Chris Duane: Are You ALL IN On Silver?

The Doc sat down with’s Chris Duane Monday to discuss the recent explosion in gold purchases, his outlook on silver, and the launch of the 2nd coin in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series, the Trivium Medallion.

Duane states that while the big money appears to be finally waking up to the incoming tsunami of fiat devaluation, the smart money is going to silverDuane expects silver to massively outperform gold throughout the duration of the bull market, easily surpass the current in ground ratio 9-1, and potentially reach 1:1 parity with gold prior to the end of the secular bull.

Full MUST LISTEN Silver interview below:

The 1 oz .999 Silver Bullet Silver Shield Trivium Medallion is available now from SDBullion at only $2.99/oz over spot, ANY QUANTITY!


  1. What’s Up Doc?

  2. This coin is far more appealing. Something about skulls. They’re too foreboding.

    • @PatFields: It’s a cool coin (Trivium). But I think that the skull coin is the coolest coin I own. I’ts truely unique.

    • Avatar of IndenturedServant says:

      Then you probably won’t like the SBSS round coming after the Trivium!

    • I also like the SBSS silver skull round because the skull on it looks cool. I was hoping that my local coin shops would order some of the silver skull rounds but they didn’t due to the shipping which destroys their profits in terms of dollars. 

  3. Great Interview Doc and Chris. Thanks for what both of you guys do!

  4. I like the Scull and Top Hat also as it’s unique and represents the Baddies, I also just bought 6 more Uncirculated Triviums along with my proofs. The Triviums also fit in well with my Celtic upbringing. Great Design. Lol
    29 More Coins To Go, Anybody Want To Loan Me Some Money. Lol

    • Would if I could Marchas I’m fresh out from being all in! lol I was really hoping The Doc might be interested in swapping a Trivian for my Bugs Bunny Comemerative. guess not

    • @RocketsRedGlare I doesn’t matter anyway RRG by the time half of these coins come out, I won’t be able to afford them anyway. Lol As for your bugzie coin I had a few of those when I first started stacking but traded them in for 90%’s Lol

    • Avatar of IndenturedServant says:

      @RocketsRedGlare, Chris Duane will let let you trade in existing silver you have for his rounds if that helps. You have to call them.

    • @IndenduredServant: It sure does. I’ll try that!

    • “Anybody Want To Loan Me Some Money.” 
      Yeah sure! I’ll loan you some physical gold and some physical silver as they are the real money. Money preserves your purchasing power which is gold and silver and not fiat currencies. ;)

  5. The 90% is what I like too. But I like to clean them. To many hands on them over the decades.

    • Acetone soak will kill anything and isn’t considered “cleaning”.

    • @MaryB: Thx for letting me know. I don’t really have much in the way of numi I go for weight in OZ. (Pictured here) I do have an old sitting liberty 1/2 dime from 1853. But some one drilled holes in it. But it’s old!

    • The junk silver is the one that I like also! You can play around with them without worrying much about the coins getting damaged. Also, the junk silver coins represent wealth, real money and how they preserved your purchasing power over the years.

  6. So recent GATA news on SD indicates that JPM holds near 28% of the silver market which is double the holdings of the Hunt Brothers.  Everyone knows the Hunt Brothers were declared to have cornered the market which set off all types of criminal charges and investigations.  Next we have news that the Fed is buying 90% of the most recent treasury auction.
    These types of numbers are scary!

    • Exactly! How can the Hunt Brothers be destroyed like that while JP Morgan can hold double the amounts of silver compare to them? This just proves how unfair the system is as banks are put in number one priority while ignoring the others.

  7. Great interview Doc and yes I am all in on Silver too!

    I do own a very small quantity of gold and a large amount of copper cents.  I’ll tell you why, even though silver is a way better buy than gold we still cannot deny silver is not gold.  You may encounter a situation in the future where you want to make a sizeable purchase (think land, vehicles, farm equipment, etc) and the seller wants gold, not silver.

    I also have close to half a ton of copper cents.  This could act as a buffer for my silver as there may also be situations where the seller will take three pounds of copper cents instead of a silver dime.  I would rather part with a few pounds of copper than my physical silver in this situation. 

    The bottom line is that none of us know exactly how this will all pan out.  It’s best to stack with these situations in mind where other metals and items can help you make it through this with your stack, instead of having to liquidate your stack just to survive.

    • “I would rather part with a few pounds of copper than my physical silver in this situation. ”

      Could that be considered as an admission of an insufficient silver stack?  lol

      Not that ANY stack is ever sufficient for a true stacker, of course. 

    • Copper pennies are a very easy way to obtain some copper at 50% discount. Now that’s gaining 50% more purchasing power. The Canadian government will remove the penny away from circulation which will allow us both to melt the copper pennies for their metal content but I won’t be selling them like that.

  8. Listen to Doc and Duane interview   Check
    98% all in on silver   Check
    Trade gold for silver—uh, I’ll get back to you on that
    Listento Billionaires like Sprott  Check
    Kudos to Doc and Duane  Check
    Buy more phyzz? Damn, no mas dinero

    • Yeah, I’m all in since about February last year.  You have to watch out, being ‘too’ all in you end up dribbling out silver for little emergencies that come up.  I don’t sweat that too much, since I view my small stack as a savings account, and that’s why we save, right? 
      Now ya’ll sittin on fiat, it looks like there’s a sale on today!  Get to it, me hearties!

