Chris Duane: Silver Bull is Back, Silver to Double by Spring 2014!

Silver Bullet Silver Shield’s Chris Duane has released an update on silver and his short term and long term view for the metal in the wake of 2013′s mauling.
Duane states that after silver sold off to $18 in early July, the great silver bull market is finally back, and predicts a massive rally in the next 6 months, with silver doubling by Spring of 2014!

Duane’s full update on the Return of the Silver Bull is below:

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  1. Great stuff but don’t sell your gold to buy silver. Own both. 

    • Excellent advice, BoP.  There is no need for any competition between gold and silver.  They are PM partners, have a lot in common, and each has their special uses.  Like other forms of investing, one should decide what they want as an asset allocation and then stick to that plan.  There are very good reasons to own both of these metals.

  2. LMAO Chris Duane must have been watching my videos. LMAO but he is correct and I think the spot will be higher. Keep Stacking while you can.

    • lol Charlie…
      Was thinking he had been reading  my  “$40 – $44 by Christmas” posts too!

    • @4 oz yea I was thinking the same thing as we have been calling it for well over a year with the help of our old friend Jake. Lol

    • I really miss that guy—-come back JAKE!

    • There is a new guy on here with Jake in his username and keeps getting blocked, I sure feel for him. Lol

    • He is doing what most of us are doing. Reading stories from people we respect (who do the research) about the market. Then he takes action on that and makes vidoes about what he read too! I call it preparing to be lucky! Others may call it making your own luck.

    • “Others may call it making your own luck.”
      That’s what I would call it, RRG.  Most of what many people refer to as “luck” is actually a lot of prepping and sweat by those who are considered as being “lucky”.  In some ways, this can be quite the put-down.  It’s like people are saying, “You did not succeed because you are good at something, you succeeded because you are just lucky.  Anyone could have done that”.  But just anyone did not do it because they did not prep for it or sweat over it.

  3. Just for fun Id like to point out that if Silver’s spot increases only by .30 à day between now and Christmas, it will be over $60 . Thus far, we are ahead of the game by a few days! …hehe….just sayin. ;)

  4. Comex is not a real market or true price. So I hate pumping garbage like this.

    • Thank you. Though I think Duane’s intentions are sincere and he presents some interesting info in this and other videos, it’s only when gold and silver break completely free from the rigged market that I will rest easy.

    • tell that ‘real market’ stuff to the 24,000 people who have taken and given up posession of physical silver via comex deliveries.
      Physical settlement ensures it is a real price between buyers and sellers, just as surely as an ebay transaction for silver eagles defines the price for that commodity between a buyer and seller.  Different product, different location, same exact principle.

    • “…it’s only when gold and silver break completely free from the rigged market that I will rest easy.”
      Not even, Snakebite.  That will be the point where many of us have a true PM revelation.  It will likely come in the form of us saying, “Holy crap!  My PM hoard is worth HOW MUCH???”.  lol

    • At Ed_B: I should have said “rest easy” (with quotes). Because most of us holding physical won’t really be resting at all.

    • mikeyj80  … “Physical settlement ensures it is a real price between buyers and sellers, just as surely as an ebay transaction”
      Oh yeah, sure. Show us a single instance on E-Bay, where a specific item was sold to 98 different people who then remained perfectly happy to receive back, say, a photograph of the item, or a slip of paper with ‘Brown Hat’, or ‘Grey Jacket’ written on it.

      You are one special piece of work, friend. HAAAAAhahahaha

    • I’m with you JerryLee (lol) @JLee2027
      GOLD is actually worht (in real terms, against the U$D) at least $2500/oz and Silver (in relation to Gold, in mining ratios) worth around $300/oz as well. These numbersmake much more sense than current values, or NONE OF US WOULD BE HERE @ SD!!!
      Good clarifier, once it shoots UP, “resting easy” will take on New Meaning! 
      lol @Ed_B

    • @PatFields
      I won’t show you an instance because such silliness has not happened.  Show me one instance where someone bought futures and was not able to take the physical?
      You can laugh, but lets argue based on the mechanism

    • mikeyj80  … “Show me one instance where someone bought futures and was not able to take the physical?”

