Chart of the Day: Long Term US Mint Silver/Gold Sales Ratio Accelerating to the Upside!

Inspired by SD’s report last week that the US Mint sold nearly 75 times more silver than gold in August for the 2nd consecutive month, SD reader Frank decided to plot a long term chart of the US Mint’s total silver/gold sales since 2009 as a ratio, and the graphic below portrays a STUNNING CONCLUSIONthe US Mint’s escalating silver sales volume in comparison with gold is not a short-term phenomenon, but is rather a long-term trend that is accelerating to the upside!

It appears that the silver story is being disseminated among an ever increasing audience, resulting an an exponentially increasing sales pace for PHYSICAL SILVER RELATIVE TO GOLD at the US Mint.


Clearly this ratio is unsustainable over the long term when the natural silver to gold ratio in the earth’s crust as evidenced by 2011 gold and silver production numbers is approximately 10 to 1.



  1. Frank  This is an impressive chart and shows the steadily increase of the ratio. That increase SHOULD be unsustainable but we know the reason for that upward momentum.   When the artificial prop disappear  there is a certain element of the population that will smile a mile wide.  Heh Heh

  2. Very nice chart and thanks for sharing.  that’s a lot of imported silver.  Agree that many smiles will appear when this game is up.

  3. I suppose the sustainability of this all depends on which share of world production the US mint represents for silver.
    Silver is priced in Dollars, US can print those just fine, imports should not be an issue.

    BTW, are Eagles not guaranteed to be of US mined silver? That supply should dry up first. 

  4. While there may be a lot of smiles from the Stacker community – there is going to be a whole lot of pain, suffering and hardship for virtually everyone. I just wish we could wake more people up. The awakening is too slow and the end-game is rapidly approaching.

  5. Stack while you can, this isn’t going to continue to much longer before the cartel crashes and burns. That crash will probably crash the economy also and the dollar is headed down with it.

  6. I believe that the gold and silver ratio sales will continue to accelerate faster because silver is cheaper than gold so more gold investors are buying silver and because with silver you gain more profit in terms of dollars but I believe that in the future, silver will also gain purchasing power.

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