silver break freeIn this excellent interview with Finance and Liberty’s Elijah Johnson, Chris Duane discusses the likelihood that the CIA is involved with Bitcoin as a method to funnel wealth away from gold and silver into an electronic currency and as a method to preserve their power during and after the coming collapse of the US dollar.
Duane contends that the next move in silver will break the financial system as the debt Ponzi ultimately implodes and the current decline below $20 will soon be a distant memory to precious metals investors.
Full MUST LISTEN interview is below:

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    • If you’ve been paying any attention to what the government is involved in over the past, forever, it is very possible the CIA, or some other government agency has an involvement in BitCoin.
      It’s funny how a lot of gold and silver advocates talk about bitcoin similar to how the MSM talks about gold and silver.  Why do precious metal holders hate it so much?  Aren’t we all on the same team in a sense?  We want to take power away from the government and central banks by using decentralized money / currencies.  Instead of bashing bitcoins we should be embracing it, or at least what it represents, that is, if the government is not involved in it.
      However, it is a great speculative play, so if you have some disposable income lying around, buy .10 or .50 btcs and see where it goes.  If the CIA does in fact have some involvement, the sky is the limit.  Make some cash on btc then use that cash to buy some more physical precious metals.

    • I did listen to the interview. I like Chris Duane, i have been listening to him for a couple of years and i agree with almost everything he says, but when you go on a radio interview and say that you have evidence and proof that the CIA is involved you need to show this evidence , not just that some guy told you. Maybe the CIA is involved but without solid proof it makes people think your a conspiracy theorist. I’m an investor as everyone else on here and we will have our day but it will happen on its own and it does no good to make statements like this.

    • — NEWSFLASH!!! —
      Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym of the NSA cryptologist Tatsuaki Okamoto who wrote about a dozen papers on digital crypto currencies from 1991 to 1995.
      This Cryptography was designed by the NSA in the 1990′s. Why would the US intelligence agency/agencies want to purposely float an alternative to the USD as a World Currency? Checkout my SD post HERE!
      There are 100′s of advantageous reasons why the Anglo-American Empire would NEED something like BitCoin in order to consolidate the rest of the worlds wealth and to counter a Yuan-Gold based alternative to the USD. It is Machiavellian in the extreme, but DON’T GET SUCKERED BY BITCOIN!

  1. Chris Duane’s tin-foil hat is telling him the CIA is behind Bitcoins.
    My tin-foil hat tells me Elvis and Jim Morrison are still alive.
    What is your tin-foil hat telling you?
    Hey Chris Duane – this one is for you:

    • Pardon but in a world full of real conspiracies, I can’t understand why we fall for the tin foil label any more. That term was developed to dismiss those who think critically and outside the box. When you point out actual conspiracies to most, instead of looking into it, they immediately dismiss the concept through training and indoctrination. After all, if we start seeing the truths around us, we might become a “problem”. The CIA and/or FBI are now publicly known to be involved in both Google and Facebook, why is bitcoin such a stretch. I just wish those who use the tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist labels would come back later to eat a little crow when the “theories” become facts, but that never seems to happen. It only serves to divide us and shield the truth when we accept these labels.

    • @Mammoth
      Sorry, didn’t mean to offend, I enjoy your posts very much. I was speaking generally since so many use these labels everywhere you find someone postulating a serious theory, whatever the topic.. I left the door open when I said “never seems to happen”, just for you. Pardon Mammoth, as you probably can tell, I have been labeled many times and decided long ago to speak up in the face of adversity. All due respect. If a Mammoth couldn’t be depended on to be forthcoming, then who could be? It was simply a topic I felt should be addressed and you opened the door for that opportunity.

    • I’ll take a Tin Foil Hat over an NSA engineered CryptoCurrency designed to enslave me further any day of the week!
      F#%k Bitcoin and F#%k the NSA, I don’t fall for bait and switch, it is the oldest game in the book … I don’t usually use the F-bomb but BitCoin is really starting to piss me off now, and the qty of people out there that are falling for it (some of whom are quite intelligent in many ways) is LEGION!

  2. Nope SLG, you haven’t seen it all.
    Santa is being tracked by NORAD, accompanied by 2 F 16 fighter jets.  For real.
      If  the big ELF approaches the WH, the pilots will be given the ‘go signal’ 
    I’m not sure what will happen if he flies by Fort Knox or JPM’s HQ building.

  3. Sex-sells. I do not hear John’s paying more to cover the tax? What I hear is Complementary Currency. This entity helps local communities & also closes the loop on counterfeit. Bitcoin, Lightcoin, & Quark are new system. The new system is competition for our new paradigm shift. Accept it or get out the way. We can find crypto-currency on Empire Avenue • com. People are getting tired of the old system.

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    Invest in me, I’ll invest in you.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised at CIA involvement but, it’s not about government conspiracy…..we all know there are many. It’s about the final virtual currency enslavement. The “mark of the beast”, if you will. Bitcoin is a strawman or “Trojan horse” for the complete virtualization of all currency. Governments have been wanting this for decades. The dollar is almost already there but the coming, completely digital, currency will be the final solution. Get a mark and pledge fealty to the system (i.e. man), you will do well. Act against or even just talk down the system and you can be gone in a keystroke. It is the ultimate leash.
    You can see it’s coming.
    Don’t give away your soul for temporary comfort.

  5. I haven’t been a fan of bitcoin. But I’m not a fan of the current state of the USD, nor a fan of the precious metal manipulation. There IS something to Decentralized currency.
    Recently I’ve begun mining quark coins using free trial Windows Azure VPS accounts. lol. 40 cores spitting out quarks at no cost to me… Why? for the same reason everyone else is checking out Quarks. But I don’t put any actual value in it. Its entertaining … slightly. We’ll see by Dec 19 what happens to it when Max Keiser and Bill Still talk about it.
    The Chinese are buying bitcoins like mad, I suppose Chinese ponzis will further inflate this wacky idea.
    Ultimately its a game, and if I exchange the coins for silver in the end then I lulz in the end.

  6. THe intelligence community is involved with almost everything high tech. Seethe fact that google has intimate ties with the intelligence community and the NSA has either forcibly put their hooks into tech or just snuck in. But hey, I guess only silver is manipulated.
    I’ve said before, bitcoin is a direct threat to the US dollar, which has been said is a threat to national security, therefore the US government is or will be involved in bitcoin somewhere, and anyone who denies that had their brains fu**ed out.

  7. Chris”I sold my Jeep Cherokee 2 years ago and went all in on silver” The DuaneMister. Bro has now gone off the deep end officially with this story. Another pm’s guru bites the old dust and doesn’t know when to quit. Guys, Some of the delusional crap I’m reading now is starting to sound like the SHTF blog minus the” I sleep with my AR and a box of ammo between me and my sweetie”. What the X!!##?? is going on here. BTW, This dude needs to shave every day cause he’s one scary looking cat with just one day’s growth. Reminds me of guru Mannnarino few years back when he had hair down on his shoulders like Ritchie Sambora fancylad. Bring on another guru!!

  8. Read the book Friday by Heinlein, in the future corporations control the USA and world. Infighting inside Coca Cola results in a nuke being dropped on Acapulco… doesn’t sound that far fetched with what we have going on today. So the CIA behind bitcoin is plausible, infighting inside the US government to see who comes out on top after the crash.

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