter joke, at  the  same value  of 50 year old clapped out  Renaults and Morris Minors.  It’s that bad.  Cyprus banks were held aloft with good ratings as little as a few months ago until their liquidity and solvency were put the test.
    After the senior leaders and president of Cyprus, along with the Russian Oligarchs were given a 1 week warning to transfer their hundreds of billions of Cypriot Euro bank funds, the average Joe was left holding the bag.  This means to save crippled dead-man-walking banks for reasons that I cannot comprehend the man and woman in the street must be made to suffer with a stripping of their wealth to the tune of 50-75% of their cash net worth. It will continue.  The people dedicated to the support of the Euro must destroy their adversaries as well as those who’s failures expose the real failure; the Euro and the Euro-centric power paradigm.
    These events and failures  will spread.  The trip wire of Cyprus is triggered.  But there will need to be at least 2-3 more before the jog becomes a stampede of epic proportions. 

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