      Over the past five years, NUMEROUS instances have been reported where substantial premiums were offered (and accepted) to settle bullion demand in Plantation Scrip. Add to that, all the reports of long delays in deliveries and adamant dissuasive attempts from finalizing bullion transfers into ‘owner’ hands … ‘the German incident’ and the string of MF Global, ABN Amro, Rabobank, reports of Indian and Chinese dealers receiving only 10% of bullion orders, GOFO and now what’s appearing as a permanent backwardation in gold (and soon to be silver, given the hidden SIFO implications) this current trader complaint of an 8 week failure to deliver … all of which and MUCH MORE that can be recounted … points to the frantically contrived effort to maintain the MERE ILLUSION that the Futures Mechanism is genuinely capable of delivering all the bullion demanded of it.

      Arguing with you over the fraudulent confabulation of ‘reality’ blatantly evident in that 99% hypothecated hall of mirrors, is like engaging  a tape recorder in discussion. You’re intractable position, in spite of ALL proofs to the contrary, will invariably lead back to your sole stipulation on the matter. The one thing I can take comfort in, is that a LOT of folks are discovering what a trap the Futures Market has become for those whose interest it is to accumulate physical Precious Metals with the expectation that a REAL OBJECTIVE RATIO between those metals and all other goods ought to re-emerge as the hypothecation game finally meets its deserved demise.

    • These are all good arguments, but there have been no delays in gold/silver that i’ve read, happy to be proven wrong here but your say so really isnt enough.  
      There are way more futures contracts than physical, but the seller of these contracts is going to have to make with the metal, period, end of story.
      Want to see some real examples of this, take a look at the july soybean contacts in comparison to the “new crop” contracts in some recent years.  Absolutely spiked through the roof as the long wants beans and the short is just hosed.  But the contract represents physical so get me the beans or you will have to be let out at a price i define.
      I just bought a lot more physical silver about 3 weeks ago, I’m not saying that isn’t a good thing to do, just discussing the functionality of the futures market.

  5. Chris Duane states he has only been in silver since 2005.  I have left overs in my refrigerator older than that!  For myself I put much more credence into the opinions of true professionals like Rob McEwen, James Turk, Rob Kirby, and the Flying Wombat.  Guys that have lived long enough to see a few boom and bust market cycles.  Now Chris Duane seems like a good guy, but he just doesn’t have the life experience or the professional background to give his voice any real credibility in my opinion.

    • Did you ever watch his entire series? I thought it was very good. 
      I like all the other guys you mentioned as well. 

    • Given the market manipulation we have suffered through these past years I am prone to dismiss any prognostications regarding the proximal appreciation of precious metals based on prior historical data. HOWEVER … we do know several factors that must be taken into consideration that are irrefutable. 
      Silver ore grades have been depreciating with more energy required to produce less Silver YoY. ( SRSRoccoreport )
      Average break-even price for most Silver mine producers is still greater than current Ask 
      The 9-1 mining ratio of Ag to Au and the historic 16-1 price ratio has been shattered and at present we have a 62 times the price of Au to the current Ag price.
      CHris Duane correctly states that most of the gold ever mined still exists whereas the more “useful” silver has been, is and will be used and depleted with the probability of Ag being the first element in the Periodic Table of elements to become exhausted and all but non existent by 2020 (USGS Survey and Report )
      I can keep going with the facts but those will suffice as the preface for my point
      While we do know that the owners of this world are not shy when it comes to forcefully imposing their will on the rest of us I also know that in consideration that JPMorgan has effectively reversed their short position from Dec of 2012 to their current long position and all information available points to TPTB are ready to make money, I can’t see why this is not the perfect confluence of events to precipitate an historic rise in the price of Silver.
      They made a fortune on the way down and now is their time to make money on the way up ( see the market manipulation and the cause of the Great Depression from ’29 to ’38+ ) 
      We are fortunate enough to b in a position to ride the next wave up. I for one am pleased to have had much skin in this game and to have learned much from many of you who posted graciously and selflessly for the rest of us to read. Thank you for letting me hang out here and learn. CHEERS ! 

    • @UglyDog  More experience does not necessarily = better analysis.  It can, and it should, but doesn’t necessarily.  …I often think about the time I spent in construction…many of the older bricklayers did a worse job than the new guys, even though they should have known what they were doing better…

    • Guys, don’t get me wrong.  Chris Duane seems like he makes an effort to be knowledgable. I have watched a lot of his stuff.  But, I will always gravitate to the men who have made millions of dollars in the PMSpace like Eric Sprott and Rick Rule to name a couple and hold their opinions in much higher regard than a newbie like Chris Duane.  For example, Duane just recently made a fool of himself with his Mulligan Mint disaster.  A more experienced person would never have even been in his position to begin with and handled his exit more gracefully.

