In this excellent video, Dont-Tread-On.Me’s Chris Duane discusses his view that the most money will be made by astute investors AFTER the collapse of the US dollar.



10ozntr ban

  1. WOW…somebody pinch me and tell me i couldnt possibly have understood Mr. Bass and his explanation of the Crimex fractional reserve phyzzz and OI ??!! Its 30 to 1. and that was prior to taking phyzz delivery of UT 1 Bill. After Comex completes delivery the reserve on fraction is 80:1 !!!! Holy Sweet mother of pearl ! it will take next to nothing to crush the Crimex / nymex ponzi scheme !!!

  2. I cannot believe you are posting more garbage by this idiot. Where is his gold silver ratio at 1:1 call from last November? And when did he become an expert on precious metals? Who is he? Some dude with a ‘patriot’ blog? I mean for Pete’s sake, please do not listen to this gibberish, unless of course you want to loose all of your money and end up sleeping under a bridge. 

  3. I have been in the precious metal market since 1997, and I have made and lost some small fortunes in that time. I have lost the money by listening to people like Jim Wllie and these so called patriots who are suddenly experts on PMs. Just becasue you say over and over ‘the dollar will die’ and ‘economic collapse dead ahead’ does not mean it will be so, nor does it mean you have your timing correct. A stopped clock is right twice a day as we know. I am truly sick of every so called patriot or prepped suddenly knowing all kinds of financial and economic facts. And often they just sit in a circle jerk, reporting over and over what the other person said. 
    I regret listening to Jim Willie, you just don’t know how it has cost me. He may be right on some things, but his PM record is a disaster. Bill Murphy’s nightly Midas report is the ONLY person I trust to present to me the information I need to plan and invest accordingly. If you want macro economic information, Bill Bucklers Privateer is where to go. And if Bob Moriarty at 321Gold calls a top or bottom, you had better friggin listen. Everyone else is just noise.
    eapecially this Chris Duane. Still waiting on that 1:1 ratio thingy….

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