silver not’s Chris Duane discusses why he believes silver is the #1 asset to own in the world, and why he has literally sold the house to go all-in on silver, rather than gold.


  1. Gold cures diseases of the heart.  It also is a superior unit of account.  That is why the Central Banks are acquiring Gold right?  So they can implement an honest money system.  The one we have now allows them to cheat too easily.  Don’t play into the next phase of financial tyranny.  Buy Silver.  

  2. Because it takes far less than US$10B to buy every last ounce AND MORE of silver investment supply, yet the aboveground stock of gold is worth $7-8 trillion (although only perhaps 1T of this is investable, if that much LOL.)
    Imagine the difference between a rush of people piling into a microcap stock versus a Dow stock with 4 billion shares outstanding.    That’s only one reason why silver, but a very good one.

    • Imagine the difference between a rush of people piling into a microcap stock versus a Dow stock with 4 billion shares outstanding.
      I imagine it would look something like bitcoin has been recently.  Not exactly what I would consider a “preserver of wealth”, which is what gold is.  I would much rather waves not be made every time someone decided to get in or out of the pool.

    • No need to apologize for your English, Sinuhe.  It is very good… and probably MUCH better than any of us could do in your native language.  :-)
      It is good that you have a strategy and a plan for your precious metals buying.  For a long time, I bought silver, mostly as coins but also a few bars.  In the past couple of months, I have started adding some gold.  Right now, my silver to gold oz. ratio is about 170:1.  I would like to bring that down closer to 100:1.

    • ED-B Just worked out my GS purchase ratio and it’s 174:1….Good to hear I’m not the only one ;-)
      You and others might like to hear of the results of my enquiries into the availability/price of Silver bars out here in Saudi Arabia yesterday. The premiums were mind numbingly high a couple of years ago when I first started stacking but now they are completely insane. Before I get to the numbers, this is why I’m accumulating my Silver with James Turks GoldMoney rather than buying and holding the Phyzz [I do hold my Gold though] As a recap I understand the risk but as an Expat living in company accommodation, UK property rented out and my wife in Thailand in rented accommodation, accumulating Silver with GoldMoney is currently my only option. Far from perfect but better than leaving cash in the bank i believe all will agree.
      OK. I live and work in a small[ish] one camel town and the availability of Silver in bar form is limited here. The PM dealer I’m very friendly with [a Jordanian] always gives me a very good deal on the Gold bars I buy [Pamp Biscuits he calls them] therefore you can use that as a litmus test when comparing what he quoted me for Silver. So yesterday I asked him if the premiums on Pamp 1kg and 10 oz bars had improved lately.
      1kg PAMP Bar [Silver] 4400 SAR = $1173 Kg or $36.48 an Oz or $1.17 per gram – an almost 33% premium!!!
      It gets worse, much worse
      10oz PAMP bar [Silver] 1866 SAR = $497 or $49.70 an Oz or $ 1.60 per gram – that’s over 78% mark up!!!
      I’m not sure if all this is a true reflection of the availability of Silver bullion in Saudi Arabia and the resulting divergence away from the paper price or a case of just being ripped off [or both] Hence considering all the above this is the reason I stack my Silver the way I do.

      Note: The PAMP bars in question were NOT readily available in the town I reside. Therefore the chap I always deal with had to obtain these quotes from a central dealer in Jeddah

    • Yes, Ed, slovak language is complicated. :-) My bottom buying strategy is around 1450-1480 USD/oz gold, but after BoJ notice about QE I don´t know, if it can become. I think that everything turns black swan by elites eagerly awaiting. I bought only silver coins, because on bars(and coins) is 20% tax, but one country in EU have only 7% on coins. My size in Ag: 1/5/10 OZ, in Au: 5g, 10g, 20g, 1oz and 1 Valcambi 50g bar. 

