Chris MartensonOur lead story: JP Morgan Chase, the largest bank in the US by assets is reducing its headcount for 2014. The bank announced the changes, saying that creating a business model that can deal with new regulation is cutting into the firm’s profits. JP Morgan said it expects its total headcount to fall by 5,000 to 260,000 people. But JP Morgan is confident that it can win in this new environment… by replacing humans with machines. Erin explains.
Then we welcome Chris Martenson of to give his thoughts on the Federal Reserve and the weak fundamentals of the US economy. In the first segment, Martenson discusses the effect of the huge flood of liquidity created by the Fed on the market. He also explains why bond prices can go up as a result of the Fed’s quantitative easing. After the break, Martenson describes why quantitative easing has helped equity prices but hasn’t helped the underlying economy, and talks about what is happening with inflation in the economy.

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  1. I had to shut that video off. It’s awfully disheartening to hear Mr. Martenson spout standardized econometric psycho-babble. The feeling is the same as having watched Martin Armstrong ‘turn’. Mike Maloney is the sole holdout at this point. He’s the only one who gets it … and explains it (even if plainly overt about it only intermittently).

  2. JPM will shed 8,000 mortgage reps.  Too bad, so sad.  Direct result of epic fail in housing markets, DSCR, high prices homes, tanking incomes and DODD FRANK, the best WMD out of the gummint since Obamacare.   
    Robots as loan reps?   R2D2 as a criminal bankster?  I love it.
     Azimov’s 4th law of Robotics?
    If a robot lies to a human the human may reduce the robot into a scrap pile of clinking clanking colligenous junk
    I’m long on Stanley hammers.

    • @AGXIIK
      “I’m long on Stanley hammers.”
      Nah, use a Romulan disruptor.   BZZZZZT!  POOF!  (robot converted to a useless pile of charred and smoking slag)   lol

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