      When it comes to markets experience can make or break you.  For example, look at how many institutional investment portfolios are heavily weighted in US Treasury instruments.  This is because their senior portfolio managers are all about 34 years old and have never experienced a bear market in bonds.  I know.  I have dealt with these people.  Bonds always go up and they’re safe according to their investment guidance. They have never seen a bear market in bonds and have no idea how to recognize one on the horizon. Their view of the world tends to be myopic with no sense of history or monetary cycles. And for that matter, I don’t know squat either. I’ve never worked a trading desk. I’ve never have run a mining company. I’ve never managed a billion dollar hedge fund. But, I did heed the advice of sages like Bob Chapman and Jim Sinclair years ago before guys like Chris Duane came on he scene and moved a significant portion of my personal wealth into physical gold and silver. That’s more than tripled so this 2yr consolidation has just been a continued buying opportunity. You’ve never heard me grumble about gold and silver dropping in fiat price. “Be right and sit tight.” That’s Jesse Livermore another sage. What’s Duane say, “Seek another paradigm.” Whatever that means it won’t make you any money.

    • “Chris Duane states he has only been in silver since 2005.  I have left overs in my refrigerator older than that!”
      Remind me not to accept any future dinner invitations, UD.  LOL!
      I find it very encouraging that MANY of us on here did not get into PM collecting back when both were really cheap.  It is good that more people are awakening to the PM bandwagon and jumping on.  
      I started looking into PMs in mid-2009 and started buying in early 2010.  Not any big amounts but 10 ozs. here and 20 ozs, there.  I also ramp this up to 100 here and 200 there when prices have been smashed down.  I have built up a respectable hoard over the past 3 years and am glad that I have awakened to this possibility for wealth protection. Yeah, the prices of PMs and other commodities are volatile but that is of less concern to me than is the BIG picture and the future of the US dollar.  The good folks here on SD have played a major role in all this and I appreciate and salute those who work so hard to get the word out to others who have not yet awakened.  THANKS!  :-)

    • @maxblockm
      Hey, I know a brickey named MAX! 
      Note my avatar, a Sparky ;)
      Do you own your own Company??? 

  6. I will believe it when I see it… keep stacking!

  7. Bloomberg news headline! Dollar, crude, gold fall on spec of fed taper next month!
    Wtf? Until the market closed, the dollar was down 1.4% gold was up 2+% and crude was up 1+%!  
    Only AFTER the markets closed did gold drop two bucks, but up what? 10-20$ today? What a bunch of blatant lies! F@cking duechbags!

    • But Shamus, my good man, this IS the typical bankster / elite PM intervention policy, is it not?  Wait until the market is THINLY traded (read closed in NY and London) and then pull some paper dumping crap to force the price lower?  In this case, though, instead of blatant actions we have blatant propaganda from another of the usual suspects.  Bloomberg has a rep for comments and articles of this kind.  Seems to me that this is perfectly in character.  Your estimate of their character, however, is spot on.

  8. woe !to the luciferians they eat the bread of sorrow,of yeah

  9. Chris, please drop that stupid ‘Love’ coin and give us more of Freedom Girl – the clearly outstanding coin in your series.

  10. Chris Duane gave one piece of advice that I heeded.  Buy silver if you have to sell your last collector copy of
    Deep Purple in Rock, Live at the Fillmore.  Copy that, Chris.
    Ridding yourself of unnecessary  stuff and baggage, both organic and inorganic, allows you to buy more silver and have room to store it.
    As for seeking new paradigms.  Don’t worry. 


    • “WHEN THE STACKER IS READY, THE PARADIGM WILL APPEAR” …  Now that is clever, witty, and profoundly deep Ag, probably to become a quote for the ages.

    • Dood, Selling Deep PURPLE???
      Now that would be FOOLISH! Unless you had a digital copy, then it would be fine…. :D
      Never lose the PURPLE! #1 HARD ROCK BAND OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. No worries RGR I kept the CD   You’ll get my Deep Purple in Rock along with the original Tower of Power when you pry my cold dead fingers off the case.

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