    • I’ve had to occasionally dribble some silver over the past few years too Conax.  I use it as an excuse to dump some of my lower purity junk and upgrade to either higer purity junk or pure bullion.

      BTW Doc, I would love to order from SDBullion but all we have up here is Canada Post and UPS so shipping is a real killer.  So I try mop up all the local stuff first before I go online.

    • “Buy more phyzz? Damn, no mas dinero”

      Then… Mission Accomplished!  ;-)

    • Actually in my case, I also add some copper, nickel and few gold pieces in my wealth but I mostly hold some silver. :)

  9. If anyone here is worried about Gold and Silver being torched today, then look at the entire
    commodities trading market….90% were torced!


  10. 1 to 1 ratio with gold.. we cant even breach 50 and this guy is talking about a 1 ratio… good luck.. i can see 20.. maybe 15 but not one.  

    • I’m with Sprott, 10 to 1 with a bit of luck.

    • The actual ration of ounces of silver to gold mined each year is just over 9:1.  If the G/S ratio ever approaches the mined ratio, there will be a lot of VERY happy silver stackers out there and plenty of gold stackers with whom to swap some silver for gold at a good ratio.

    • Oh no! Not that again! Don’t start again a fight that may destroy the SilverDoctors community like you did on the older blog.

  11. I do not like the back of this coin. It has the number 666 in the center…
    I bought many of the others and love it. I will not be buying this one.

  12. “The recent jump in coin sales had to do with the coin public believing there was an error in stamping the recent coin issue. There was, in all of them, making it zero error value.
    “If an entire run of stamps had a plane upside down it would not be spectacular in error value.” — James Sinclair

  13. Chairman of FTC Gary Gensler who is responsible for gross inaction in the issue of illegal manipulation of gold and silver markets, has just been shown to be an acted character, and the actor is Scott Baio, who played Chachi in Happy Days. Scott Baio is a j w, surprise surprise (as is ‘Gary Gensler’). This is work about to appear in its own right on, but is previewed in the following video on the Greenberg family … watch from 3-50 for ‘Gary Gensler’. 

    • All I can say is, God help the man who volunteers to take part in a lineup in front of the guy who runs WellAware.

    • @Tawnyard … lol, there’s no flies on him, that’s for sure.

    • Can that really be Stuart Rhodes? I am a big supporter of Rhodes and Oath keepers. I joined Oath keepers! I see similarities But… I’m not sure if it is him The man in the shoe store looks older and somewhat different. This is a shocking revolation. I knew about the BBC reporter in Syria being an acter but this is, wow. And the rabbit hole gets deeper!

  14. There cant be that much silver out there. At these prices everybody should be buying. An there has to be a shortage some time soon. An the price will rise so fast the comex price will only be the bottom price. When the new taxes hit hard next year people be tired of being taxed axed there heads being cut off. They will sell these assets an buy thing that are strong like pms that arnt really taxed because the gov wont even no you have it if buy in low qaunities. And when times get real bad people being trading silver bars an coins to each other with out the gov knowing. It be an under ground pm market.

    • You are correct! The silver ores are depleting, there are more deliveries taken and there are more demands growing up because more people are looking for something in which its value in terms of value grows up and that it is cheap compare to gold.

  15. Interesting observation to report: Apparently the Chinese state media CCTV News has been broadcasting reports in the Chinese language news version about all of the gold stored by various countries in the US and the UK.  The report mentions Germany and the Netherlands presently questioning the gold inventory held in foreign countries, and their attempts to re-patriate their gold, and how the US has refused Germany an audit of their gold.  It was also reported that over 60 countries in the world have gold stored in the US and UK.  The reporting is surprisingly lengthy, and it’s odd that it’s headline news for CCTV but the Western MSM says practically nothing about it.

  16. This WellAware stuff is complete cockamamie horseshit.    Scott Baio is Gary Gensler?  Get The F Outta Here!    Jerry Stiller, Josepf Fritzl, and Larry Silverstein are the same guy?!?!  ROTFLMFAO!    Do you notice the A-hole from WellAware nicknames himself “DallasGoldBug?”

    Can you see what they are doing here?   Trying to make “gold bugs” look like nutcases (while at the same time slandering the notion of “conspiracy theorists.”

    I’ll be the first to tell you we never went to the moon in 1969, 911 was a false flag with Mossad running lead, and all the other stuff too, but WellAware is a PLANT.    It’s called CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.    Make conspiracy types and “gold bugs” look like delusional nutcases is the goal.    I have seen this a lot in the 911 Truth movement. Everybody has people that look very similar to them. Especially if you are an inbred Khazarian. You really have to laugh at the ricockulousness of it all.

  17. There will be more buyers in silver than gold because silver is a lot more cheaper than gold so it will give more opportunities to the others to buy some and it will cause a lower physical silver supply. We should also buy some gold because it stores more wealth on a small space.

  18. I see 2, 6s, I’m looking for 1 more 6. Sooner or later I will find it!

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