With a bullion bankster from RBS as the ‘guest host’,  the latest CNBC Commodities Corner attempted to claim gold is ‘in a bubble’ with the metal nearing $1800 again, claiming ‘nobody actually needs gold‘ and that those wishing to allocate a portion of their funds to gold should utilize an ETF.

Unfortunately for CNBC, the producers didn’t do their homework on their guest, Managing Director & CIO at Swiss Asia Capital, Juerg Kiener.
Kiener calmly shot down all of CNBC’s propaganda stating, ‘Gold is actually money.  When you believe that gold is actually money, would you rather have your money in your pocket, or give it to a loan shark? Physical ownership in your own hands is key!
Regarding CNBC’s claims gold is in a bubble Kiener replied:  I’ve never seen a bubble in which investors’ allocation is under 1%‘.

  1. I like that fellow. He makes perfect sense. The RBS Banker spouts the usual bullcrap about exposure to metals via ETF. (Man these bankers have a severe case of normalcy bias. They certainly will get a shock when the SHTF).

  2. You would need an entire basement to store silver?  How many people, even upper-middle class or seven-figures could afford to fill their basements with physical silver?  An average sized basement filled with 40% Kennedy Half Dollars would be several million dollars worth.

  3. It’a funny how little space precious metals  take up   A standard 50 caliber ammo can easily holds about 1000  loose rounds of silver. 
    30  ammo cans later, and voila you have nearly a ton of silver  That would be a stack 3 cans wide, 3 cans deep and 3 cans high, plus 3 on top.  That would fill the lower half of a small closet.   A million in gold would fit in just over half an ammo can  That would be a lot easier to hide too boot.

  4. Another propaganda against gold is made by CNBC! Last time, CNBC said that you shouldn’t put your bets on a risky asset known as gold. If they say that nobody needs gold, it’s like if they’re saying that nobody needs dollars. I want to hear the reasons about why nobody needs that metal.

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