  3. I like Chris Duane but he giving terrible advice here… if you are betting on the Central Banks failing, sure buy Silver. I highly doubt they will fail and the system won’t either. He doesn’t realize the only solution left. A huge revaluation of Gold will heal the debt overhang. Aside from untenable debt – Gold is the only thing these Oligarchs have left. As for the ‘industrial need’ argument – well as things continue to decline – it will drop off the table. I anticipate Silver bugs selling to survive as some are doing now.
    So,people are going to use Silver to buy groceries or gas? NEVER. People will not flock to Silver but buy into the next paper currency they are told to – just like every other hyperinflation in history. I’d sooner expect another zero on the currency than these mass idiots will wake up and buy Silver. How much success have YOU had in shifting friends and relatives to buy phyzz. Not too much I’ll wager.
    Does anyone really believe the CBs will give up the right to print money? They are far smarter than you think. They knew this would happen at the start of competing currencies. The paper market of silver is too massive but the physical gold market is small and shrinking – shortages in Thailand and southern India will happen here eventually. as countries distrust their own paper currencies Gold will be (and is) be used for international trade (think Oil). Once there is no Gold we will see a number of revaluations – hold tight. Sinclair is no Oracle but what do you think he meant here:
    Gold is the only tool that is able to balance the balance sheets of the offending deficit spending central banks. There is no other tool. Therefore, the tool (gold) will be used. Just as QE was the only tool to feign sovereigns as financially sound, gold is the only tool to bail them (central banks) out in the end. It’s simply a fact, a reality, and it cannot be denied.”
    Hey, he finally got something right. Does this surprise you?
    This isn’t going to play out like the 70′s. Gold revaluation will be north of $50,000/oz. and Silver may shrink back to to $5oz. many miners will fail and be nationalized (can’t let them have the keys to the new printing press) Crazy? Sure… best of luck to all.

    • Silver has always been the poor mans gold and was used heavily for barter and trade between people. It will happen again as history repeats itself

    • Gold will be revalued at $50,000 and silver might fall back to $5?   Thanks for the laugh!!!   I was thinking a 100:1 ratio would be ridiculously high, but 10,000:1?   I hadn’t considered how bad it could get for silver.    LOL.    Whew, silver is just like pig iron, need to sell it fast before it falls off the table.   NOT!!!

    • @ DVDBeaver
      This is pure FOFOA…
      And now we start thinking – EVEN if (what I don’t belive) gold will reach $50k and silver will stay at $50, what do you think people will do with their gold? THEY WILL IMMEDIATELY SWITCH IT TO SILVER, and each 1 oz. of gold will buy 1000oz. of silver. So lets assume that such event occured – and we have 1 Bilion oz. of silver to purchase before it will disapear. So only 1milion oz. of gold would do it. I think that there would be imminent rush from gold to silver and in FEW HOURS silver wouldn’t be available, in consequence its price would sour to minimum $1k, and even more.
      So arguments of FOFOA – although interesting, are completly irrelevant IMO.

    • @ FreeSilver
      Maybe you can explain why… (if what you don’t believe became true) someone who watched one asset rise exponentially while the other only made a marginal increase in value would “IMMEDIATELY SWITCH” to the other asset which has performed poorly.  Why would he rather have 1000oz when he could just have 1oz?  Consider further, how many silver bugs would bugger out and trade their silver for gold?
      Copper has been used as money, it’s got tons of industrial uses that aren’t going away, would it be also preferable to have 10000000oz of copper instead of 1oz of gold too?
      To me the least appetizing part of the silver argument is that it may be the first metal to go extinct…. No thank you, I’d rather something with a little staying power… like forever… like gold.

    • These two assets have been money for last few tousands years. And never lost this role, like copper did. If I see gold at $50k, silver at $50 (I’m not talking about $5, which is so funny…) as a decret of some banksters, I will know that THIS IS NOT FREE MARKET PRICE – so I will behave as I’m behaving now I will immediately switch into asset that I think is very undervalued and leave asset which is valued fairly or overvalued in my eyes. I think I want be alone. I think that we will find owners of 1mln gold oz. who will fill the same, and market value of silver will change immediatelly. Free market will change FALSE PRICE DICTATED BY FEW PEOPLE as it always do. End of story.

    • Not so ridiculous.  If perhaps people realize there is a clear winner in the battle for dominance of precious metals… say maybe gold… then perhaps the “investor” element of silver would diminish to the point that manufacturing would be the only use.  Since it was pointed out so well that only a tiny bit of silver is used in things at a time… it doesn’t sound like much demand would be there… AND if it were to go extinct, I don’t think you could plan on companies just sitting by twiddling their thumbs while they watch the end of the road come… I feel fairly confident that the search for alternatives would begin at some point.  What happens when they find it?

    • If they will find alternative for silver in industry, then silver will be ready to join gold as purly monetary metal. Now it has two faces, what makes it more valuable than gold.

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